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If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your house for an evening party, the first thing that crosses your mind is – dazzling lights! No matter the purpose, some sparkling lights can jazz up any place.

For those searching for some modern decorations, butterfly solar lights are an interesting option. These solar lights offer you an eco-friendly way to transform your backyard or garden into a party destination!

Butterfly solar lights provide excellent lighting along with an enchanting atmosphere. Most of these lights have multiple colors, and you can position them as you like.

Curious to know which are the best options? Read on for our expert reviews of the best butterfly solar lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Aiscool Solar Lights Outdoor Butterfly Lights

Aiscool Solar Lights Outdoor Butterfly Lights

These butterfly solar lights have a heavy-duty structure, waterproof construction and seven colour-changing themes for great lighting. The installation is also simple, making the product an excellent pick for any household. Read more

NAN ZAI NAN FANG Solar Butterfly Lights

NAN ZAI NAN FANG Solar Butterfly Lights

Ideal for a variety of outdoor locations such as your garden, backyard or walkway, these lights are durable and have automatic on/off functionality. You also get a convenient installation and uninterrupted performance for 8 hours. Read more

Mosteck Wind Chimes Outdoor Solar Butterfly Lights

Mosteck Wind Chimes Outdoor Solar Butterfly Lights

Along with efficient and bright lighting, the product also has soothing wind chimes. Providing 6 to 8 hours of non-stop performance, these butterfly lights can easily survive harsh climatic conditions. Read more

ShangTianFeng Store Solar Butterfly Lights

ShangTianFeng Store Solar Butterfly Lights

These energy-efficient lights can transform your outdoor space into an abode of peace. Developed using PS and ABS material, these heavy-duty solar butterfly lights can run for 8 to 10 hours. Read more

HAVEONE Solar Garden Butterfly Lights

HAVEONE Solar Garden Butterfly Lights

The waterproof structure and efficient LEDs make this product excellent for any outdoor event. You can install them conveniently and experiment with the color combinations to amp up your party. Read more

OxyLED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

OxyLED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

These beautiful butterfly solar lights offer crystal clear radiance for 8 to 10 hours at night, thanks to their bright LEDs and battery. With a powerful solar panel and weather-resistant structure, it’s an excellent high-range product. Read more

Vcdsoy Solar Butterfly Lantern Outdoor

Vcdsoy Solar Butterfly Lantern Outdoor

This unique butterfly solar lantern provides a broad illumination range and uninterrupted performance of almost 12 hours at night. Offering a stunning silhouette, this solar light is waterproof and very easy to install. Read more

7 Best Butterfly Solar Lights

1. Aiscool Solar Lights Outdoor Butterfly Lights

Aiscool Solar Lights Outdoor Butterfly Lights

We begin our list with these amazing butterfly lights from Aiscool that will deck up your patio. These solar-powered lights are ideal for outdoor lighting and come with a durable structure.

The realistic butterflies will make kids and guests awestruck! These also charge up quickly during the day, so there are no hassles there.


Ideal for Festivities

These butterfly solar lights are perfect for any outdoor celebration. They come with six realistic dragonflies and twelve butterflies. Along with 30 LEDs, these lights will create a magical atmosphere in your garden or patio.

Plus, you also get 7 inter-changing color themes for an outstanding lighting experience.

Powerful Lighting

You can easily charge these butterfly likes under direct sunlight. The built-in batteries will require at least 8 hours of sunlight to get charged. After that, you can enjoy uninterrupted lighting for 6 to 8 hours.

All you have to do is position them under a place having sufficient sunlight.

Waterproof Construction

Do you want a decorative light that lasts for years? Then this product will be the perfect choice for you. It’s because these lights have an IP65 waterproof rating that enables them to survive heavy rain and water splashes.

No matter what the outdoor occasion is, you can install these lights without any worries.

Hassle-free Installation

To set these lights up, you have to join the lamp post to the fixing pile. Then you have to position this into the ground and turn on the solar panel switch. You won’t require any additional assistance.

Also, you get an instruction manual to make the process simpler.


  • Powerful rechargeable battery for excellent performance
  • The ground pile is coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint
  • It comes with a durable dandelion iron ball for better decoration
  • 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted service


  • Some customers have faced issues with brightness

2. NAN ZAI NAN FANG Solar Butterfly Lights

NAN ZAI NAN FANG Solar Butterfly Lights

The next product on our list is a beautiful option for any outdoor celebration, especially for kids. Featuring enchanting butterflies and some bright LED lights, it can elevate the next birthday party at your house.

It also comes with waterproof construction and high-efficiency lighting, making it an ideal choice for every household.


Automatic On and Off

This solar butterfly light switches itself on during the night to offer you outstanding illumination. But during the day, it switches off to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy.

