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Have you been looking for some lights for your barn? Ever thought of investing in solar-powered barn lights? Well, if yes, you are at the perfect place.

Barn lighting is fun, and you should light up the arena, stalls, aisleway, and the outer areas of the barn. Since lighting has become a necessity, people have been opting for solar-powered lights to reduce their energy bills, save money, get higher efficiency and contribute to a greener environment.

As such, the market has innumerable options when it comes to solar lights.

To help you with this we cover 5 prominent solar barn lights in the US to choose from. Towards the end of the piece, you will also find a comprehensive buying guide answering all your questions.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar barn lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



LOZAYI Outdoor Solar Barn Lights

LOZAYI Outdoor Solar Barn Lights

2-core Edison LED bulb and 3.7V/2000mAH lithium battery in these solar barn lights come together to give a warm glow with 2700K Kelvin color. With about 16 hours of run time, LOZAYI brings a product that you cannot miss! Read more

Suponar Solar Lanterns

Suponar Solar Lanterns

These solar barn lights are ideal if you are looking for an elegant-looking decoration for your barn. Suponar comes with weather-resistant, reliable lights and generates green energy. Read more

Otdair Solar Wall Lantern

Otdair Solar Wall Lantern

Otdair Solar barn lights boats for a high-quality build with long-lasting LED bulbs. The installation process in these lights is as easy as it gets, and you also get an automatic on-off feature with the barn lights. Read more

Denyunuo Solar Barn Lights

Denyunuo Solar Barn Lights

These solar lights by Denyunuo are user-friendly, and the solar panel can be set to many angles to grasp the maximum sun rays. These solar barn lights can last up to 24 hours on a fully charged battery. Read more

Mlambert Solar Lights Outdoor

Mlambert Solar Lights Outdoor

If you want a visually appealing solar barn light pair, Mlambert might be the answer. These solar lights can also go on for over 8 hours with complete charging and are relatively durable. Read more

5 Best Solar Barn Lights

1. LOZAYI Outdoor Solar Barn Lights

LOZAYI Outdoor Solar Barn Lights

Are you looking for an effective solar barn light? What if you were told that you get a 270-degree adjustable light?

Well, this is the steal deal offered by Lozayi.

With a 16.4 feet cod, you can easily connect the lights with the solar panel. Let’s look at some of the brand’s top features of the outdoor solar barn lights.


Automatic light controls

The automatic light control feature is the best part of investing in a LOZAYI solar barn light. All you need is the switch to be on.

Additionally, the lights turn off after the night by themselves. You can also turn the barn lights off by switching them if you don’t wish them to be running all night.

Solar-powered and user-friendly solar panel

Since the solar barn lights come with an adjustable angle solar panel, the solar energy conversion efficiency is way higher. The lights shine for about 8 to 12 hours after being charged for 7 hours.

Lampshade and waterproof features

With the solar barn lights, you also get a rust-free and waterproof stainless steel lampshade. So, your lights will brave the brunt of rainfall.

Easy to install

The LOZAYI solar panel and lamp have been designed separately and are connected with a 16.4 feet long wire. The whole set is easy to install.

Bulb and battery

The light bulb is a 2-core Edison LED one, while you also get a 3.7V/2000mAH lithium battery in the set. The industrial-style black lamp gives off a 2700K kelvin color. Additionally, the battery is low attenuation, and it can be used for more than 2 years


  • Easy to install
  • Lasts for 16 hours
  • IP 65 waterproof
  • 270-degree adjustable light


  • The packaging is average

2. Suponar Solar Lanterns

Suponar Solar Lanterns

Suponar offers users elegant-looking solar barn lights that go well outside the entrance. These solar barn lights are weatherproof and durable and come with a cast aluminum case plus anti-rust treatment. Some of the top features of these solar barn light has been mentioned below.


Durable and high quality

These solar lanterns are built of high-quality waterproof materials- cast aluminum case, greater battery capacity, four upgraded highly efficient solar panels, long-life LED filament, tempered glass shade, and a metal hook. These parts of the Suponar solar barn lights make it a very durable and high-quality option.

Eco-friendly option

Solar-powered barn lights generate green energy, reducing harmful effects to the environment and saving your bills. These solar barn lights also come with a light sensor, so you get a fantastic automatic on/off feature.

Free maintenance

You do not need any extra decorative wiring for setting up these lights, All you need to follow are the simple instructions, and you are good to go.

As per the instructions, you need to install the lights through a hook in any place that you like. The anti-rust metal sola sconce clubbed with the glass shade requires no to minimal maintenance.


With Suponar solar barn lights, you don’t need to fret over bad weather. The solar lights have an IP45 waterproof design and are an excellent fit for outdoor decorations. They are ideal additions to your barn, garage, fence, and patio.


