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Nothing beats the feeling of camping in the wild. However, it comes with its own set of challenges and pains.

Did you know that 24% of people believe that bug sprays are among the most important items to carry on a camping trip?

Bugs and insects are one of the most common reasons we end up with a bitter camping experience. Since it is important to be mindful of yourself and the environment, solar bug zappers are an excellent solution.

However, with so many different models flooding the markets, which one should you buy? Fret no more because we have collated a list of the ten best solar bug zappers that will eliminate those annoying bugs.

Let’s hop on and review our top 10 choices for the best solar bug zapper while learning more about how to pick the right one for your use.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar bug zappers available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 10 Best Solar Bug Zappers




GutReise Solar Electric Bugs Fly Mosquito Light Lamp

GutReise Solar Electric Bugs Fly Mosquito Light Lamp

This bug zapper is not only an excellent option for killing insects, mosquitos, and flies but can also be used to light up your garden. The lantern comes with isolation nets for safety. Read more

PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch (DFST)

PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch (DFST)

These PIC torches are ideal for protecting against insects while simultaneously improving the decor. They enhance the backyard ambiance with their flickering flame effect and UV LED lights that attract flying insects. Read more

Apder Solar Bug Zapper LED Mosquito Killer

Apder Solar Bug Zapper LED Mosquito Killer

The Apder Bug Zapper features LED lights that light up in two colors you can easily switch between. The white and purple lights attract bugs and kill them right away. It even comes with batteries to make up for non-sunny days. Read more

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

With weather-proof metal and plastic, this solar bug zapper attracts all insects within a half-acre radius in its electric grid and exterminates them. It is portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Read more

Diotem Bug Zapper

Diotem Bug Zapper

This highly compact Diotem bug zapper is an excellent choice for backpackers, campers, or anyone who wants to carry their zapper. The powerful 3500-volt zapper kills bugs efficiently, and you can even adjust the brightness settings. Read more

PIC Solar Portable Lantern and Bug Zapper

PIC Solar Portable Lantern and Bug Zapper

These PIC lanterns are highly effective for all kinds of environments. They are a pretty sustainable solution for getting rid of flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs. They feature a 500-volt grid and blue UV LED lights. Read more

White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp

White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp

With an impressive 3000-volt zapper, the White Kaiman Lamp can handle any pests you're fed up with. It is a highly durable product made with stainless steel. It even comes with a white light that you can use as a lantern. Read more

ViViLarm Mosquito Killer Lamp

ViViLarm Mosquito Killer Lamp

These bug zappers are a combination of three lights; a UV light for killing bugs, a camping light, and an emergency light. You can power it either with solar energy or with an external USB. Read more

MeetUS Solar Power Mosquito Lamp

MeetUS Solar Power Mosquito Lamp

The MeetUs Mosquito Lamp is an excellent device for zapping flies, insects, and mosquitoes in indoor and outdoor settings. It is pretty effective and is also pretty easy to install and use. Read more

Tekno Bug/Insect Zap Guard

Tekno Bug/Insect Zap Guard

The Tekno Zap Guard is a small yet sturdy solution for doing away with mosquitoes. It comes with two lighting modes and an automatic sensor. Although it is quite portable, it can be a little too lightweight for windy conditions. Read more

Best Solar Bug Zappers

1. GutReise Solar Electric Bugs Fly Mosquito Light Lamp

GutReise Solar Electric Bugs Fly Mosquito Light Lamp

This lamp by GutReise is one of the best multi-functional solar bug zappers. It is well-built and pretty effective. The price may seem a little high at first, but you get a decent return on your investment since it is a long-lasting product. You do not need to worry about running into issues with your lamp, as GutReise provides an impressive 90-day warranty.



The lamp is made from stainless steel and is entirely waterproof. It comes with an IP54 rating, so you can quickly leave it outside even in harsh weather conditions. The LED bulbs are also of excellent quality.

Enhanced Safety

The GutResise bug lamp comes with an isolation net that keeps the fingers safe. You can use it around children and pets without worrying about their little fingers or paws getting caught in the lamp. The enhanced safety makes it perfect for use in all situations and places, such as homes, offices, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, schools, restaurants, and even farms.

Easy to Use

One of the best parts about this bug zapper is that it’s pretty convenient. You do not need to set it up, and it takes almost no time to get used to the product. Cleaning and maintenance are also relatively hassle-free. The bugs get caught in a tray and can be disposed of quickly.