Make sure to position these lights under sufficient sunlight.

Durable Construction

You can safely install these butterfly solar lights outdoor due to their durable structure. Coming with an IP44 waterproof rating, these lights are ideal for withstanding a variety of climatic conditions like heavy showers.

The light stake also offers heavy-duty performance.

Multiple Applications

You can use these butterfly solar lights in a variety of outdoor locations for decoration. These have such a unique appearance that they will be e perfect for your balcony, backyard, garden, patio, or yard.

Also, you can position them along your walkway to offer a warm welcome to your guests. Be prepared to become popular for your lights!

Excellent Customer Service

Along with excellent illumination, these butterfly lights are also extremely easy to set up. In case you run into any problems, the brand offers convenient customer service to handle your issues.

They will reach out to you within 24 hours with the best solution.


  • Uninterrupted lighting for almost 8 hours with a full charge
  • IP44 waterproof rating for weather-resistant protection
  • No external wiring is required for installation
  • Automatic on/off for maximum sunlight absorption


  • No color patterns or changing color themes

3. Mosteck Wind Chimes Outdoor Solar Butterfly Lights

Mosteck Wind Chimes Outdoor Solar Butterfly Lights

Are you looking for something interesting other than just butterfly lights? Then check out this next product on our list from Mosteck, which comes with a wind chime.

It is easy to use and set up, so you can create a unique atmosphere for any outdoor event at night.


Butterfly Light and Wind Chime Combo

These lights are attached to a wind chime and will produce multiple colors such as red, green, yellow, and orange. The bright LEDs offer excellent illumination and performance.

As you can hang them anywhere easily, you can also use these lights for indoor events.

Efficient Lighting

These butterfly lights offer you an eco-friendly option to decorate your premises. The powerful solar panel absorbs sunlight efficiently, providing 6 to 8 hours of non-stop lighting at night.

You just need to position the solar panel in a well-lit area for maximum absorption.

Simple Installation

As you might have understood, these butterfly lights are super easy to install. The lights are attached to the solar panel, so you just have to hang it in an area with the most sunlight.

You will not need any wiring or additional power source to make them work. They will automatically light up at dusk to provide you with a magical experience!

IP65 Rating

This product doesn’t only have the looks, but the goods to back it up too! It’s because these butterfly solar lights come with an IP65 waterproof rating for heavy-duty protection.

So, even if it’s raining heavily or there’s snowfall, these lights will continue shining brightly. The durable construction will withstand all damp climatic conditions.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor events
  • Bright LED lighting with a soothing wind chime
  • It’s manufactured using ABS material and an IP65 waterproof rating for durability
  • It can be an excellent gift idea on Christmas for Thanksgiving Day


  • It might not be efficient on days with less sunlight

4. ShangTianFeng Store Solar Butterfly Lights

ShangTianFeng Store Solar Butterfly Lights

Do you want to create a heavenly experience outside your home with decorative lights? Then this product will surely impress you. These solar lights consist of bright color-changing butterflies along with some delightful bells acting as wind chimes.

These lights are perfect for creating a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for having a grand time! Being power-efficient, it will be an excellent value for money.


Soul Healing Lights

Along with creating a magical experience in your backyard or garden, these lights will heal your soul. The amazing color-changing patterns, including red, orange, green, blue, and yellow, will calm your senses.

Whether it’s a romantic evening or you just want to have a relaxing read, these lights will help you de-stress.

Enchanting Bells

These outstanding butterfly lights also come with auspicious bells that spread tranquillity. Swaying with the evening wind, the bells act as magical wind chimes that provide a unique experience for your property.

That’s why this product is excellent for outdoor and indoor celebrations. Your guests are bound to love it!

Energy-efficient Lighting

This is a perfect energy-efficient option as it has the power of solar energy to produce illumination. All you have to do is charge its battery and direct sunlight during the day.

After dark, it can provide you with uninterrupted lighting for 8 to 10 hours. So, no more interruptions during evening parties!

Water-resistant Design

These butterfly solar lights are manufactured using ABS and PS material, making them extremely durable. The waterproof design allows it to last long without fading and survive damp weather.


  • Provides non-stop performance for 8-10 hours
  • Colour changing patterns ideal for indoor and outdoor events
  • High-quality bells for a unique experience
  • Waterproof and durable design


  • No automatic on or off functionality

5. HAVEONE Solar Garden Butterfly Lights

HAVEONE Solar Garden Butterfly Lights

Do you want to witness glowing butterflies in your garden as you walk by? Check out these amazing butterfly solar lights for such an experience. Having multiple color combinations and automatic operation, these power-efficient lights are ideal for any household setting.

