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Across the globe, solar lighting products offer plenty of variety to decorate an indoor and outdoor setup. Be it solar globes, ground, or string lights, you are no longer in shortage of attractive options.

Another addition to this ever-growing market of solar items is bubble lights. These lights have the potential to decorate any space with their soothing appearance.

They come in different designs and offer a unique look compared to other outdoor lights. This guide will prove highly beneficial if you are curious about these products.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar bubble lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Toifocus Solar Acrylic Bubble Stake Lights

Toifocus Solar Acrylic Bubble Stake Lights

This product is a fine combination of solar bubble stakes and decorative items. It has an IP rating and can create a soothing environment without the need for electric wiring. Read more

CALIDAKA Solar Bubble Stake Lights

CALIDAKA Solar Bubble Stake Lights

These solar bubble stake lights consist of a hanging arrangement. They are, thus, multipurpose in terms of installation. The LEDs change color, which is an attractive aspect of these bubble lights. Read more

BWWNBY Solar Bubble Stake Tube Lights

BWWNBY Solar Bubble Stake Tube Lights

The BWWNBY lights are lightweight and provide high value for money. They can stay ON after switching and work for a decent duration. Notably, the polycrystalline panel is one of the main reasons for the affordable cost. Read more

YXLM Solar Bubble Wind Chime Lights

YXLM Solar Bubble Wind Chime Lights

These solar bubble lights have a marvelous wind chime design. The iron hook on top of the vertical sticks looks durable. You can hang them as a multi-colored decorative chime light as per requirement. Read more

SESERIA Solar Mini Crystal Bubble Lights

SESERIA Solar Mini Crystal Bubble Lights

The SESERIA bubble lights are a unique product with a circular globe design. Notably, the tiny crystal-like globes have a bubble pattern and enclose the LED. They emit warm white light, making them suitable for a garden installation. Read more

5 Best Solar Bubble Lights

1. Toifocus Solar Acrylic Bubble Stake Lights

Toifocus Solar Acrylic Bubble Stake Lights

This bubble stake light set can offer a soothing effect in your garden. The
set consists of two posh-looking bubble stakes that stand tall in any setting. They appear like a fantastic art décor item.

However, the features will portray the overall suitability of these lights. Here is a brief look at the defining parameters.


Good Quality Material

The solar tube enclosing the LED is made from acrylic. This material is known to withstand the impact of rain. So, you can install them outdoors without any worry.

In addition, the build quality of the tube is adequate to portray high durability. The material is easy to clean and maintain. Also, the combination of ABS and Aluminum improves the overall toughness with low weight.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

These bubble stake lights consist of a panel made from monocrystalline silicon cells. This type of panel has a high conversion efficiency.

As a result, the bubble light can operate for a long duration. If you have the budget, you must opt for monocrystalline panels over their polysilicon counterparts.

IP Rating

A vital aspect of these lights is the IP65 water-resistant rating. Buying such a product improves the chances of long service life.

In addition, IP-rated products are dustproof. Hence, you can install them outdoors without the fear of operational failure.

Simple ON-OFF Switch

You can quickly locate the ON-OFF switch under the circular solar panel. Due to the smart positioning, there is no threat of water intrusion.

Also, the design of this switch is easy for any person to operate. As a result, you do not need to read complex instructions to use these bubble lights.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Emit a soothing bubble light effect
  • Low weight, easy to carry


  • The price can seem comparatively high for some buyers

2. CALIDAKA Solar Bubble Stake Lights

CALIDAKA Solar Bubble Stake Lights

This product resembles a long bubble light stick with vibrant LED colors. The solar bubble lights have an acrylic body and are thus resistant to water. The top features of these stake lights make them a high value-for-money item.


Color Changing LEDs

These lights have an excellent arrangement of LEDs that offer dynamic colors. Notably, the changing colors enhance the beauty of any garden or patio setup.

The benefit of this feature is that you do not need to invest in different colored LED bubble lights. Also, the LEDs bring vibrancy to the atmosphere.

Hanging Hooks

You can hang these solar bubble light sticks with the help of small hooks on top of each unit. This feature enables a wide scope of decoration options.

Notably, the design of the hooks makes them durable and safe to install. So, you do not need to fret over any accidents due to the sticks falling down.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Due to a solar panel made from polycrystalline silicon cells, the overall cost of each unit is affordable. You can expect these lights to operate for at least five to six hours with a full charge.

