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Decorating your porch, garage, or driveway has become convenient and affordable. The reason is simple. Solar lighting products are now available in modern styles and features.

These products offer you the all-important benefit of using a clean energy source. In addition, with technological advancements, brands manufacture solar lights that look creative and enthralling.

One such category of solar lights is chandeliers. You might have seen these mesmerizing wall-hanging units at different locations.

Now, with the power of solar, chandeliers do not require electrical wires. To decorate your desired space, these products can prove to be a perfect fit.

So, explore the seven best solar chandeliers with a helpful buying guide without any ado.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar chandeliers available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Classy Caps Solar Hanging Chandelier

Classy Caps Solar Hanging Chandelier

This product is a retro-looking chandelier that has an automatic LED sensor. The model is durable and has a one-year warranty. You will admire the black color look of this hanging chandelier. Moreover, the LED temperature is comfortable for any setting. Read more

Ousam LED Solar Outdoor Chandelier

Ousam LED Solar Outdoor Chandelier

The Ousam hanging chandelier has a decent 2000 mAh Li-ion battery. Its solar panel is rotatable, giving the chance of sufficient exposure to sun rays. The Edison bulb offers a highly traditional look. The package has all the essential components for a hassle-free installation. Read more

SHYMERY LED Garden Outdoor Chandelier

SHYMERY LED Garden Outdoor Chandelier

This item is a beautiful décor chandelier. It is competitively priced, lightweight, and has an IP rating. The copper metal shade is the design highlight of the SHYMERY outdoor chandelier. It also has an in-built rechargeable battery. Read more

Aiwewin Solar Outdoor Chandelier

Aiwewin Solar Outdoor Chandelier

The massive 6000 mAh battery makes Aiwewin solar chandelier a long-lasting model. It is lightweight and has an impressive IP 65 rating. With an inbuilt memory function, this model saves energy as per requirement. Read more

Outable Store Solar Chandelier Pendant Lamp

Outable Store Solar Chandelier Pendant Lamp

The Outable Store solar chandelier is a useful product with a simple design. It has all the vital features of a chandelier like an IP rating, rechargeable batteries, and high durability. Notably, the brand’s customer service is a lifetime. Hence, you can receive handy support in case of any queries. Read more

AoMck Solar Chandelier With Handle

AoMck Solar Chandelier With Handle

This solar chandelier resembles an antique lantern with a traditional hook. The metal design on its body presents a stimulating effect. Moreover, this chandelier is artistic, durable, and less expensive. It also has crucial features like a rechargeable battery, IP rating, and integrated solar panel. Read more

Nother Outdoor Solar Retro Chandelier

Nother Outdoor Solar Retro Chandelier

Known for its unique LED design, the Nother retro chandelier is packed with high utility features. You can replace the AA battery as and when required. This solar chandelier can also serve as a portable lantern due to its compact size and low weight. Read more

7 Best Solar Chandeliers

1. Classy Caps Solar Hanging Chandelier

Classy Caps Solar Hanging Chandelier

This item is a classic hanging solar chandelier with a retro street light look. The chandelier top has a black color finish. You will adore the DIY installation’s ease and LED intensity. The overall construction is durable and can delight any passionate solar customer.


Crackled Glass Appearance

This solar hanging chandelier encloses the five LEDs into a crackled glass body. Hence, you get a retro chandelier that offers a unique style and light appearance.

Since solar chandeliers are more style-oriented, customers with a peculiar preference will admire this model.

Auto Dusk Activation

With an auto dusk function, this solar chandelier turns ON automatically at night. Hence, you do not need to walk all way to activate a manual switch.

The panel absorbs sunlight during the day that powers the LEDs at night. So, you get sufficient illumination and energy savings in the entire process.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries

The Classy Caps solar chandelier has three AA-sized Ni-MH batteries. These batteries are lower in cost compared to the well-known Li-ion ones.

Overall, they provide an adequate power supply to the chandelier to function in low light. The company claims an operating time of around ten hours.

Sufficient Luminous Intensity

This model has an LED intensity of 25 lumens. Also, the LED temperature lies in the range of 4500 to 5500 kelvin.

Overall, these specifications are adequate for a decent solar chandelier. You can hang or mount this product outdoors, in a patio or gazebo setting.

The LEDs will provide sufficient illumination to decorate any setting.


  • The construction of the chandelier is durable
  • This solar chandelier is competitively priced
  • The weight of the unit is light
  • You receive an annual warranty on this product


  • It does not have an IP rating

2. Ousam LED Solar Outdoor Chandelier

Ousam LED Solar Outdoor Chandelier

If you want a vintage-looking and simple chandelier, this item is worth exploring. The Edison incandescent bulb looks fantastic in a casing, giving the product an exclusive look. You can use the solar panel by rotating it for better sun exposure. Let us take a quick look at the defining features.