The excellent customer service and heavy-duty construction make it a great purchase.


Automatic Light Control

These butterfly lights have a built-in photo sensor that switches them on after dark. During the day, it will absorb sunlight and charge the battery with its efficient solar panel.

You have to switch on the device during the first use, and it will provide non-stop illumination at night.

Weather-resistant Structure

The product is extremely durable due to its waterproof design and IP65 rating. So, these lights can survive sudden water splashes and heavy rain easily.

That’s why customers love using these butterfly lights for most of their outdoor celebrations. Moreover, the waterproof structure enhances its longevity.

Hassle-free Lighting

These lights have seven color-changing moans and a set of bright LEDs to light up your garden or patio. You can easily bend and adjust the butterfly pole to beautify an area.

Being very easy to install, you won’t require any additional assistance to decorate your outdoor spaces. The ground stake and solar light pole make things very simple.

Great Customer Service

Along with excellent features, the product also offers you reliable customer support 24/7. You get a 360-day replacement warranty. Plus, you also get a 60-day return policy if you face any issues with the product.

These customer service policies make the lights even more fantastic! That’s why you can consider this a great value for money.


  • These lights provide 6-8 hours of non-stop illumination
  • The polysilicon solar panel ensures maximum sunlight absorption
  • 7 color changing patterns for a fantastic appearance
  • Top-notch customer service and a 60-day return policy


  • It might not be suitable for indoor purposes

6. OxyLED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

OxyLED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

These excellent butterfly lights are famous for their convenience and performance. Along with bright butterflies, you also get other shapes within this pack. Offering crystal clear radiance, the product also provides you with the freedom to install it anywhere.

Plus, the structure is durable, and the solar panel is efficient too. So, if your budget is high, then these exciting lights will suit you for sure.


Super Bright LED Lights

Who doesn’t want to set their gardener part with lights? That’s why these butterfly lights provide bright illumination with multiple color-changing facilities. In addition, you get a dragonfly and hummingbird-shaped light to spice things up!

The variety of lights gives a unique look to your garden or backyard. Further, the color modes make it more flexible.

All Night Performance

These butterfly lights have a powerful solar panel that efficiently charges the battery during the day. By charging for 6 to 8 hours, you will receive an interrupted performance for 8-10 hours at night.

So, you can light them up along your walkway or garden to enjoy a stunning party all night long.

Weatherproof Construction

Are you tired of outdoor lights getting damaged due to rain? You won’t face any such issues with these, as they come with an IP65 waterproof rating. So, be it heavy rain or a snowstorm, these lights will withstand everything.

Plus, the solar panel is also waterproof, which makes the product heavy-duty.

Easy Installation

You can easily install these amazing lights without anyone’s help. Just position the solar panel under an area with enough sunlight. Then fix the light stake into the ground and enjoy efficient lighting! You won’t have to handle any messy wires.


  • 1.2V/600 mAh battery for efficient power storage
  • IP65 waterproof rating for complete weather protection
  • Automatic on/off for uninterrupted performance
  • Butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbird lights – in one pack


  • It’s a little more expensive than other products

7. Vcdsoy Solar Butterfly Lantern Outdoor

Vcdsoy Solar Butterfly Lantern Outdoor

The last product on our list is a bit different from the rest, as it’s a butterfly solar lantern. Ideal for late-night parties and evening celebrations, it will produce a beautiful butterfly pattern.

Having a powerful solar panel, battery, and water resistance, it is a great product at a reasonable price.


Beautiful Ambience

This outdoor solar light creates an enchanting ambiance with a soft glow having a butterfly silhouette. The warm light is perfect for a romantic evening or if you want to relax in solitude.

Having such a unique atmosphere, your garden or backyard’s appearance will reach another level.

Better Illumination Range

These butterfly lights are equipped with bright LEDs that have a wider coverage. These large-sized lights spread the soft glow all across your garden or patio. So, even if you position it in a corner, it will create that enchanting atmosphere for you and your guests.

Long-lasting Solar Panels

This solar light has a wider solar panel and a 3.7V 1200mAh battery that provides outstanding illumination. The combination makes this product 1.5 times more efficient than other lights.

After being fully charged, you will receive 10-12 hours of uninterrupted performance. All these features make the butterfly lantern long-lasting.

Weatherproof Construction

This solar butterfly lantern is manufactured using industry-grade brass and an IP65 waterproof design. So, this lantern can survive various climatic conditions such as rain or snow. These qualities make the product extremely durable and tough.

You just have to install it outside and stay worry-free! Also, the manufacturers provide a life-long warranty on this light.