  • Easy to install
  • Elegant look
  • Turns on/off automatically


  • The glass may crack easily

3. Otdair Solar Wall Lantern

Otdair Solar Wall Lantern

Otdair solar barn lights come with rechargeable solar panels and can be charged under 8 hours. With these hours of charging, you can quickly expect the lights to shine bright for 10 hours.

They look beautiful in the barn and give a warm vibe to the entire area. So, let’s quickly run through the top features of these lights.


Easy installation

Otdair solar barn lights need no wiring to be installed and are mounted virtually at any place with the help of the included installation brackets.

Users just need to drill two holes in the wall, mount the lights with the brackets and screws, and you are good to go!

High-quality material

The solar light lamp has been built with high-quality material and comes with a long-lasting LED bulb, glass, and stainless-steel housing. These robust materials also make the solar barn lights long-lasting.

Great run time

With just 6 – 8 hours of charging, the solar barn lights illuminate for 8 to 10 hours. The working hours and charging will vary according to the weather.

Auto on/off

Like many other solar barn lights, Otdair has a built-in sensitive light sensor. So, the lights automatically turn on at night and turn off as the sun comes up.

But, keep the solar lamp under the direct sun rays to ensure that the battery is charged completely.

What comes in the packet?

You get 2 lighting fixtures and 2 mounting brackets and screws in the package. The instruction manual also comes in the box.


  • The runtime of about 10 hours on a single charge
  • Easy installation
  • Modern look
  • Stainless steel case


  • The package should be improved

4. Denyunuo Solar Barn Lights

Denyunuo Solar Barn Lights

Denyuneo solar barn light works well both inside and outside the barn. This solar light is user-friendly, has an easy installation, and you can even adjust the solar panel to varied angles to get the highest sun exposure.


Dual control ways

There are two different ways to control these solar barn lights. You can either turn them on using the remote control with a 5-meter range or pull the chain switch to fulfill your purpose.

The external solar panel also has a 3m lead cable, making the entire setup very adjustable.

Adjustable solar panel

The solar panel can be set to various angles, ensuring that it can absorb the most sunlight possible. You just have 8 hours of proper sunlight, and the solar barn light will be fully charged.


The solar-powered barn lights are based on the phenomenon of change in the farming of energy from solar to electrical. The solar panel absorbs the light during the day and stores it for the night to aid the light shining bright.

The light body and the solar panel have different designs, and you do not need any extra working or complex instructions.


This solar barn light’s battery and E27 vintage Edison bulb are entirely replaceable. An amorphous silicon solar panel clubbed with the 18650-lithium battery has been adopted.

Great customer service

Denyuneo solar barn light can be used in many locations in the house, such as the barn, balcony, kitchen, hallway, patio, or even the dining area. Since the lights find so many uses in the house, the product bought and the service provided by the company are top-notch.


  • It can be operated by both remote control and pull chain switch
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor use
  • A black hardwire cage ensures safety


  • The installation process could be tricky for some

5. Mlambert Solar Lights Outdoor

Mlambert Solar Lights Outdoor

Mlambert solar barn lights come with never-seen-before features like 2 in 1 functionality, world-class materials, and one of the most straightforward installation processes ever.

You can attach these lights to your barn, fence, garden, patio, garage, and many other places. Below mentioned pointers are some of the noteworthy features of these solar barn lights.


Dual functionality

The two primary standout features of these solar barn lights are the 2 in 1 with flickering flame design and motion sensor.

Additionally, once you start getting closer to the lights, the color alters to white light mode and brightens the entire area. Moreover, these lights do not just serve the purpose of illumination but are pretty amazing conversation starters.

Easy to use

You need to be drilling two holes in your wall and mount the lights through the provided crews and in the wall. And with that, your solar barn lights area is set to illuminate.


These lights have a crazy efficient solar panel that charges fully within 6 to 8 hours. With complete charging, the solar barn light can run for as long as over 8 hours during the night.

The switch of the lights must be kept on while you use it and before you start charging.


Mlambert Solar Lights Outdoor has been constructed with high-quality material and a weatherproof build. These lights can withstand any weather such as icy, snowy, heavy rain, cloudy and more.


  • Remarkable 2 in 1 light feature
  • Motion senor on offer
  • Easy to install
  • Easy integration with solar panels
  • Good looking design


  • The flickering flame mode will consume a lot of power

Solar Barn Light Buying Guide

Now that you have gone through the ins and outs of the top 5 solar barn lights, it’s time for the buying guide. This buying guide section will look at the main factors that you should keep in mind while shortlisting the solar barn light of your choice.

You will also find some of the most commonly asked questions about the topic in the final part of the buying guide.

What are solar barn lights?

Solar barn lights are a type of lighting that is powered by the sun. These lights are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce their energy costs. Solar barn lights are typically used for outdoor lighting, such as in barns, stables, and sheds. However, they can also be used for indoor lighting in homes and businesses.