High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery

The main highlight of this product is the 2000 mAh Li-ion battery. Interestingly, this massive battery is user-replaceable.

Hence, you can expect steady performance without worrying about battery replacement. The high capacity also ensures long duration usage.

Rotatable Solar Panel

You can rotate the solar panel by 180 degrees. This feature provides the chance to gain high exposure to the sun’s active direction.

Also, the patch cord length is adequate to provide decent flexibility. Overall, ergonomics are well-covered by the brand.

IP Rating

With an IP 65 rating, the Ousam solar chandelier is resistant to snow, water, heat, and contaminants. Notably, an IP rating ensures appropriate durability and quality.

You can install this chandelier outdoors without worrying too much about rainwater. Still, be sure not to clean the unit with water.

Retro Incandescent Bulb

One of the major USPs of this pendant light has to be the replaceable E27 bulbs. They portray a classic look that can add a different style quotient to any living space.

Importantly, you can replace them anytime. The installation is simple and offers high flexibility to the customers.


  • It supports two methods of installation
  • The package contains straps, screws, and other essentials
  • The price is affordable
  • It has a Li-ion battery


  • The design is retro, which can be unsuitable for some shoppers

3. SHYMERY LED Garden Outdoor Chandelier

SHYMERY LED Garden Outdoor Chandelier

The SHYMERY LED hanging solar chandelier is an affordable, modern and perfect décor item. Its unique net shade amplifies the overall appearance of the chandelier. Rather than illumination, this chandelier serves the ‘decoration’ aspect perfectly. However, some notable features increase its utility.


Lampshade Design

This chandelier has a copper metal net shade design. The Edison bulb is clearly visible through the attractive metal mesh.

Hence, you can hang one or more of these chandeliers in your garden area. The cage design is simplistic and appears soothing to the eye.

Polysilicon Solar Panel

The polysilicon solar panel is integrated into the hanging unit of the chandelier. It is more affordable than a monocrystalline panel. So, the overall cost of the unit is low.

Importantly, this panel is compact. Hence, the overall size of this solar chandelier is never a concern. You can install and enjoy the service of this unit due to a small-sized panel.

IP Rating

This chandelier has an IP 44 rating, making it suitable for outdoor use. It can resist drops of water and visible contaminants.

Hence, you can hang this solar chandelier in recreational settings like a garden, patio, yard, or driveway. Still, practice general safety tips like submerging the unit underwater and cleaning with a dry cloth.

Rechargeable Battery

The SHYMERY solar chandelier contains one 800 mAh AA-sized battery. This power storage unit is capable of keeping the chandelier running for around eight hours.

Still, you need to charge the battery under ample sunlight for optimum output. Six to eight hours of charging time can be sufficient for normal working.


  • It is comparatively affordable
  • The overall build quality is durable
  • Most customers will admire its design
  • It is lightweight


  • The bulb brightness may be too dim for some users

4. Aiwewin Solar Outdoor Chandelier

Aiwewin Solar Outdoor Chandelier

The Aiwewin solar chandelier can be worth exploring if brightness is on your agenda. This pendant light is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It supports remote control function and produces illumination of 720 lumens. It has exciting modern features that make it a high value-for-money item.


Light Sensor

This unit contains a light sensor that supports the ‘dusk ON, dawn OFF’ function. In simple words, it detects the absence of light and turns ON automatically.

Interestingly, you can activate this mode through the remote control. The efficient solar panel makes the day charging effective.

Handy Remote Control

You do not need to operate the switch manually. The remote control offers brightness control. Also, you can decide a set duration for the LED chandelier to stay ON.

Notably, the half brightness mode is another useful inclusion in the remote control. The remote design is simple as well.

Huge Battery

The Aiwewin solar chandelier has a massive 6000 mAh Li-ion battery. Hence, power storage is not a concern in this model.

Li-ion batteries are more efficient and long-lasting than other types. Hence, you get a great combination in one unit.

Aluminum Material

The frame of this chandelier is made from Aluminum. This metal alloy is well-known for its lightweight and corrosion resistance properties.

You can easily hang this solar pendant light in the attic. The aluminum frame firmly holds the solar panel.


  • It has an IP 65 rating
  • The panel to LED cover cord length is impressive
  • This chandelier has a memory function
  • The light illumination is adequate for many users


  • The design isn’t creative or artistic

5. Outable Store Solar Chandelier Pendant Lamp

Outable Store Solar Chandelier Pendant Lamp

Customers who desire a simple hanging metal chandelier will admire this product. It is small, not too bright, and can resist rainwater. The hanging cord length is sufficient, making it a great outdoor solar unit. You can use this chandelier for the festive season due to its subtle and calm appearance.


