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Dragonfly solar lights are the perfect eco-friendly way to transform your cozy outdoor nooks, patios, and gardens into a dreamy fairyland. They are an economical, pretty, and quirky means to liven up your home’s outdoor decor.

Dragonfly solar lights come in a variety of colors and forms, and the fact that they are solar-powered appeals to those looking for a sustainable way to deck up the outside spaces of their houses.

The mixed reviews and confusing product descriptions online may leave you perplexed and scratching your head. But do not worry, because here are five of the best dragonfly solar lights you can buy off e-commerce sites in the USA.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best dragonfly solar lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



CIAOYE Dragonfly Solar String Lights

CIAOYE Dragonfly Solar String Lights

These come in multi-color and white varieties, both in a stringed format. They are ideal for outdoor decoration since they come with waterproof qualities. They have a hybrid battery-solar power capacity and have 30 LEDs along the 21 ft of string. Read more

DIBIEECN Solar Garden Lantern

DIBIEECN Solar Garden Lantern

This innovative device comes in the form of a metal lantern with hollowed-out carvings of dragonflies all over it. The lantern is waterproof and incorporates a high-efficiency solar panel. You can place it either on the ground or hang it up on some tree as a mystic décor. Read more

Brightown Store Dragonfly Solar String Lights

Brightown Store Dragonfly Solar String Lights

These stringed solar dragonfly lights have 8 modes that you can switch to that add much-needed jazz to your outdoor parties. It boasts of an adjustable 180-degree monocrystalline silicon solar panel alongside an 800mAh inbuilt rechargeable battery. The lights are automated and do not need to be turned on/off manually. Read more

Shinymolly Dragonfly Solar String Lights

Shinymolly Dragonfly Solar String Lights

These stringed solar dragonfly lights come in two varieties of white and multi-color. You can switch among 8 modes that these waterproof lights operate in. It has insulated copper wiring, powered by solar energy and battery, and is perfect for a garden, patio, or party decoration. Read more

QIDEA Store Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Light

QIDEA Store Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Light

This innovative stake light does not need you to take the pain of wiring it up. It is capable of smooth and automatic color changing. It frees you of the worry of battery replacement and has the easiest installation and maintenance methods. Read more

5 Best Dragonfly Solar Lights

1. CIAOYE Dragonfly Solar String Lights

CIAOYE Dragonfly Solar String Lights

These smart optically-controlled lights are waterproof and come in two color types- multi-color and white. They are the perfect fairy lights with a dragonfly twist if you are looking to deck up your Christmas trees, decks, or fences. They are easy to install, operate and discharge automatically.


Durable Components

They are made of plastic and have an IP65 waterproof rating. This makes it easier to keep them installed outdoors without worrying about weather elements damaging them. Besides the solar panel, it has an 800-mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery. The solar panels are equipped with a ground stake for convenient positioning.

8 Lighting Modes

These lights have the fun feature of switching among 8 lighting modes as you please. There are modes like combination, waves, twinkle, flash, fade, sequential, etc., that promise to add a jazzy element to all your parties. You can change over to the different modes according to the ambiance and your preference.

Efficient Operating System

The lights have a smart sensing technology that eliminates the need to turn these lights on and off manually. They automatically turn on after dusk and go off at dawn by themselves.

The lights have an internal 800-mAh rechargeable battery and a smart and adjustable 180-degree monocrystalline silicon solar panel. The string lights can run for 8-10 hours at a stretch at night since the built-in battery can store sufficient solar energy during the day.


  • Smart sensors automate the functioning
  • Variety of lighting modes
  • Sufficient-capacity battery
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Ground stake for easier installation


  • The stipulated length of 21 ft constitutes 7 ft of extension wire

2. DIBIEECN Solar Garden Lantern

DIBIEECN Solar Garden Lantern

This lantern is something different from the usual stringed lights and yet, packs in the aestheticism of the dragonfly effect beautifully. The lantern has a body that boasts of a retro-gold and copper texture and is made of steel. The hollowed-out body is interspersed with dragonfly patterns all over and can be hung up anywhere or daintily placed in a corner.


Long-lasting capacity

It has a high-efficiency solar panel on top that absorbs sunlight and takes 6 hours to charge up fully. It can light up continuously for 8 hours at night, and the switch has to be pushed on manually. The lantern has an IP65 weatherproof rating, so it is of good use even on rainy days.

Environment-friendly and durable

It incorporates the latest technology and is constructed of improved durable metal that has been strengthened and hardened so that gusts of wind do not blow it away and it does not get dented. Moreover, it has a coating of anti-rust paint to avoid rusting vagaries and maintain its aesthetic look for a long time. This lantern does not require a power cord as well.