The panel placement is at the top of each light stick. This positioning enables sunlight to fall on the PV cells easily.

Inbuilt Battery

These solar bubble lights contain a 40-mA battery. Hence, the power storage ability enables adequate charge for the LEDs.

This feature is helpful as the lights can stay functional for a long. Hence, your garden stays illuminated even under overcast weather.


  • Highly affordable
  • Comes with an IP44 rating
  • Comes with color-changing LEDs
  • Light in weight


  • Their size can seem small for some customers
  • Interior portion is prone to corrosion

3. BWWNBY Solar Bubble Stake Tube Lights

BWWNBY Solar Bubble Stake Tube Lights

This item is another hanging bubble stake light with multicolor LEDs. Each light contains a polysilicon solar panel that absorbs solar energy. In addition, the acrylic build ensures low weight and water resistance.


Water-resistant Ability

With an IP44 rating, these bubble lights can withstand water spray. Hence, you can hang or install them outdoors, even on rainy days.
In addition, the acrylic material is rustproof. So, the tube body will not deteriorate due to the water’s impact.

Auto Light Control

The lights have sensors that activate the LEDs after sunset. So, you do not need to turn the light ON manually.

The ‘always ON’ working mode makes these bubble lights convenient for users. Thus, you get more value for money.

Weather Resistant

These solar bubble lights can withstand the impact of snow, dust, heat, and wind. Notably, the acrylic and plastic blend enables this feature.

So, you can install them even in harsh weather conditions. The design is ergonomic and portrays decent mechanical properties.

Cool Color Temperature

The LED light emits illuminance in the range of 10,000-14,000 °K. This LED temperature is soothing for any patio or outdoor setting.

Hence, you will notice a comfortable aura after installing these solar bubble lights. The surrounding can instantly feel marvelous with such soothing LED radiance.


  • Comparatively less expensive
  • Multiple colors emitting LEDs
  • Decent photoconversion efficiency
  • Attractive overall design


  • These lights do not have a monocrystalline panel

4. YXLM Solar Bubble Wind Chime Lights

YXLM Solar Bubble Wind Chime Lights

Some products have a different design compared to other models of the same category. These solar bubble lights match such criteria. They have a wind chime look that can prove to be a wonderful hanging item.

However, you will also adore the utility-oriented features of this model.


Automatic Turn ON Function

Once you switch the main button, these lights start automatically. The solar panels start absorbing sunlight and converting the energy into electricity.

As a result, the LEDs turn ON without needing external intervention. Thus, hassle-free functioning is one of the USPs of this model.

Multiple Color Changing Function

Each LED support seven color change function. So, these beautiful bubble lights work as soothing decorative lighting.

Moreover, this feature is suitable for creating a festive atmosphere on your porch, garden, or balcony.

Intelligent Design

The LED sticks are made from high-quality ABS material. Hence, the design and material combination does not allow heat build-up.

So, the chances of accidents due to touching the LED bubble sticks are negligible. This feature proves useful, especially if you have young kids around the bubble chime lights.

Iron Hook

The solar bubble sticks are attached to a durable casing with an iron hook. This hook ensures that the sticks containing LEDs stay secure after hanging.

Notably, the iron hook has an ergonomic design that allows you to hang the wind chime on trees, doors, or a fence.


  • Price is reasonable and competitive
  • Comes with an IP65 rating
  • Comes with an inbuilt 300 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Long working duration


  • They do not make a chime sound

5. SESERIA Solar Mini Crystal Bubble Lights

SESERIA Solar Mini Crystal Bubble Lights

If you prefer decorative items in the shape of circular bubbles, this product is worth exploring. The globes can light up any outdoor atmosphere after proper installation. Notably, each globe has a stake that makes it easy to install on sidewalks, lawns, or flower beds.


IP Rating

These solar bubble crystal lights have an IP55 rating. This rating implies adequate resistance to water, dust, and solid contaminants.

Hence, they are highly suitable for installation in a garden space. Also, these lights’ outer material is plastic, making them ideal for exterior use.

Multiple Lighting Modes

These solar crystal bubble lights support eight lighting modes. Hence, they exhibit a dynamic feel after illumination.

Having more than one lighting effect is always beneficial for breaking the monotony in your decorations. So, this feature is advantageous for many users.