Auto ON-OFF Function

This feature is common in many solar chandeliers. The LEDs do not turn ON during the day, conserving power. Subsequently, they light up at night.

However, due to the low price of this product, the inclusion of this feature is highly commendable. Significantly, chandeliers with auto ON-OFF features add convenience.

Unique Material Combination

This solar chandelier is made from a combination of metal and rubber. So, you get the combined benefits of both these raw materials.

Durability, weather resistance, and comparatively low weight are the pros of using two raw materials.

IP 44 Rating

You can hang this solar chandelier outside without worrying too much about rain, snow, or heat. The IP 44 rating is proof of precise manufacturing.

Still, users should practice proper care while using LED products. Prolonged contact with water can prove detrimental for IP-rated products as well.

Simple Yet Elegant Design

Solar chandeliers are great décor items. This product follows similar design philosophy. So, the aesthetics are simple yet mesmerizing.

Do not expect utility like a bright solar lamp. You can use this item for a gentle and stylish feeling in any setup.


  • The cost is affordable
  • AA-sized batteries are present in the package
  • It is durable
  • The company provides lifetime customer service


  • It does not have a remote-control function

6. AoMck Solar Chandelier With Handle

AoMck Solar Chandelier With Handle

The AoMck solar chandelier is a unique product that has a country-style look. It has a diamond-shaped design and provides a fascinating artistic look. You can even use it as a convenient lantern. The metal pattern design portrays artistic elements to their best.


Retro Flower Pattern Design

The USP of this solar chandelier or lantern has to be its design. The metal body has wonderful flower-shaped slots that accentuate the inner LED lamplight.

Notably, the brown color gives this product an antique look. So, this solar chandelier ticks all the right boxes in terms of aesthetics.

Integrated Solar Panel

Unlike other solar chandeliers, this product does not have a separate solar panel. The small panel is integrated into the lantern on the top face for efficient charging.

In one way, this arrangement can seem convenient for some users. You do not have to mount the solar panel by adjusting the angle or cord. However, it also offers less flexibility during installation.

High Durability

The AoMck solar chandelier combines multiple aspects for high durability. First, it is made of metal. Second, it has an IP 55 rating. Finally, the bronze paint offers a long-lasting look.

All these parameters make the chandelier resistant to weather and contaminants. Hence, you receive a sturdy product.

Universal Hook

The hook or hang ring on the solar chandelier can serve multiple purposes. You can carry the lantern around by holding the hook.

On the other hand, this hook can support hanging on trees, porches, or pergolas. Overall, the hook can provide generic uses as per requirement.


  • It is highly affordable
  • The chandelier/lantern supports the auto ON-OFF function
  • It has a 600 mAh AA-sized battery
  • The solar chandelier is easy to transport


  • The hanging height has practical limitations

7. Nother Outdoor Solar Retro Chandelier

Nother Outdoor Solar Retro Chandelier

Customers who want to buy a decorative chandelier with a simple design might prefer this product. This chandelier resembles a lantern with a subtle candle flame effect. You can hang or place it on a table as per preference. Notably, the retro look and simple features are the vital attractions of this product.


Portable And Compact

This chandelier measures under four inches in length and width. In addition, it measures under five inches in terms of height. Hence, portability is an apparent feature of this model.

Also, the small dimensions lead to reduced weight. Hence, you can install this chandelier in any location and setting.

IP Rating

With an IP 44 rating, this product is heat and water-resistant. Also, the dual use of metal and plastic makes it an excellent combination to balance adequate strength and weight.

This chandelier won’t rust quickly due to the intelligent use of materials in the design. Hence, you get a satisfactory model at a competitive price.

Automatic ON-OFF Sensor

This solar chandelier turns ON when appropriately charged. You need to keep the item for at least six hours under ample sunlight.

During this period, the LED will remain deactivated. After a proper charge, the chandelier turns ON automatically in the evening.

Candle Flame Effect

The LED design is in the form of a candle. Hence, you can enjoy the soothing candle appearance inside a square glass enclosure after illumination.

This feature makes the Nother retro chandelier stand out in the solar market.


  • It has a rechargeable AA-sized battery
  • The unit is lightweight
  • You can replace the battery
  • The design is simple and ergonomic


  • It does not support the remote-control function

Solar Chandelier Buying Guide

You can always rely on the short-listed products in this article. These products cover all the vital parameters that should be present in solar chandeliers.

Still, the market is full of other models that can seem intriguing. You should have at least a basic idea about solar chandeliers in such a case.

This section covers common queries and important buying factors that every solar shopper must know.

What are Solar Chandeliers?

Solar ChandelierSolar chandeliers are decorative hanging lights that operate on the solar principle. Unlike traditional chandeliers, you don’t have to install an electrical wiring system.

