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Tips for Getting the Best Solar Quotes

As a homeowner, you may have considered going solar to reduce your electricity bill and do your part for the environment. However, getting a solar quote and choosing a solar installer can be overwhelming. Many solar companies and salespeople are vying for your business, and it can be difficult to compare quotes and determine the Read more »

Can You Install Solar Panels On a Flat Roof?

Green energy is the future, and solar panels are a great way to get started. When people think about solar panels, they think about putting them on sloped roofs. What if your roof is flat, though? Can you install solar panels on a flat roof? Yes, you can! It’s not uncommon for people to install Read more »

What Are Solar Lights?

Almost everyone in the United States has chosen sustainable living by changing to renewable energy. In 2020, solar energy accounted for over 3% of electric generation in the country. It mainly resulted from the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel usage. Are you looking for a way to reduce your energy bills Read more »

Types of Solar Panel Protective Covers

As per research conducted by the Solar Technical Assistance Team (STAT), the productive life of a solar panel degrades at the rate of 0.5% every year. However, this percentage could be higher in areas experiencing extreme temperatures. What is interesting to note is that you can slow down this degradation rate by ensuring you protect Read more »

Long Term Effects of Solar Energy

Solar energy has gradually emerged as the saving grace in current times when the earth is experiencing multiple changes due to the exhaustion of energy resources. And rightfully so! After all, the sun’s 1 hour’s worth of energy is enough to meet global requirements for one whole year. Needless to say, people and government organizations Read more »

Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Along with the changing landscape due to modernization, even the air doesn’t feel like home to many citizens in the US. The key reason behind this is there is a rising pollution level in the environment. The continuously degrading air quality has made air pollution one of the significant health concerns for US citizens. As Read more »

Importance of Environmental Conservation

A flourishing and healthy planet conjures up visions of glistening lakes, enormous wind-swept trees, and cheerful little squirrels happily gathering nuts in a Disneyesque manner. It portrays the image of a peaceful world. Think about this world without the crystal-clear water, the tall trees, and, yes, the joyful furry squirrels. Not as nice, you’d say? Read more »

Solar Powered Inventions

Even in only the last decade, the pace of technological development has been breathtaking, and society is unrecognizable in comparison. Another wave of inventions that will shake up several sectors will emerge in the next decade. Moreover, governments throughout the world are striving tirelessly to implement and accept cutting-edge technologies. Nowadays, every nation aspires to Read more »

How to Use Solar Panels Directly without A Battery

Readily available and renewable – This is how you can conveniently define the energy extracted through solar panels. With the growing reliance on clean sources of power generators, the demand for solar power systems is growing by the day. Solar panels are the most efficient choice if you are exploring energy-saving options for everyday use. Read more »

How to Protect Solar Panels from EMP

Now is the time of making sustainable choices and using the best renewable power sources, such as solar energy. Taking an eco-conscious decision for the betterment of the environment and choosing to install a solar power system is just a step forward in the right direction. The next step is ensuring that your solar power Read more »