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Whenever you think of angel solar lights, two factors come to mind— aesthetics, and convenience. Just imagine taking a stroll in your garden after sunset with these beautiful lights in the background.

The angel-shaped appearance of the lights is another bonus as they fill your heart with warmth and a sense of feeling good. Additionally, these modern solar lighting products can be used in any space, from your patio and garden to graveyards and even indoors.

However, to purchase the best products in the market, it is better to have some knowledge. Now almost 76% of consumers in America are online shoppers. That is why we have reviewed some of the top-rated angel solar lights on the top e-commerce sites for you.

Enjoy reading this article as it will simplify the shopping choices for solar angel lights.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best angel solar lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



KAIXOXIN Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

KAIXOXIN Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

The gorgeous KAIXOXIN Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights have a very unique design. They are the perfect decorative items for your backyard and gardens. And you can also surprise your loved ones by giving them these lights as gifts. Read more

GIGALUMI Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

GIGALUMI Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

The GIGALUMI Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights come with seven beautifully bright LEDs. These are perfect for decorating cemetery graves. You can also use them for Christmas decorations and as memorial gifts. Read more

Awinking Solar Angel Lights

Awinking Solar Angel Lights

The Awinking Solar Angel Lights are a unique decorative item suitable for all outdoor spaces. The product comes with seven rotating color-changing options. Also, with these lights, you can easily create a joyful ambience and add color to your outdoor areas. Read more

Tujoe Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

Tujoe Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

This product from Tujoe is one of the most expensive options on the list, and duly so. The package consists of four pieces of angel solar lights made of acrylic material and stainless steel, which come in four rich colors. Read more

HDNICEZM Metal Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

HDNICEZM Metal Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

The metal angel solar lights from HDNICEZM are a premium product. The metal body of the lights has an art deco-style design that looks very regal. The best part about this product is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Read more

Qualife Solar Angel Lights

Qualife Solar Angel Lights

Say hello to the Qualife Solar Angel Lights. The product is an excellent decorative lighting option for your garden, yard, and patio. You can even gift it for housewarming occasions. The lights are suitable for decorating cemeteries too. Read more

Starryfill Angel Solar Light

Starryfill Angel Solar Light

This solar outdoor light stake is another great decorating option for your lawn, pathway, and church courtyard. The angel-shaped design looks very serene. Also, the white LED lights create a splendid drip pattern that is soothing to the eyes. Read more

7 Best Angel Solar Lights

1. KAIXOXIN Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

KAIXOXIN Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

The solar-powered angel lights from KAIXOXIN are the perfect garden decoration for every occasion. You can easily create a romantic ambience with these garden solar outdoor lights. On top of that, the lights are incredibly versatile to suit any occasion.

Additionally, let’s have a look at the various features that make the product stand out.


Meaningful Design

The angel-like appearance of the solar stake lights exudes a beautiful meaning. Angels depict the virtues of affection, hope, integrity, and kindness. So, install these lights to give a new meaning to your home décor and also achieve the feeling of holiness.

Easy to Install

The solar stake lights are very easy to operate. You do not require any additional wiring or hassle of installation. What’s more is that there is no need to hire a technician or tools, and you can DIY install these yourself.

You will also not require any additional purchases for this either.

Easy to Use

To light up your backyard and garden with the KAIXOXIN Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights, you just need to press them into the soil. After that, simply switch it on. In this “AUTO” position, the lights will auto charge and light up when sunlight is absent.

Additionally, being solar-powered, the Auto turn/off feature will make it easy to handle the lights.

Durable and Waterproof

The solar lights are as durable as they are beautiful. Various high-quality materials, like plastic, stainless steel, glass, and hemp rope, have been used to manufacture the product. The lights also have an IP44 waterproof rating to ensure high-end protection against outdoor weather.


  • The product is made of high-end material
  • The lights have an IP44 waterproof rating
  • It is very easy to install and use the lights
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year’s product warranty


  • The battery is not included

2. GIGALUMI Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

GIGALUMI Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

The second item on this list is the GIGALUMI Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights. These high-quality solar angel lights are the perfect gift item for a number of reasons.

Besides being the ideal memorial gift, these lights can be used for daily decorations.


Energy Efficient

Being 100% solar-powered, the GIGALUMI Angel Stake Lights are a highly energy-efficient product. Once you switch on the power and let the lights fully charge under sunlight, they will automatically store the energy. And when night comes, the lights will turn on automatically and illuminate your garden areas.

