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Have you ever wondered how the sports stadiums and arenas shine bright like a day, even at night? That’s the magic of arena lights providing enough illumination to all indoor or outdoor spaces.

However, such lights can surely cost the owner a pretty penny. In such cases, solar energy sources come in handy.

Solar arena lights are eco-friendly and offer multiple advantages like multiple operating modes and easy installation.

It can be hard to pick the right one for your establishment with numerous products in the market. This guide will list the top 5 products and everything you need to know about them.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar arena lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



AmeriTop Solar Power Arena Lights

AmeriTop Solar Power Arena Lights

These lights are ideal for anyone looking to illuminate large spaced areas like driveways or even parks. With IP65 weatherproofing, these solar lights work in all climates. There are 3 light heads included that allow up to 270-degree movement. Read more

Aootek Solar Outdoor Lights

Aootek Solar Outdoor Lights

Aootek solar outdoor lights give a 2500 lumens output and are best known for their features like optional modes and IP65 waterproofing. They are suitable for all outdoor spaces like gardens, patios, or streets. Read more

TENKOO Solar Powered Lights for Arena

TENKOO Solar Powered Lights for Arena

Made to illuminate big arenas, these solar-powered lights are known for high output of 30,000 lumens. There are multiple remote switching modes and an additional feature displaying the remaining battery. Read more

Richarm Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

Richarm Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

With a unique double-head design, these lights effectively illuminate an area of 430^2 feet at an angle of 60 degrees. Additionally, the remote-control feature turns the light on/off easily. Read more

NiorSun Solar Arena Lights

NiorSun Solar Arena Lights

NiorSun lights are known for their high output of 10,000 lumens and a 36,000 mAh battery. With a 2-year warranty, these lights are ideal for more extensive public spaces like streets, parks, or halls. Additionally, the solar panel charges 20% quicker and provides lighting for over 14 hours. Read more

5 Best Solar Arena Lights

1. AmeriTop Solar Power Arena Lights

AmeriTop Solar Power Arena Lights

Nothing works better than an arena light when it comes to illuminating your streets, parks, or sports grounds and when it comes to solar products, AmeriTop is one of the well-known companies in the market.

You will easily find all desirable features within your budget range. Read on to know!


Motion Sensor Lights

You no longer need to operate the solar arena lights before walking on out manually. With AmeriTop, you get fitted motion sensors that automatically detect movement up to 26 feet. Here, you get three separate heads with 128 LEDs built-in. These upgraded polycrystalline panels give a high conversion rate of 20%.

Wide Area Covered

If you are looking to set up security measures in a relatively bigger area, these solar arena lights are an ideal choice. Each of the three heads is adjusted to allow upward, downward, and horizontal movement. You can even set the lights at a 270-degree wide-angle.

Weather Resistant

The outdoor lights you pick must be highly weather resistant. These solar area lights are made of durable ABS material designed to overcome all harsh climatic conditions. As a result, this product works well even in snow, storms, or high heat weather.

Easy Installation

Tired of keeping track of different wires and adapters? With AmeriTop, you can easily screw the lights on wooden, plastic, or metal surfaces.

These lights provide incredible photocell efficiency and are a convenient option for people looking for a driveway, parking lot, patio, or garden lights.


  • Three light heads with a 270-degree angle design allow broad area coverage
  • Light output can reach up to 800 lumens
  • 9 hours of illumination post charging
  • IP65 weather and waterproof


  • Warranty details not specified

2. Aootek Solar Outdoor Lights

Aootek Solar Outdoor Lights

Looking for an ideal, high-power solar outdoor light for home security purposes? Aootek has launched one of the best products with significant upgrades over past generations.

It weighs only 1.34 pounds and can give you 2500 lumens output. Additionally, these solar lights are highly reliable under all weather conditions.


Motion Detector

Aootek solar lights come with an upgraded motion sensor detector to catch the slightest motion in its vicinity. These lights can detect any movement within the 26 feet and 120-degree range.

These solar lights have a 2200 mah lithium-ion battery for better brightness and long-term charge efficiency.

Optional Modes

Can’t decide whether to keep the lights on or off? With Aootek, you get 3 optional modes to pick the desired setting as per the requirement.

The first mode is security mode, and lights turn on and off automatically. In the second mode, lights stay on regardless of all situations. In the last mode, lights stay on but turn brighter with movement detection.

Ultra-Bright Lights

Are you tired of operating with smaller LED bulbs not able to illuminate a larger space? Switch to an improved version of Aootek solar outdoor lights with 182 super-bright LEDs.

These highly efficient lights provide wide-angle illumination and are ideal to be fitted in any outdoor location.

Durable Solar Panel

These solar panels fitted lights save more energy and are laminated with a coating of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

Additionally, these panels provide a 20.5% conversion rate and are made with monocrystalline silicon. As a result, they are more durable and require low maintenance.