Are you going to be away for a few days? This lamp will have your back! You can use a fully charged lamp for 40 hours at a stretch. Moreover, it only takes about 5 hours to charge the zapper completely.


  • Does not have to be installed
  • Durable system
  • Comes with multiple lighting modes
  • Made with good-quality materials
  • Safe for use everywhere
  • Suited for outdoor settings


  • Comparatively expensive
  • No customization options for lighting modes

2. PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch (DFST)

PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch (DFST)

The PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch is an extremely energy-efficient bug zapper. The flickering UV light does an amazing job of killing mosquitoes, moths, and other unwanted bugs. The product has an environmentally friendly design. Moreover, you only need to leave it in the sun for about 5 hours to let it charge completely.


Stunning Appearance

If you’re looking for a zapper that can enhance the aesthetics of its environment while doing away with annoying bugs, this is the product for you. The torch has a stylish look and comes with an LED light that looks much like the glow of an open flame. The best part? The design is eco-friendly!

Easy Disposal

Once the insects contact the torch, they are instantly zapped from the energy collected from the sun. The zapper comes with a no-touch catch tray that allows users to dispose of the dead insects without any fuss.

Weather-Proof Build

Although this PIC Torch can be installed anywhere, it is primarily meant for outdoor use. The materials used in its construction are all waterproof. Therefore, you won’t have to relocate the torch every time it rains or snows. It is durable and functions well irrespective of external conditions.


This solar zapper is quite versatile and can be adjusted based on your landscaping needs. You can use it at three different heights – 48 inches, 36 inches, and 24 inches. The product comes with a torch, two connectors, a tabletop base, three poles, and a ground stake.


  • Stylish design with a flickering LED flame
  • Weather-proof torch
  • Comes with a blue LED light effect
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • Lantern can withstand extreme weather conditions


  • Comes at a significantly higher price
  • Slightly weak standing poles

3. Apder Solar Bug Zapper LED Mosquito Killer

Apder Solar Bug Zapper LED Mosquito Killer

This solar bug zapper comes with an in-built solar panel that stores energy from the sun. The LED lights harness this energy to attract and kill the bugs flying around. You don’t even need to worry about cloudy days because this zapper comes with the option for batteries too. Moreover, Apder’s customer service is very efficient and will help you out with any concerns.


Easy Installation

Installing this Apder Zapper is a piece of cake. You only have to insert it into the land without any wiring or charging. Although, you should keep in mind that it is towards the sunlight to get better charging. Once it’s dark and the zapper is charged, it will light up automatically.

Multiple Lighting Modes

The solar-powered LED lights on this zapper are of two colors, white and purple. The purple light kills all the insects flying around to protect you and your family. The white light, on the other hand, works as a bright decorative piece at night.

Backup Option

You can even use these zappers when there isn’t sufficient sunlight. They can be powered with AA batteries in such situations. When the sun comes out, it will automatically start trapping solar energy.

Versatile and Effective

The Apder Bug Zapper can be used anywhere you like: an outdoor garden, a porch patio, or while camping and fishing. It traps mosquitoes, flies, and unwanted insects by attracting them and instantly zaps them to death.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service
  • Comes with an IP65 Waterproof rating
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can switch between two colors


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty

4. Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

The Ansun Solar Powered Bug Zapper has an alluring purple light to attract flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects. Besides being an excellent solution for dealing with pests, it also has a lantern mode that you can use to navigate in the dark, such as during power outages or camps.



This solar zapper is extremely lightweight, weighing even less than two pounds. As a result, it is also pretty portable so that you can relocate it as and when you wish to. It even comes with a handle that you can use to conveniently hang the lamp on trees, porches, or other places with a hook.

Multiple Lighting Modes

This Ansyun Zapper comes with three distinct lighting modes that you can switch between with a button. When you use it in bug zapper mode, the purple light turns on along with the electrical grids. In lantern mode, the white LEDs turn on, and you can brighten or dim them per your will. In the SOS mode, the light starts flashing to attract attention from passers-by.

Highly Effective

The purple light of the bug zapper attracts all unwanted pests and kills them using its electrical grid. The total coverage area of this product is 538 square feet. Once you charge the lamp for three hours, you can use it for nine hours at a stretch.