Solar barn lights typically have a solar panel that charges a batteries during the day. The battery powers the light at night. Solar barn lights are available in a variety of styles, including floodlights, spotlights, and string lights. They can also be purchased with different features, such as timers and motion sensors. Solar barn lights are an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way to provide light in any setting.

Things to consider when buying solar barn lights

Here are some of the parameters that should be considered before you make that final barn solar light purchase:

Quality of Construction

Solar Barn LightsNow, a barn light can either be installed inside the barn or outside. This is why the construction quality of your solar barn light will matter. For starters, the light construction should be in such a way that it is weather-resistant.

The material should be durable and able to handle any wear and tear. So, a strong recommendation would be to buy solar barn lights made with ABS material, metal, plastic, or stainless steel. The presence of these materials will ensure your barn lights last a long time.


Imagine having a huge barn and an external dim light attached to it! Or a small barn with a light so bright it can pierce your eyes. In both situations, you are bound to suffer.

Illumination is another aspect that can determine whether a particular brand of solar barn light works for you. You can check two factors to understand the illumination of the light. First up is lumens output and the other one is the number of LEDs in the light.

Navigation of either of these numbers will clarify the illumination you can expect. It is best not to ignore this factor before making a buying decision.


The battery type, charge and run time will be essential factors that make a difference in the working of your solar barn lights.

Additionally, the battery charge time will depend on an array of pointers such as the battery capacity, the climate of the place where you live, and the amount of sunlight being directly received by the solar panel.

Controlling Mechanism

Solar barn light can have a range of controlling mechanisms to choose from. The options are pulling the chain, remote control, or using buttons. Each of these options has its pros and cons, so it’s mainly up to your needs.


Whichever light you choose, the installation should be easy and will not require a third person. If the light has hardware clubbed with, you are at an advantage.

Can solar barn lights be used indoors?

Yes, many consumers use solar barn light indoors. You can get the light fixture installed inside but have the solar panel outside in the open. This is because the solar panel will require sunlight to alter it into electrical energy. Out in the open location equates to sufficient sunlight.

But it is also vital to understand that not every solar barn light will work well for indoor use.

What is the life of outdoor solar barn lights?

The solar light battery usually lasts as long as three to four years. Some others may last even longer. Moreover, LED lights can stay put for up to 10 years.

If, in any case, you see the lights are not able to be adequately illuminated, it is the right time to change the light fixture parts.

How will solar barn light work on rainy or cloudy days?

Solar Barn LightSolar barn lights can work on rainy and cloudy days. Some of them can even survive snowy days. They can still work when the sunlight is partially blocked or reflected by lights.

On a general note, the light will only last for 20% of the regular time on highly cloudy days, while on a sparsely cloudy day, the run time would be 50%.

If you want the best of best results, you should essentially clean the panels (wash off) as regularly as possible. This will remove the accumulated dirt and better their sunlight absorbing capabilities.

Is it possible to make solar barn lights brighter?

If you want brighter solar barn lights, go for those equipped with high-power batteries instead of the present ones. Through this method, you can slightly elevate the illumination.

What kind of light bulbs are present in solar barn lights?

Solar barn lights consist of light-emitting diodes or LED light bulbs. The pro of using LED bulbs is that they are very long-lasting, energy-efficient, and highly versatile.

How long will the solar barn lights shine?

The expected time for solar barn lights to shine will vary according to several factors. Major brands will always mention their output time or runtime in hours on the back of their products. This clearly indicates how long the fully charged batteries will allow the lights to shine.

On average, the illumination time will be around 6 to 10 hours with fully charged batteries. You can also go through the below-mentioned points to understand better:

  • Smaller batteries equate to lower operating time
  • Multiple batteries will aid in prolonging the solar barn light’s lifetime
  • You should know that rechargeable batteries need to be changed every few years.

Tip: It is a great practice to buy solar barn lights from companies that offer early or performance promises on their batteries.

Do you need waterproof solar barn lights?

You must spend money on solar lights that end up being durable and lasting long. Otherwise, what is the meaning of even making a purchase?

This factor becomes more critical if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall.

Weatherproof and waterproof solar-powered lights are meant to last all four seasons. But how can one know whether they are buying the right lights?

For starters, check the material used to build the solar lights– it could be plastic, metal, or even stainless steel.

Next up, you need to check for the Ingress Protection or IP rating, which is the ability of the equipment to save itself from rain, hail, snow, dust, or wind and their harmful effects.

As a matter of fact, the higher the IP rating, the greater the protection offered. So, IP53 rated solar barn lights will be better at keeping the dust at bay but will be less waterproof than IP46.

Experts say that an IP of 4 or greater is what a prospective solar barn light owner should prefer.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s a closure on the top 5 picks of the best solar barn lights in the USA. This list has been curated, keeping user reviews, product specifications, and overall value for buy advantage in mind. Proper market research has been put into finally addressing these options, so, by all means, you can trust them.

But, if you are still confused and need to access your needs, run through the comprehensive buying guide section, and you will indeed find answers to your most pressing questions.