  • Easy to install
  • High-efficiency output of up to 2500 lumens
  • Charge can last up to 10 hours


  • Some water might leak inside the light after prolonged use

3. TENKOO Solar Powered Lights for Arena

TENKOO Solar Powered Lights for Arena

If you are looking for heavy-duty lights that work well in indoor and outdoor situations, TENKOO Solar Powered Lights for Arena are ideal. Here, you get 30,000 lumens output and a battery that works non-stop for 18 hours. Take a look at its features that are sure to amaze you!


Charging Capacity

These solar arena lights come equipped with a 48,000 mah battery to illuminate the desired area for long hours. You don’t have to worry about the solar power switching off suddenly. Once charged fully, TENKOO lights work for over 18 hours.

Charge Indicator

In addition to improved battery capacity, you get a chance to check the remaining charge at any moment. If the indicator is red, the remaining battery is less than 25%.

Similarly, yellow and blue light indicates less than 50 and 75%, respectively. Green light is to mark the fully charged state of these arena lights.

Light and Motion Sensor

These lights provide the dusk to dawn feature and automatically operate depending on the level of lighting outside. If the sensor detects motion, it will brighten up the light.

You also get a remote control to decide between motion sensing mode, timing mode, or constant lighting mode.

Easy to Install

Worried about how you’ll go about the entire installation process? With TENKOO, you get adjustable metal brackets that help fix the light heads on poles.

You can also fix such lights on the ground or wall surface as per the requirement.


  • 3-year guarantee and 24*7 customer support
  • 48,000 mAh battery; high output of 30,000 lumens
  • IP65 proofing; weatherproof
  • Illumination lasting up to 18 hours post charging


  • Expensive

4. Richarm Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

Richarm Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

When looking to illuminate bigger spaces like a stadium, you require lights that can cover all directions and provide adequate brightness. With its unique design, Richarm Solar Flood Lights are constructed to have a dual-head design that lightens up a wide-angled area.


Automatic ON/OFF

It is not always possible for you to be physically present to switch lights on or off as per convenience. If you are looking to illuminate a stadium or a park during the night hours, the Richarm’s dawn to dusk feature is a convenient choice.

The sensor detects the level of lighting outside and operates accordingly.

Bright Lighting

With 42 LED bulbs in each head, these lights give an output of 800 lumens within the 430^2 illumination area at an angle of 60 degrees.

You will find 2 units of 6W and 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the solar kit.

IP65 Waterproof

Richarm Outdoor Solar Lights are made of durable ABS metal material that will last for years to come.

Additionally, the IP65 rating implies that you do not have to worry about removing the lights whenever the weather goes awry. These lights can easily withstand snow, rain, storm, or heat waves.

Multi Flexible Installation

With these solar lights, you get a cable of 16.4 feet in length. As a result, you can easily set up light heads and solar panels in different areas.

The adjustable wall brackets help you set up the light as per your preference, either on a wall or a pole.


  • Once charged, the battery lasts for 8 hours
  • Light head is made of durable ABS metal material
  • 17% of solar energy is converted to electrical power


  • Warranty and customer service not mentioned

5. NiorSun Solar Arena Lights

NiorSun Solar Arena Lights

When it comes to solar arena lights, you should always look for a combination of features like high output and remote control. With NiorSun, you get the chance to illuminate bigger areas comfortably with over 864 LED beads. Additionally, this product comes with a waterproof rating of IP67.


Different Lighting Options

NiorSun solar arena lights come fitted with multiple lighting modes like dusk to dawn, motion detection, timing mode, and an all-in-one mode.

With upgraded sensitive motion, you can set your lights to work at 50% brightness that changes to 100% on detection of any movement.

Charging Indicator

You also get a charging indicator that displays the amount of battery left in the lights. It has five options – 20, 40, 40, 80, and 100%.

Beneath that, you will find a PIR receiver that works to catch motion up to 26ft/8m at a 120° detection angle.

Remote Control

You don’t have to press a switch or alter the settings manually to use different lighting modes. Simply use the remote-control device as it can work in a radius of 26 feet and is pre-fitted with a battery.

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

With NiorSun, you get a solar panel of 26.4 x 17.5-inch dimensions. These panels charge 20% more quickly and can maximize the lighting effect. These lights run for about 14 hours and require a charging time of 6-8 hours.


  • Total output of 10,000 lumens
  • Two years warranty
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Different lighting modes available
  • Kit includes a 16.4 feet long cord


  • Lights weigh 21.6 pounds and can be typical to install

Solar Arena Light Buying Guide

All the products listed above are of premium quality and tick off the necessary factors that must be present in solar arena lights. But with multiple options, making the right decision might get a little overwhelming for you.

Therefore, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about the working of solar products. It will also help you find out the features to look for when purchasing your home.

This buying guide will cover all common points that you must know about solar arena lights. Hopefully, it will drive your buying decision in the right direction.

What are Solar Arena Lights?

As the name suggests, these solar lights are ideal for installing in bigger spaces. It can include both indoor and outdoor areas. Mostly, such lights are installed for sporting or entertainment events.