This product is built with waterproof and weather-proof metals and plastics. You can use it in both indoor and outdoor settings. The zapper is quite long-lasting, and you will get a decent return on your investment.


  • Handle for carrying around conveniently
  • Efficient and energy-saving design
  • Comes with multiple modes
  • Offers half an acre of coverage
  • Lightweight


  • Loud zapping sound

5. Diotem Bug Zapper

Diotem Bug Zapper

The Diotem Bug Zapper is an ideal lightweight and portable lantern for those on the go. It runs on high power and quickly gets rid of all the annoying bugs around you. It is constructed with premium quality materials and will typically stay good for about four years. It also comes with a handy hanging hook that allows you to place it wherever you want.


Multi-Functioning Lantern

This Diotem Bug Zapper can be used for multiple purposes. Besides exterminating bugs with its high-volt zapper, it can also be used as an SOS emergency light for outdoor activities. Moreover, you can use its 3500-volt powerful LED light as a night lamp or camping light.

Enhanced Safety

The lantern is non-toxic and cannot harm humans. It kills off all the bugs without any chemicals. The internal grid of the solar bug zapper is adequately guarded with a long-lasting ABS plastic housing. It minimizes the risk of getting shocked by the device, especially for kids and pets.


The zapper comes with a solar charging built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery. Once it is fully charged, it can work for 9 to 10 hours at a stretch. No sun? Don’t worry! You can use these zappers on cloudy days, too, by quickly charging them with a USB C cable.


This Apder Zapper can be used both indoors and outdoors since it can withstand various weather conditions. You can install it in your bedroom, garage, kitchen, patio, or anywhere you’d like to. It comes with an IP66 waterproof function. They even provide a brush for cleaning the lantern with water.


  • Powerful 3500-volt electric grid
  • Extremely quiet; causes less than 30 dB of sound
  • Comes with an IPX66 Waterproof rating
  • 1800 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for harsh weather conditions

6. PIC Solar Portable Lantern and Bug Zapper

PIC Solar Portable Lantern and Bug Zapper

The Solar Portable Lantern and Zapper by PIC is one of the most stunning products on the list. It zaps bugs as soon as they come in contact with its 500-volt grid. You can easily carry it around, and it even comes with a hook so that it can be hanged anywhere.


Quick and Powerful

The blue UV lights attract all the bugs around the lantern and quickly exterminate them. It is quite lethal for garden insects. You could also use the device only to cast a white light. It comes with three LED settings – Low (60 lumens), Medium (90 lumens), and Bright (180 lumens).


This lantern gained a lot of popularity owing to its portability. It is pretty lightweight, and you can carry it around wherever you like. Moreover, you can even hook or hang it in different places.

Backup Options

While solar energy is the best way to recharge the device, you may need backup options for cloudy days. Luckily, you can quickly recharge this PIC Lantern with a micro-USB cable in such situations. However, the cable is not a part of the package. The battery typically lasts for 12 hours after a complete charge.


The device is made with durable materials that can stand the test of time, perfect for outdoor uses. It is entirely weather-proof, so you do not have to worry about leaving it in the rain or snow.


  • Doesn’t need a user manual
  • Can be linked to a USB
  • Comes with three levels of LED lights
  • Completely weather-proof
  • Can be charged with a micro-USB cable
  • Portable and easy to handle


  • Does not come with a warranty
  • Slightly costly

7. White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp

White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp

Long-lasting and practical, this White Kaiman Lamp is an excellent option for dealing with mosquitoes in your garden, patio, or even while camping. It comes with a 1 WP solar panel and 360 degrees LED light. Moreover, Kaiman guarantees 100% satisfaction to all its customers so that you can contact them for support.


Easy to Install

Setting up this zapper is a piece of cake. There are no wires, cables, or complicated installation processes. When the solar panel senses a dark environment, it automatically switches on the UV light. It also comes with a switch that you can use to switch on the white light.

Lightweight and Portable

With less than three pounds of weight, this zapper is perfect for taking on your camping trips or other midnight adventures. Moreover, it comes with a built-in handle that allows you to carry and hang the lamp quite conveniently on patients, gardens, trees, and hooks.