Rechargeable Battery

These solar lights consist of an 800 mAh Ni-MH battery. This battery stores the energy to operate the LED as per requirement.

Having an inbuilt battery ensures that the solar lights do not stop functioning under insufficient sunlight.

Warm LED Effect

Unlike other solar bubble lights, this model emits a warm white glow. Such a light color can prove appropriate for some users.

So, if you desire a change from the cool white LED effect, this characteristic can prove beneficial. Moreover, this LED temperature suits an outdoor garden setting.


  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Reasonable price
  • Good battery backup


  • The size can seem small for some users

Solar Bubble Light Buying Guide

The mentioned products cover all the crucial features you can expect in solar bubble lights. Still, you will come across several decorative products with a massive solar lighting market.

For this reason, it is crucial becoming familiar with the fundamentals of such products. This guide aims to simplify the concept of solar bubble lights.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar bubble lights are decorative lighting products powered by renewable solar energy, consisting of an LED, a stick or globe, and a solar panel.
  • They offer numerous benefits, including cost-free operation, low maintenance, durability in various weather conditions, and a wide range of design options.
  • When buying solar bubble lights, consider factors such as the material used, LED color temperature, IP rating, design compatibility with your space, inbuilt rechargeable battery, type of solar panel, automatic ON-OFF function, and your budget to make an informed purchase decision.

What is a solar bubble light?

A solar bubble light is a decorative lighting product that works on a renewable source of energy. The light consists of an LED, a stick or a globe (depending on design), and a panel.

Solar Bubble LightsThe stick or globe has a bubble pattern on the outer surface. As a result, you feel a soothing glow of light that highlights the tiny bubbles.

How does a solar bubble light work?

The working of a solar bubble light is similar to other lighting products. The panel absorbs the sun’s energy and operates on the principle of photoelectric conversion.

Further, the PV cells convert the incident solar energy into electricity. This energy is crucial to power the LEDs in bubble lights. As a solar bubble light needs adequate sunlight, you need to place them outdoors.

The intensity of the sunlight can impact its working. However, bubble lights with a rechargeable battery can still function properly without sunlight.

What are the benefits of a solar bubble light?

A solar bubble light does not require any additional wiring connection, but the advantages span way beyond simple user convenience:

  • They are practically free to operate due to solar energy
  • You do not need to invest time in high maintenance
  • These lights generally have an IP rating, making them durable in rainy weather
  • They can withstand dust, snow, and heat
  • The design variety in solar bubble lights is an exciting prospect

Overall, a solar bubble light can decorate your indoor or outdoor setting without hassle.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Solar Bubble Lights

Specific parameters are crucial to justify the quality of a solar bubble light. Hence, it would be best if you always considered the following factors before purchasing these decorative lighting products.

Material Used

Solar bubble lights are mainly decorative products. Hence, reputed brands use lightweight, water-resistant, and attractive raw materials for manufacturing.

As a customer, you should pay attention to this facet. Aim for solar bubble lights made from plastic, ABS, or acrylic material.

These materials are lightweight and do not rust. In addition, they are easy to clean and less expensive than metals. Also, plastics reduce the chances of minor accidents in case of improper handling.

So, consider the material used to manufacture solar bubble lights.

LED Temperature

Three types of LED color temperatures are warm, cool white, and daylight. Solar bubble lights are mostly outdoor items. Hence, the choice of these temperatures is highly subjective.

In most cases, you will come across bubble lights with a cool white LED color. However, some products are based on warm white light.

To make a suitable choice:

  • Analyze your target space for decoration.
  • Decide the kind of atmosphere you would prefer after installing these lights.
  • If you want a soothing environment, opt for cool white LED color.

On the contrary, if you want to relax and prefer a yellowish tinge, opt for a light with warm color. This aspect is crucial as it can influence your mood significantly.

IP Rating

Solar Bubble Garden LightsIf possible, always choose a solar bubble light with an IP rating. This rating is a testament to the high-quality manufacturing process.

Products with an IP rating have a better chance of withstanding water, dust, and heat impact. So, you can use such products for a longer duration.

Generally, solar bubble lights with an IP rating are a tad expensive. Still, this initial investment can prove beneficial in the long run. If possible, try to buy a bubble light with an IP 44 or above certification.

On the contrary, an IP65 solar bubble light is a fantastic purchase to ensure decent service life.