Highly Durable

The stainless-steel and premium plastic construction make the lights highly durable. The lights, with seven cold-white LEDs, also have a highly waterproof design. Being weather-resistant, the product is completely outdoor-friendly. You will not have to worry about leaving it on when it is raining or snowing.

Elegant Lighting Option

These eternal angel lights can stay on for up to eight hours once fully charged. The cold-white color of the lights exudes an elegant glow that will spread across your garden area. Their beautiful and soothing color also makes them suitable for decorating cemeteries.

Easy to Install

You will have no trouble installing the solar angel lights. Being solar-powered, they require no additional wiring or electricity. So, you can place them in areas where there is no power supply. On top of that, they come with an auto turn on/off feature for easy functionality.


  • The lights are made of high-quality materials
  • It is very easy to install the product
  • No additional wiring is required
  • The cool-white color looks highly elegant
  • The manufacturer offers a 90-days replacement or risk-free refund warranty


  • The product is a bit pricier than other options

3. Awinking Solar Angel Lights

Awinking Solar Angel Lights

The Awinking Solar Angel Lights are a durable, colorful, and versatile lighting product. The item also comes at a reasonable price. Apart from decorating your outdoor and garden areas, these lights are also suitable for memorial gardens and cemetery decorations.

Moreover, let’s take a look at the various features of this unique product.


Seven Changing Colors

The rotating color option is one of the unique features of this solar angel light. There are seven color options that keep changing automatically once turned on. These include blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and white.

In addition, it is very easy to create colorful decorations suitable for any occasion with these lights on.

Waterproof and Weather-Resistant Design

The product is extremely waterproof and comes with an IP65 rating. This makes it withstand any outdoor weather conditions with ease. The lights also have wings made of optical fiber that look not only beautiful but also sustain various climates.

Upgraded Solar Panel

One of the best features of this product is the upgraded solar panel. The manufacturer ensures that the panel delivers higher efficiency in solar energy conversion. As a result, you get a more extended performance as the lights can stay on up to eight to 10 hours after being fully charged.

Easy Installation

You can easily install the lights without the need for any wires or electricity. The stainless-steel stakes help you plant these lights into the soil. Once placed, the light sensor and panel will auto charge and turn on once the sun goes down.


  • The product can be fully charged in just eight hours
  • The lights come with an auto-turn-on/off feature
  • Stainless steel stakes make it very easy to install the items
  • The package includes a user manual


  • The package does not include a battery

4. Tujoe Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

Tujoe Solar Angel Garden Stake Lights

If you like premium lighting products, then the angel solar stake lights from Tujoe will definitely suit your taste. The 16.14″ x 6.69″ x 5.51” lights are the perfect commemorative gifts. Their exquisite design and angel-shaped construction will fill your heart with warmth and love. Here’s what we found out about these lights when we reviewed them.


Four Different Colors

The package consists of four pieces of solar angel lights that come in four different colors. Even though they do not change colors, you can use the different lights to create a magical ambience.

In addition, the lights are available in blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

High Energy Efficiency

These solar-powered angel lights operate on solar energy alone. After installing them, you can simply leave them under the sun for charging. Once they are fully charged, they will light up automatically in the evening and illuminate the nearby areas without any wire or electricity.

Durable Material

These lights are premium products that are made of high-quality materials. Acrylic has been used to manufacture these beautiful lights that bestow them with higher durability and UV resistance. As a result, the lights will not crack, fade, or turn yellow.

In addition, the glossy coating gives them a lamp-like appearance and helps them withstand wind and rain.

Versatile Product

These solar angel lights can be used for various purposes. They are an efficient solar product that offers energy savings. Simultaneously, they are suitable for decorative purposes on any occasion. Also, they work well as memorial decorations too.


  • These premium lights have a high-end glossy finish that looks very elegant
  • They are highly erosion-resistant and weatherproof
  • The acrylic lights can resist UV rays
  • The four pieces of light come in four different colors


  • The product is the most expensive option on the list

5. HDNICEZM Metal Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

HDNICEZM Metal Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights

The art deco style HDNICEZM Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights are great for enhancing the aesthetics of your garden area. Being solar-powered, these lights help you in your journey towards a more energy-efficient living.