  • Unique classy look
  • Convenient to display anywhere
  • Durable body material
  • No power cord required


  • The light switch gives out at times

3. Brightown Store Dragonfly Solar String Lights

Brightown Store Dragonfly Solar String Lights

These beautiful lights with 20 ft of string interspersed with 30 colorful dragonfly LEDs are perfect for weddings, festivities, or any other party décor. You can use them both outdoors as well as indoors once charged sufficiently. The dragonflies look quite realistic, and the lights give excellent service.


High Solar Efficiency

It constitutes of a hi-tech adjustable 180-degree monocrystalline silicon solar unit and an 800mAh inbuilt rechargeable battery. This way, the lights are powered both naturally and when it is not a very sunny day.

These string lights function automatically for a good 8-10 hours in the darkness when the battery has stored sufficient energy. They are an excellent way to liven up your house’s vibe at minimal cost and electricity usage.


These dragonfly solar lights are built to withstand any weather, including rain and snow. All of the components are waterproofed to IP65 standards, making it appropriate for use both indoors and outside. They impart an instant cheery look to your gardens when you adorn your trees or fences with them.

8 Modes Available

The lights have an array of modes to choose from, like combination, sequential, waves, gradual, twinkle, flash, slow fade, etc. Depending on your ambiance or mood, you can switch among the settings.

Automated Operation

Thanks to a photosensitive component incorporated within the solar panel, the dragonfly lights will automatically turn on when dark and switch off at dawn. The lights, therefore, do not require manual operation, which makes them ideal for outdoor lighting.


  • IP65 specifications and waterproofing
  • Multiple modes of lighting are available
  • Automated operations of on and off
  • Long-lasting battery capacity


  • The thin wires make them difficult to untangle

4. Shinymolly Dragonfly Solar String Lights

Shinymolly Dragonfly Solar String Lights

These beautiful dragonfly lights come in two color schemes of multi-color and white dragonflies. They have robust copper wiring, waterproofing safety a well-detailed user manual. All these features make it easy to use, and the end result is fantastic and pleasing to the eyes. Have a look at its key features in detail below.


8 modes

Like the other lights, this one too boasts of 8 diverse modes like in wave, chasing, sequential, flash, fade, steady on, twinkle, etc. The built-in memory chip retains your last mode setting, so you don’t have to reset it every time. When the surroundings are bright, these lights do not glow. If they are in turn-on mode, they will illuminate automatically.

Operating Requirements

It takes 1-2 hours to charge fully. The most favorable charging environment for it is direct sunshine for the stipulated duration. They need charging for 8 hours straight for the first time after they are delivered to you.

Waterproof and safe

The IP65 waterproof design ensures that they can resist rainwater, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The lights do not heat up because they are made of insulated copper wire, so they are safe to touch even after prolonged usage.


  • Quick-charging
  • Multiple modes
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in memory chip retains mode setting, making operating easy


  • Appear dull at times

5. QIDEA Store Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Light

QIDEA Store Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Light

These stake lights come free of the hassle of any wiring requirement. They come on an in-ground stake that is easy to install and operate. They add a unique and aesthetic look to your garden and brighten up the space, your day, and your mind!


Unique Aestheticism

As the name suggests, these stake lights are installed at the end of a stake and glow in the dark in a mystic manner. They stand apart from the stringed dragonfly lights, and impart a unique look and feel to your garden. It looks almost as if the luminous dragonfly is hovering over your flowers and plants!

Seamless Functioning

These lights do not require changing the batteries. They are also automated with sensors to turn on at dusk and switch off by themselves after sunrise. The battery gets fully charged on a bright and sunny day and provides a good 6 hours of continuous lighting in the dark. The hues change automatically and smoothly.


  • Unique hovering appearance of light
  • Automated switching on and off
  • Bright LEDs
  • Easy installation procedure


  • Give lesser service on cloudy days

Dragonfly Solar Light Buying Guide

Dragonfly solar lights are portable light systems that include LED lights, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, and rechargeable batteries. The photovoltaic effect powers them, and PV cells are an essential component of solar lighting, having the capability of converting sunlight to direct electrical current.

What Are Solar Dragonfly Lights?

DragonflySolar dragonfly lights are a type of decorative light that is powered by the sun. They look like dragonflies, and they come in a variety of colors. Solar dragonfly lights are battery-operated, and they have a small solar panel that charges the batteries during the day. The lights turn on automatically at night, and they stay on for six to eight hours. Solar dragonfly lights are made of plastic, and they are weather-resistant. You can use them to decorate your garden, patio, or deck.

How Do Solar Dragonfly Lights Work?