Design and Aesthetics

From the in-depth reviews, you would have noticed one thing. The design and utility of each product are different. For instance, some solar bubble lights are in the form of a stick. In contrast, some models have a crystal globe design. So, consider your seating space in this case.

Try to visualize the installation of different designs in your desired setting.

You will realize that some designs do not match your outdoor or indoor space. So, before buying, pay close attention to the compatibility of a product’s design. Aim for simple and sleek solar bubble lights.

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery

Reliable manufacturers provide an inbuilt Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery in their products. This battery stores energy supplied by the solar panel.

In overcast weather, the sun’s intensity is low. Hence, the panels do not receive enough sunlight. In such a case, the battery supplies energy to the LEDs. As a result, the solar bubble lights function without any hassle.

So, a battery proves helpful to enable the functioning of LEDs for at least six to eight hours.

Type of Solar Panel

Generally, a monocrystalline panel is more efficient than its polysilicon counterpart, but you need to invest more to buy products with this panel type.

If you have a reasonable budget, choose a solar bubble light with a monocrystalline panel. As a result, the light will receive higher photoconversion efficiency.

Such lights can function for eight to ten hours after sunset. In addition, a rechargeable battery completes an efficient setup. So, aim for these components to get the best operational service.

Automatic ON-OFF Function

Solar bubble lights have a manual ON-OFF switch. You need to toggle this switch to initiate the working of these lights.

Some models have an inbuilt light sensor. This component detects the absence of light and turns the LEDs automatically.

Hence, this feature proves convenient for all users. You just need to switch the manual button once. The auto function process begins, leading to a rise in efficiency and convenience.


The initial investment is a crucial aspect before buying solar bubble lights. If you aim to include all the vital features, the cost of a model will increase significantly.

Still, such an item can serve as durable and more reliable. If you have a limited budget, study all the vital features. Depending on your utility, you can skip a particular parameter.

As a result, you will find products that suit your minimum requirements. So, you can save a considerable amount of money. So, buying solar bubble lights can be a reasonable process in terms of finance.

Having said that, bubble lights do not cost a huge sum and provide high value for money. Hence, you can invest in a product that will enhance your festive mood and property.

Our Expertise in Solar Lights

At Solar Panels Network USA, we’re not just installers; we’re enthusiasts, researchers, and users of solar bubble lights. Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of solar technology, understanding the nuances and intricacies of various solar-powered bubble lighting solutions. Our team has hands-on experience with a wide range of these unique solar products, and we’ve seen the evolution of solar bubble lights from their inception to the advanced versions available today.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

  • Hands-On Testing: Before penning down any review, our team spends weeks testing bubble lights. For this article, we installed and used each of these solar bubble lights in various settings – from garden parties to outdoor decorations, ensuring we understand their performance in real-world scenarios.
  • Continuous Learning: We regularly attend solar technology conferences, workshops, and seminars. This continuous learning ensures we’re always updated with the latest solar tech, allowing us to evaluate bubble lights against the most recent standards.
  • Feedback Loop: Over the years, we’ve built a community of solar enthusiasts. We often reach out to them for feedback on bubble lights, ensuring our reviews aren’t just based on our perspective but reflect the broader community’s experiences.
  • Transparency: Whenever we receive products for review from manufacturers, we ensure full transparency with our readers. For this article, some products were purchased by our team, while manufacturers sent others. However, our reviews remain unbiased, focusing solely on the product’s performance.
  • Decades of Experience: Collectively, our team has over two decades of experience in the solar industry. From understanding the technical aspects of solar cells to the aesthetics and functionality of solar bubble lights, our expertise spans wide and deep.

In this article, we’ve combined our personal experiences, technical knowledge, and feedback from our community to provide you with comprehensive reviews of the best solar bubble lights for 2024. We believe that our expertise, combined with our commitment to transparency and continuous learning, makes us a reliable source for solar bubble light reviews.

Wrapping Up

Solar bubble lights are soothing and attractive lighting items. You can install them outdoors without the worry of rain or other contaminants.

The IP rating is one of the essential factors to consider while buying a solar bubble light. So, if you have the budget, do not overlook this criterion. For ease in shopping, you can always choose your favorite model from the five mentioned products.

Notably, most of the products offer some variety in design and cost. Also, follow the guide to buying solar bubble lights that suit your aesthetic preference.

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