The stainless steel design ensures unparalleled durability for your zapper. It should typically last over a decade. It comes with a waterproof lid to protect against moisture and is weather-resistant, so you do not have to worry about outside conditions like rain, snow, extreme heat, or hail.

Battery Life

You only need to provide five hours of intense sun exposure to charge the device fully. It can work for 40 hours at a stretch in the zapper mode after a full charge. If you use it in the lantern mode, the battery will run out a little sooner. On days that it doesn’t receive sunlight, you can even charge it by plugging in the AC adapter.


  • Can work for 40 hours at a stretch
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made with long-lasting materials
  • Can be safely used around pets and children
  • Completely water-resistant


  • Dimmer light

8. ViViLarm Mosquito Killer Lamp

ViViLarm Mosquito Killer Lamp

This solar bug zapper is great for both indoor and outdoor uses. It attracts and traps mosquitoes, houseflies, fleas, midges, and other insects with its alluring UV wavelength and zaps them in an instant. Just a few hours of sunlight are enough to keep it running for up to 10 hours.


Multiple Charging Options

The zapper only needs about 3 hours of sun exposure to charge. Once it is fully charged, you can use it for up to 10 hours, uninterrupted. In case you do not receive enough sunlight, there is a backup option too. You can even charge the lantern with a USB cable.

Multiple Lighting Modes

This solar bug zapper is actually a 3-in-1 product. You can use its UV light to attract and kill bugs. Alternatively, the LED light can be used for navigating dark areas, especially during camping. You could also use this product as an emergency light. The user can adjust the brightness level to 100%, 60%, or SOS mode.

Easy Maintenance

This lamp has a full-body waterproof function, so you do not need to worry about damage from the rain or snow. You can even clean the lamp with a tap. The package includes a small brush that can be used to remove the dead bugs.

Safe Product

The ViViLarm Lamp does not use any chemicals or toxins to exterminate bugs, flies, and pests. It is good for the environment and is safe for children, pregnant women, and animals.


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Comes with a strong handle for hanging
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Can be charged with a USB cable
  • Comes with the IP66 Waterproof function
  • Short charging time
  • Enhanced safety


  • Does not come with a warranty

9. MeetUS Solar Power Mosquito Lamp

MeetUS Solar Power Mosquito Lamp

This lamp from MeetUS looks just like an ordinary hanging lamp but is a highly effective bug slayer. It does not produce any unwanted aroma or sound and is relatively safe for use around pets and humans alike. The best part is that it comes with a warranty of 12 months, so you do not have to worry about any mishaps.


Zero Disturbance

This solar bug zapper works in silence. You will not have to listen to an annoying electrifying sound each time a bug is caught and zapped. It is the perfect lamp for those who like to host people in their gardens or backyards. You can enjoy an evening of zero disturbances.


Whether you use this lamp inside the house or outside, it is highly durable. The body is made with good quality stainless steel. Besides being extremely heat resistant, it is also rustproof. If you still run into problems with your device, you can easily reach out to customer service with your 12-month warranty.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

There is no complicated installation process with this lamp; you can start using it as soon as it is charged. Moreover, there are no bug light customization settings to get started, so you can easily familiarize yourself with the product.


This lamp needs about five hours in the sun for a complete charge, after which it will be able to work for up to 24 hours. You can also charge it with a USB cable if the sun isn’t out.


  • Can fulfill multiple lighting needs
  • Heat-resistant
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Does not make any noise
  • Safe and effective
  • Made with stainless steel


  • Slightly weak battery cells

10. Tekno Bug/Insect Zap Guard

Tekno Bug Insect Zap Guard

The Tekno Zap Guard is one of the most effective and affordable products for exterminating mosquitoes without harmful chemicals, fumes, or sprays. It is pretty easy to install and can beautify its surroundings. While it typically gives good results, you can even return your product within 30 days if there are any defects.


Dual Lighting Mode

This solar bug zapper features a powerful dual lighting mode. It has one white LED that can easily illuminate as far as 20 feet. It also has a purple UV light that attracts and traps insects to kill them.

Easy to Install

You simply need to stake the device into the ground, and it will be ready for use. There is no need for any wiring or complex installation processes. It even comes with an automatic dusk to dawn sensor, so you do not have to worry about turning it on and off.

Sturdy and Durable

The product is less than two feet tall and is encased within a plastic frame. The frame is quite sturdy and ensures the durability of the lamp. However, it is pretty lightweight, so you need to be careful in windy conditions. You could try installing it with some accessories to hold it in its place.