The basic workings of the solar dragonfly lights are similar to those of other solar devices. The product will include a functioning solar PV cell, a rechargeable battery, and an array of LED bulbs. This is what goes on inside your dragonfly solar lights:

  • The photovoltaic cells in solar panels absorb the light that the sun produces
  • Sunlight particles, also known as photons, dislodge themselves from atoms
  • This sets in motion a chain reaction that generates electricity
  • The electricity from the solar panels is then collected in the battery
  • The current is then converted into useful electricity by this internal battery

How Do Solar Cells Work?

Depending on the cell size and the light exposure impacting the surface, a single solar cell can produce up to 0.45 volts and a variable amount of current.

A diode connects the solar cells to the in-built battery, preventing the battery’s electricity from flowing straight back through the cell when it is dark. The battery charges during the day, and is usually fully charged unless the sky is cloudy.

Advantages of Solar Dragonfly Lights

Solar dragonfly lights add a unique loveliness and visual appeal to your porches, decks, fences and any outside area your house is equipped with. They stand apart from the usual fairy lights because of their design.

These lights have a host of advantageous features, like below:

Automated Lights

These lights mostly have inbuilt smart sensors that are photosensitive. As a result, they eliminate the need of manual operation. They sense when it gets dark, and turn on automatically after dusk. Similarly, once it is dawn, they turn off by themselves.

Dual Power Source

Solar Dragonfly LightsThey are equipped with a solar panel, as their name itself suggests. But they also incorporate a battery of decent capacity, that stores the solar energy absorbed during the day. Since no energy is expended as long as the lights have exposure to sunlight, the battery remains fully charged.

Hence, the lights give excellent service during night time for 6-8 hours at a stretch, on an average.

Waterproof and dust-proof

These outdoor lights all have IP65 rating, which makes them sturdy enough to bear the brunt of the weather changes. The rating entails the following benefits:

  • Dust-proof, oil-proof and protected from other non-corrosive substances
  • Enclosed equipment is completely safe from the external vagaries
  • Complete waterproofing is provided
  • Independent of the Grid

Solar Dragonfly lights are entirely self-sustained and do not require any grid power. During the day, the sun charges the solar panel, and at night, the solar battery powers the system. There is usually minimal autonomy to ensure that the batteries do not run out and to allow for extended poor weather operation and battery life.

No Power Bills

The energy bills for these lights are nil because they are solar powered and do not consume grid power. This helps you save a whole lot of money that can be used elsewhere.


The LED lights have a 20+ years lifespan on average. The only maintenance necessary is therefore a battery change. If used optimally and the battery is of adequate capacity as per the light unit consumption, the former should only need to be replaced every 5-7 years. The solar cell is of fairly low-maintenance too and requires zero inputs apart from the obvious sunlight exposure.

Better Visibility with LED Lighting

LED lights illuminate very well, and make it easy to achieve uniform lighting in the appropriate region. Thus, these dragonfly lights glow amply bright in the darkness of the gardens where they are most perfectly placed.

Installation is Simple

Solar dragonfly outdoor lights can be installed in just about any outdoor or even indoor space without disturbing the environment because there is no trenching of grid power, no concern about sites too far from a power source, and no harming local infrastructure.

What To Look for While Solar Outdoor Light Shopping

Solar Dragonfly LightSolar lights are the way to go if you are looking to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. However, often such purchases are impulsive rather than well-researched and thought-out. Here are things you should look out for before making a random buy when it comes to solar garden lights:

  • The reason for purchasing the item
  • The brightness of the bulbs
  • The battery capacity, solar unit wattage and wiring
  • Wattage, recharge, and run duration
  • The efficiency of the solar panel and related specifications

Best Spots to Display Your Dragonfly Solar Lights

Once you make the right purchase, you’d be wanting to flaunt your dainty dragonfly lights in all their glory, isn’t it? Here are some outdoorsy spots of your home that you can optimally decorate with the dragonfly solar lights:

  • On the fences along the walkways
  • Adorning some landscape feature
  • On and around ornamental plants
  • On your patio or around the rails
  • Within a flower bed
  • On the tree foliage

In Conclusion

Dragonfly solar-powered lights are a unique, fun, and easy way to fulfill your garden decoration dreams. They are easy on the pocket, generate no energy bills, and keep the environment clean and green.

They are not only a great method to go green but also add a fun and quirky element to your gardens, patios and porches.

Moreover, they provide a cost-effective means to light up your otherwise dark garden. They bring to the table the perfect amalgamation of appealing and functional benefits, and are a great deal money-wise!

So go grab your choice of these mystical dragonfly lights off those e-commerce racks, and deck up your out-of-doors like never before!