You can also easily cut down on energy costs with these beautiful lighting options. Moreover, they come with some brilliant features that we took the liberty of reviewing for your convenience.


Angel Shaped Décor

These solar-powered outdoor lights have a stunning design that demands special attention. The angel-shaped metal and crackle glass body of the lights will brighten up your outdoor spaces even when they remain turned off.

Auto Turn ON/OFF Feature

The HDNICEZM Metal Angel Solar Garden Stake Lights come with auto turn on/off feature that adds to their functionality.

So, simply placing them under the sunlight will get them charged up within eight hours. And, once the sun goes down, these lights will turn on automatically.

Long Working Time

The efficient 2V 80mA solar panel power supply delivers a power-packed performance. Once completely charged, the solar angel lights will stay on for about six to eight hours every night. This is more than sufficient to keep your outdoor areas illuminated.

Easy Installation

It is very easy to install these angel solar lights too. There is no need for any additional wiring or electricity. You need to simply push the stakes of the light directly into the soil and keep them in the ‘AUTO’ switch position.


  • The angel-shaped solar lights are made of high-quality stainless steel and crackle glass
  • The design is super elegant
  • This model comes with an IP64 water resistance rating
  • It is highly weather-resistant and performs well even when it rains


  • The charging time is a bit longer compared to most angel solar lights

6. Qualife Solar Angel Lights

Qualife Solar Angel Lights

The Qualife Solar Angel Lights are a brilliant addition to your outdoor décor. Additionally, these solar-powered lights come in a pack of two and are highly versatile.

Moreover, the features of the product are also quite interesting.


Auto Turn On/Off

The Solar Angel Lights from Qualife come with an amorphous silicon solar panel and auto turn on/off feature. This feature takes the hassle of manual operation out of the picture. All you need to do is place these lights in your chosen area and ensure they get enough sunlight during the day. Once they are fully charged, they can last for a long time.

Powerful Performance

The product is highly waterproof and comes with an IP 65 rating. Also, amorphous silicon solar cells are one of the most well-developed solar panels available. However, the energy efficiency is on the lower side.

But, nonetheless, a high capacity 600mAh Ni-MH battery ensures long-lasting performance.

Great Gift Option

Due to their versatile application and beautiful appearance, the Qualife Solar Angel Lights make for a perfect gift option. You can practically decorate any space for any occasion with these lights.

In addition, installing them is entirely hassle-free.

Multicolor Option

The two lights in the pack are available in multicolor. The angel stake lights consist of color-changing LED bulbs that let you instantly alter the ambience of the areas. You can also use these lights to set up various moods and decorate as you see fit.


  • This product is the perfect garden gift
  • It can also be used to decorate cemeteries
  • The lights come with color-changing LEDs
  • You can spread the wings to make them look like flying angels
  • The product has an IP65 water resistance class
  • The package includes a user manual


  • The solar panel has low energy conversion efficiency

7. Starryfill Angel Solar Light

Starryfill Angel Solar Light

The Starryfill Angel Solar Light is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, angelic lighting option. This light is perfectly suitable for localities with ample sunlight. Additionally, the solar panels make the lights fully electricity-free and functional.

Moreover, the design of the solar lights looks extremely elegant.


High-Quality Build

The Angel Solar Light from the Starryfill Store is an exquisite option available at a very reasonable price. The lights are made of glass and stainless steel, giving them a graceful appearance.

Furthermore, the decorative lighting options appear to be like angels with folded arms and come with IP64 protection.

Ease of Installation

You can easily install the Starryfill angel solar light under direct sunlight. Just place them anywhere in your garden or backyard and they will work perfectly as a decorative centrepiece.

Auto Turn On/Off

These solar lights also come with an auto turn on/off feature that makes them easy to use. So, just by placing them under direct sunlight, you ensure that the 2V solar panel gets fully charged. After that, these lights will stay on for up to six to eight hours at a stretch.


  • The solar angel light has a high-quality build
  • The product looks highly premium
  • This lighting is perfect for decorating your backyard
  • The product is also waterproof
  • The LEDs exude warm white light


  • The product does not provide intense illumination and is only suitable for decorative purposes

Angel Solar Light Buying Guide

Rest assured that the products mentioned above are highly premium lighting options. They tick all the requirements you can expect from high-quality angel solar lights.

However, it will do you some good to understand some fundamental factors regarding these modern solar products. This way, you can even do your own research if you want to look beyond the options given.