These lights work on the solar energy conversion principle and are extremely simple to install and use.

How Does a Solar Arena Light Work?

Solar Arena LightsA solar arena light is fitted with a PV (Photovoltaic) panel that absorbs the sun’s energy during the daytime. This energy is converted into power and is stored in the attached battery to be used at the time of need.

Additionally, there are other features like a motion sensor. This sensor automatically detects movement in a specific distance range with the help of infrared rays. It then brightens the light or switches on at 10-20%, depending on whether the device was initially on or off.

You will also find a photoresistor system that helps prevent overcharging and the current flowing back to the panel.

What are Advantages of Using Solar Arena Lights?

There’s no doubt in the fact that solar-powered devices are gaining more traction with time, considering their eco-friendly performance. Apart from that, you will find several other advantages like:

  • As you save on electricity bills and electrician hiring costs, these lights prove to be cost-effective in the longer run.
  • The installation process is more straightforward, and no cable wiring or auxiliary power sources are required.
  • You will find a range of solar arena lights with different efficiency, output, design, and price range.
  • Most lights are IP65 rated and can withstand tough weather conditions, like rain, storm, or snow.
  • These lights are safer for kids or pets as there is no fire risk with no cable boxes.

Do Solar Arena Lights Work in the Winter Season?

Yes, these solar lights work well regardless of the climatic conditions or the geographical area. Most of the products available are IP65 rated and can work through rain, hail, or snow.

But you should ensure that the solar panel is covered with PET lamination and is made of high-quality material. Another crucial point to keep in mind is that the sunlight in your current location should be bright enough to charge the panels.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Arena Lights

Focusing on certain aspects before finalizing your decision regarding solar arena lights will be beneficial for you. This section will highlight all the factors you must look for before going to markets to buy these arena lights.

Power Needed

You may be overestimating the number of watts required. When it comes to LED bulbs, you get better energy efficiency and conversion rates. As a result, less power is also adequate for illuminating a decently-sized space.

To determine the correct power usage, the first thing to do is specify your purpose. If you plan to light up your driveway or patio, you only require around 100 lumens of output.

For reference, consider that 40W lights produce 600 lumens. On the other hand, if you are planning to create a day-like resemblance at night time, you must look for 100-200W lighting.

Water Proof

You must have noticed that the products listed above are water and weatherproof.

Solar Arena LightHowever, several lights are available in the market that doesn’t provide the same feature. Therefore, you must confirm beforehand that the solar arena light you purchase is good enough to withstand rough climatic conditions.

This feature is crucial because it is a hassle to detach and re-install the lights repeatedly every time the weather goes bad. Always check that the product you have selected provides an IP65 or better rating.

Auto ON/OFF System

If you do not turn off the solar lights at the right time, you might end up losing the battery during the daytime. Therefore, it is advised to have an automatic ON/OFF configuration in the lights you pick. These sensors switch the lights on during dusk and run as per the number of hours selected.

Additionally, you will also find a motion sensor feature. It is useful when you have to install solar lights in the area where you only require illumination when there’s some movement detected. For example, you might only want to light up the driveway when you arrive home.

Colored LEDs

In most cases, arena lights are used only for the purpose of bright illumination and not decoration. Considering the same, most lights are available in the ‘natural white’ color range that you usually see in the streets or parking lots.

But if you are looking to illuminate a theater stage or some other form of the entertainment event, you can try out RGB lights. Here, you can pick a color gradient and set it at once, but keep in mind that might alter the light brightness at some level.

Easy Installation

Another crucial factor to consider is the installation process. Compared to the electric arena lights, solar ones are way simpler to set up. You will receive all the required components in the kit that can be compiled and installed easily.

However, the actual installation method may vary in the case of different companies. You should ensure that the device is not too heavy that it requires external help. Additionally, the cord length available should be long enough to allow light head fixtures at some angle.

Promotional Offers

Apart from the product features, you must also look to ensure that you’re getting the right deal. Online marketplaces often offer seasonal discounts and promotional deals.

Waiting for such a chance might be your best option if you are on a strict budget, but be aware not to buy out older models as batteries might become inefficient with time.

Additionally, you must figure out the shipping details. While most products are neatly packed in a solar kit, delivery of heavy light heads and panels can be a bit complicated. If you are looking to replace the lights instantly, you will require one-day shipping.

Final Words

Solar arena lights are an ideal option to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces. With no electricity costs incurred, these lights ensure to keep your carbon footprint minimized.

These lights are ideal for installing in larger areas like parks, streets, or parking lots. They are particularly helpful in creating a day-like semblance during the night hours.

Before picking out one to buy, you must ensure that the power and battery usage matches your requirements.

After going through the detailed guide, you will be able to check the lights for various features like weatherproof certification, durable quality, easy installation and much more.

So, wait no more and buy these eco-friendly solar arena lights today and give your outdoors a more brighter outlook!