Powerful Zapper

In monsoons, so many insects crop up that even the sprays and fumes cannot handle them. However, the Tekno Zap Guard is quite powerful and can deal with all infestations.


  • Easy to install
  • Lamp automatically switches to zapper mode
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty


  • Lightweight; can get knocked down

Solar Bug Zapper Buying Guide

We hope our review of the ten best solar bug zappers offered valuable insights into the different products. Now, let us look at some of the unique aspects of solar zappers that you should consider before buying one for yourself.

What Kind of Solar Bug Zapper Technology Should You Look For?

Solar bug zappers can have different kinds of technologies. Most of the products discussed here are light-emitting insect zappers that attract insects to the light and then electrocute them.

Other kinds include scent-emitting zappers and ultrasonic zappers. Scent-emitting products attract pests by targeting their sense of smell.

On the other hand, ultrasonic systems emit ultrasonic frequency sound waves to bother the insects and flee them away from the source.

What Are the Kind of Pests You Typically Encounter?

Solar Bug ZapperBefore you pick a bug zapper, you need to identify the kind of bugs your environment typically attracts.

Bug zappers commonly come with 1000-2000 volts of power, which is sufficient to deal with insects that are allured by UV lights. If you’re struggling with moths, midges, flies, and gnats, such zappers will do the job.

However, if you’re trying to get rid of specific insects or bugs, research the bug properly and pick a zapper accordingly.

Does the Solar Bug Zapper Match Your Style?

Yes, aesthetics are important too! Some people may not find appearance to be a deciding factor, but there’s nothing wrong with protecting your garden and beautifying it at the same time.

Consider where you would use the zapper most often. If you plan on using it in a patio area, ground-mounted models will add a decorative dash to your landscaping.

Alternatively, if you’ll mostly use the zapper for picnics and camping trips, a lightweight and portable device would be better suited for your needs. Plus, you would benefit more from a zapper that performs both functions – an LED lamp and a bug exterminator.

How Safe Is the Solar Bug Zapper?

Bug zappers usually have high power voltage; hence safety is a crucial consideration. If you have kids or pets running around the house, you need to be extra careful.

It would be better if you looked for a zapper with multiple guards around the electric grid. It should be designed so that little fingers or paws cannot get past the guards.

Moreover, you should get zappers that can be hung or mounted at a height instead of placed on the floor so that your kids don’t bump or trip. It should be entirely out of the reach of children to minimize the risk of shock.

Is the Solar Bug Zapper Easy to Use?

Convenience is paramount. It would be better to look for devices that you can easily install and use.

If you pick a zapper that works solely on electricity, you would only have to keep it in the sun and let the solar panels do their job. There are no wiring or outlet requirements.

In addition, most of the zappers turn on automatically in the dark if they are fully charged, so you do not have to put any effort into using them.

Some zappers come with backup options in case you’re facing a dark or cloudy day. You can quickly charge these zappers with a USB cable.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Solar Bug Zapper

Here are a few other factors to keep in mind while picking out a solar bug zapper.


Bug ZapperGetting your buck’s worth is always a deciding point in purchase decisions. However, high prices do not always mean a better zapper.

Find zappers with all the features you need and then compare their prices for the most economical choice. If you like an expensive model, check out its durability to understand if it’s worth spending too much on.


Some solar zappers are designed exclusively for indoor or outdoor use, while others may work in both environments. Determine where you’ll be using your zapper the most, and then pick a device.

It would be best to look for one that is weather resistant and can survive wherever you install it. There are plenty of options on this list that are waterproof and weather-proof.


Nobody wants to make an investment and then suffer if it doesn’t work out. Warranty is an important thing to look for in all devices and gadgets.

Zappers can come with a warranty of anywhere between one month to one year. Pick a device with an extended warranty so that you do not have to face huge expenses if it goes bad.

Closing Thoughts

Green is the new cool. Everyone should start switching from traditional energy sources to cleaner ones for the sake of our planet.

Whether you’re looking for a way to deal with pests while camping or if you’re just trying to keep them out of your backyard, solar bug zappers can be a great help.

We handpicked and reviewed our top 10 choices for the best solar bug zapper. We hope you found these reviews helpful and can make an informed decision from our detailed guide.