In this segment, we have covered all common queries regarding angel solar lights so you can make a more informed decision.

What Are Solar Angel Lights?

Angel Solar LightsAngel-shaped solar lights are a type of outdoor decorative item used for their aesthetics, convenience, and the safety they provide to your backyard.

These lights are also helpful in decorating memorial grounds, cemeteries, and even for Christmas and Halloween.

The multipurpose lights look like tiny angels from far, adding a holy charm to the surrounding areas.

Additionally, you can find a single product or pack of two or four lights with simple installation needs.

How Does a Solar Angel Light Work?

A solar angel light usually comes with a few parts, like the solar panel, LEDs, cable or stake, and a rechargeable battery.

The panel collects sunlight during the daytime and stores it in the battery. The battery charges up the LEDs when night falls and exudes cool white, warm-toned, or colorful lights.

Moreover, these lights consist of a sensor that allows auto turn on/off function most of the time. So, you do not need to manually operate them once you switch them on.

Why Use Angel Solar Lights?

There are various advantages of using these lights, such as:

  • The lights are environmentally-friendly and help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • They use solar energy, which is an inexhaustible source of power.
  • The lights usually have a decent lifespan.
  • You do not need any wires, electricity, or the help of a technician to install or run these lights.
  • These solar angel lights look extremely pretty due to their angel-shaped appearance.
  • You can find many color, shape, and size variations of these lights.
  • Most solar angel lights come with water resistance and weather resistance that are denoted with an IP rating.

Can I Use Solar Angel Lights During a Rain or Snowfall?

Yes, you can if you purchase from reputed brands.

In general, these outdoor lights are made to withstand most weather conditions. However, renowned manufacturers further ensure the longevity of their products by using high-end materials.

Additionally, the solar angel lights come with high water resistance and ingress-protection rating. So, you can expect them to sustain under heavy rainfall or snowfall.

However, the main challenge you will face in areas with a heavy downpour is the lack of sunlight. Since that is the primary energy source for these lights, this can create a problem. So, you need to choose solar angel lights with a larger battery capacity, so the power stays stored longer.

Factors to Consider for Buying Angel Solar Lights

When choosing solar angel lights, make sure to prioritize certain aspects since not all lights are made the same.

To help you with this, in this section, you will learn which factors you need to consider when looking for beautiful angel-shaped solar lights.

Type of Solar Panel

Solar Angel LightsThere are 3 kinds of solar panels available— polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film amorphous silicon panels. Among these, monocrystalline panels have the highest energy conversion efficiency. However, this type of panel is also quite expensive.

Polycrystalline panels are less expensive however you will find solar angel lights with amorphous silicon panels to be the most common.

Lastly, thin-film panels are efficient in collecting sunlight even under low-light conditions.

Type of Battery

The battery is an essential part of the angel solar lights. It stores the solar energy that the panel collects.

Usually, there are batteries like nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion, and nickel-cadmium which is why these lights are most suited for decorative purposes.

Battery Capacity

The following important factor to consider is the battery capacity of the solar unit. A battery with a higher capacity is obviously going to be more efficient since it can store more energy. However, that will increase the price too.

Luckily, when it comes to angel solar lights, you can find most products in the market with an average battery capacity between 300-600mAh. This is good enough to keep the lights on for six to eight hours.

Weather Resistance

Lastly, waterproofing and weatherproofing are vital factors for choosing any outdoor lights. You cannot compromise in this regard.

The higher the weather resistance, the better the lights perform under rain or snow.

You will find most products in the market that come with an IP rating. This ensures the level of protection against outside particles. Moreover, do note that on average, most angel solar lights have an IP rating between 44 and 65, with 65 being more resistant.

Furthermore, there are even some products that come with an IP67 rating. However, all of these products will perform well as your garden lights.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to upgrade the aesthetics of your garden or simply want more energy-efficient lighting, angel solar lights are the solution.

These lights are not strong enough to protect you from burglars. Most of the solar angel lights are used for decorative purposes only, especially in areas like the garden where there are no electrical wires.

You can also find some options that can be used for daily purposes, still, they alone will not be sufficient to replace your other lights. Nonetheless, in the evening, they will definitely amp up your home décor, both indoors and outdoors.

Lastly, the best part is that you can get these elegant lighting options without burning a hole in your pocket. So, save these guidelines for the next time you go shopping.