  • Power-efficient battery and solar panel for uninterrupted performance
  • Provides 10-12 hours of non-stop lighting with a full charge
  • Hassle-free installation without wires
  • Splendid butterfly silhouette for a unique atmosphere


  • Doesn’t come with a stand or solar stake

Butterfly Solar Light Buying Guide

Are you all set to decorate your garden or patio? Hold on, as you still need some basic details. To pick the perfect butterfly solar lights for your property, you have to know their works and specifications.

That’s why we have curated all the necessary information in this section to make your life simpler.

What Are Butterfly Solar Lights?

Solar butterfly lights are a type of lighting fixture that comes with solar panels that generate electricity to power LED lights. The design and colorful butterfly artwork of these lights make them perfect for use anywhere in a garden.

How Do Butterfly Solar Lights Work?

The main components of these butterfly solar lights are the solar panel, battery, and LED lights. To make these lights work, you first need to place the solar panel in an area having sufficient sunlight.

Butterfly Solar LightsThe solar panel contains some chemicals and crystalline silicon that absorb solar energy.

After absorbing sufficient energy during the day, the panel converts it into electricity and stores it in the battery. When the sun sets, the batteries provide power to the LED lights to switch them on.

Most of these lights have an automatic light sensor that switches them on or off according to the surroundings. So, with sufficient energy absorption, the solar panel can light up your butterfly lights all night long.

Will Butterfly Solar Lights Work On A Cloudy Day?

Even if there isn’t sufficient sunlight outside, solar butterfly lights can still charge themselves. The solar panels will absorb the sunlight transmitted through the clouds. However, the absorption will not be the same as a normal sunny day.

During winters, this absorption might be reduced to half as you will get only a few hours of sunlight. It might affect the brightness of the lights, but they will still work.

Factors To Consider While Buying Butterfly Solar Lights

After understanding the basics of butterfly solar lights, let’s discuss the factors you need to consider while picking a product. These include solar panel quality, battery capacity, and durability.

Solar Panel Type

The performance of your butterfly solar lights will depend upon the type and efficiency of the solar panel.

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels: These panels have the highest efficiency ranging from 15 to 21%. Although a bit expensive, they provide maximum absorption.
  • Amorphous Solar Panels: These are more affordable than monocrystalline panels and have a lesser efficiency of around 10%.
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels: You will get an efficiency of almost 16% using these panels. They are also affordable and offer a durable structure.

So, check the Solar Panel type while buying the butterfly lights.


To use butterfly lights for a long time, they have to be durable and weatherproof. It’s important to check the waterproof rating of the product you prefer. It is denoted by IP followed by two numbers.

  • The first number is between 0 and 6, denoting protection against dust
  • The second number is between 0 and 8, denoting if the product is waterproof or not

As a rule of thumb, select products with IP ratings of 4 and above. For example, butterfly lights with a rating of IP65 are far better than ones having a rating of IP44. Any product with a decent IP rating will withstand harsh climatic conditions such as heavy rain and snow.


Butterfly Solar LightAs you probably don’t want to spend hours setting up a butterfly solar light, you need to check the installation process of any product you like. These lights usually come with a set of screws, solar stake, and pole to set them up.

You can mount some lights comfortably on any wall or position them into the ground using the stake. Also, you need to check if the product comes with a user guide or an instruction manual.

Some lights come with pre-drilled holes, while you have to drill them on your own in other products.

Battery Efficiency

Along with the solar panel, battery efficiency is extremely important for solar light’s performance. These butterfly solar lights require 6 to 8 hours of charging under direct sunlight.

After that, they can provide you with uninterrupted performance for around 8 to 12 hours.

The efficiency of these batteries will also depend upon the wattage and quality of the solar panel. So, a butterfly light with a 10W solar panel with energy-saving functionality will store more energy in the battery.

These modern products can provide you with 10-12 hours of lighting at night. You can contact the retailer to know more about this.


Any product from our high-quality brand will offer you a decent product warranty of at least one year. If you face any issues with the product within this period, you can get it fixed free of cost. In addition, some products will also offer you a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Always remember that a warranty is a clear reflection that the brand is confident about their product and values their customers. You also get assurance that the product will be long-lasting.

Along with checking the warranty period, you should also take a closer look at the customer service. A quality product from a decent brand will always offer you efficient customer support.

You can contact the customer care team to verify this before purchasing the product.

Wrap Up

Butterfly solar lights are an eco-friendly and unique way to spice up your exteriors. Having plenty of options to choose from, you can select multiple lights to create a fantastic atmosphere in your garden.

To make these lights last for years, you can clean the solar panel and the bulbs every two weeks. Also, if you don’t have automatic light sensing, remember to switch off the solar panel at night.

Also, prevent kids and pets from striking these lights to avoid damages.