These solar lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. They have a panel that generates power.

Due to advancements in solar product manufacturing, attractive items like chandeliers are replacing conventional lights.

In comparison with solar outdoor lights, chandeliers are usually a style statement. Hence, they serve the dual purpose of utility and fashion. Their attractive design often makes them the decorative element of any residential area.

How Does a Solar Chandelier Work?

A solar chandelier works by converting solar energy into light. These units contain a separate or in-built solar panel.

Under adequate sunlight, this solar panel absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it into electric power. This power charges the batteries in a solar chandelier.

Most solar chandeliers have an automatic sensor that detects low light. This activates the chandelier LED to light up. As the batteries are fully charged, solar chandeliers can operate for a decent duration of ten hours.

The solar panel material, battery capacity, and LED intensity are vital parameters that define the working of chandeliers.

What are the Benefits of Solar Chandeliers?

Apart from the well-known eco-friendly benefit, solar chandeliers offer various practical advantages.

  • You do not require electrical wiring installation
  • These solar lights have an attractive design, making them a decorative item
  • Solar chandeliers do not leak any harmful elements
  • These items are portable
  • The installation is easy and cost-effective
  • You do not receive any energy consumption bills
  • Solar chandeliers generally do not require regular maintenance

Overall, the above benefits coupled with weather resistance in top-end models make solar chandeliers a smart purchase.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Solar Chandelier

As a smart shopper, identify these crucial aspects before buying a solar chandelier from any brand. If a product satisfies most of these parameters, you can buy it without contemplation.

Types of Solar Panel

Solar chandeliers use two types of panels for energy conversion — polycrystalline and monocrystalline.

Apart from the distinctive colors of the PV cells, these panels have definite differences. Both panels serve the same purpose and are energy efficient.

However, polycrystalline panels have comparatively lower efficiencies. The plus point is these panels have a low cost. Monocrystalline panels are the opposite — highly efficient, relatively high cost.

So, while choosing a solar chandelier, the panel type can influence the final price. Opt for a chandelier with a monocrystalline solar panel if you have the budget and requirements.


Solar deck lights, security lights, and candles are famous outdoor lighting products. Chandeliers have a distinctive edge over these items.

They have attractive designs. This factor makes chandeliers stand out in comparison with other solar lighting products.

While buying a solar chandelier, consider the overall appearance. Will this product serve as a decorative unit? Does this product meet my expectations?

You can choose between simple and slightly complex designs. The bottom line is — solar chandeliers should have a pleasant and beautiful design.

After all, these units provide utility and accentuate your living space simultaneously.

Ease of Installation

This might be a general point for all categories of solar lights. Still, you should never overlook the value of the easy installation.

You should buy a solar chandelier model that hangs subtly on your ceiling or desired wall structure. Try to avoid overly complex models that hamper flexibility.

A simple screw or adhesive arrangement can prove to be highly ergonomic. Overall, anyone in your house should be able to install these chandeliers.

Capacity of the Battery

Solar Panel Up CloseDifferent chandelier models can contain batteries of variable sizes (AA or AAA). While the size depends on overall dimensions, you should opt for higher capacities.

A battery capacity has a mAh rating. Aim for a solar chandelier with a comparatively higher mAh rating. These units store energy for operating the chandelier during the night.

The higher the capacity, the more working hours you get from the solar chandelier. Consider a better battery model as a long-term benefit.

Weather Resistance

It is vital to stretch your initial budget and buy a chandelier with an IP rating. Such models resist water, dust, heat, and snow.

Since most customers install solar chandeliers outdoors, it is essential to buy a weatherproof model. Such models are durable and comparatively long-lasting.

So, you do not have to replace solar chandeliers frequently. Some brands also provide a decent warranty period that adds to the overall trust of a customer.


Solar chandeliers are primarily decorative items. Hence, you should not expect models with high illumination similar to security lights.

However, the adjustability factor is universal and can prevent possible limitations. Aim for a solar chandelier that has an adjustable hanging chain or cable.

You should be able to adjust the height to accommodate the chandelier in different locations. This factor offers more scope for decorating your house.

Consequently, you can use solar chandeliers during Christmas, Halloween, or any festive season.


Solar products are gradually replacing traditional electric items. Chandeliers are new additions that offer more style to your residence.

You can rely on the seven solar chandeliers to redecorate your house without the brunt of energy bills. However, if you wish to buy other models, be sure to relate the specifications with the buying guide factors.

When shopping for solar chandeliers, always aim to select a model that suits your interior. If you want to install these units outdoors, be sure to buy a weatherproof model.

Overall, do not fret over the illumination aspect. Chandeliers are mostly decorative items that happen to provide sufficient utility.