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Lights out on a deck look stunning at night and make the space much more inviting. If you are looking for a set to use at home, you want to make sure that you are buying a high-quality set. Otherwise, your money would go to waste on bulbs that burn out after just a few weeks of use.

Deck lights have many uses and look wonderful just about anywhere. Plus, you get a lot more convenience when it comes to solar batteries during the installation process.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar deck lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Deck Lights

Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Deck Lights

These lights come with three modes: security, permanent on, and smart brightness. You can greatly benefit from the automatic features these modes have to offer. Plus, the lights are bright and useful to have. Read more

VOLISUN Solar Deck Lights

VOLISUN Solar Deck Lights

If you are planning on ordering a lot of deck lights at a time, this order comes with several. The lights can last up to five nights on a single full charge. This feature makes them valuable to those living in cloudy places. Read more

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

These deck lights have a unique design that many customers found beautiful. There are also options for white or colorful lights, which stay on all night long. The solar panel is also very efficient. Read more

LOFTEK Solar Deck Lights

LOFTEK Solar Deck Lights

These lamps come in amazing designs for anyone looking for a stylish item to spice up their deck. They are unique and elegant, making them well loved by many. In addition, they suit many different surroundings. Read more

JACKYLED Solar Powered Deck Lights

JACKYLED Solar Powered Deck Lights

This is another large, bulk order of lights. You receive eight pieces that are fully waterproof and come with blue lights. There are security features that turn on the lights automatically. Read more

Towkka Wireless IP65 Waterproof Solar Deck Lights

Towkka Wireless IP65 Waterproof Solar Deck Lights

With this order, you receive eight lights that can perform in three different modes. They offer a Motion Sensor Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, and a Constant On Mode. Each provides you with benefits. Read more

Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

These lights come with a pleasant design that resists pressure up to 20 tons. They are very easy to use and have a great waterproofing. They are simple and easy to use, while coming in a pack of four. Read more

Greluna Solar Wall Deck Lights

Greluna Solar Wall Deck Lights

The solar lights come with two modes- warm white lighting and color changing. This feature makes them wonderful decoration and people enjoy setting them. They come in a pleasant design. Read more

LeToper Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Deck Lights

LeToper Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Deck Lights

You get a great value with this four pack set of lights. They are great for an outdoor deck and easily keep the space lit up at night. In addition, they come with security modes and several other features. Read more

SUNFACE Decorative Solar Deck Lights

SUNFACE Decorative Solar Deck Lights

These decorative lights look absolutely beautiful, no matter where you install them. They come at a great price and come with strong solar panels. They also resist water very well. Read more

10 Best Solar Deck Lights

1. Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Deck Lights

Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Deck Lights

The Aootek 182 LED Solar Lights come with three different modes. They include the Security Mode, Permanent On, and Smart Brightness Control. Each offers you several different benefits and makes the product very versatile – giving you a much better value on top of that.

Overall, these lights work wonderfully and come with many more features than you might expect since they are also at a pretty low cost. Customers loved how easy these items were to install and felt secure with the several different modes they could make use of at home.


Security Mode

This mode turns the light on and off automatically when it detects motion. The feature can deter people from coming on to your property or let you see what’s happening outside. Many people leave this mode on during the night when they aren’t relaxing outside.

Permanent On

The Permanent On feature is best when you are sitting outside on your deck. Customers felt that it provided them with enough light to enjoy a relaxing evening outside. This feature turns the light on when it detects darkness, and the strong battery should be able to keep it on all night long.

Smart Brightness

This feature is a combination of the above two modes. The lights stay on all night long, but not at their full brightness. They increase in illumination when the sensors detect motion, then dim after a certain amount of time has passed. This mode gives you the best of both above features.

Efficient Solar Panels

The solar panels used in this design are very highly efficient. They have a 20.5% conversion rate and are made using monocrystalline silicon. These features provide you with plenty of stored battery power for light during long nights.


  • Very bright lights
  • Three varying modes to use
  • Efficient solar panels made from monocrystalline silicon
  • Waterproof IP65


  • Not the best in the winter
  • Motion sensor is very sensitive

2. VOLISUN Solar Deck Lights

VOLISUN Solar Deck Lights

These solar deck lights are very efficient. They require about six to eight hours of charging time but can operate the lights for five nights in a row without running out of power. Because of this feature, the lights are worth getting if you live in an area that doesn’t get sunny days all that often.

Plus, they are very durable and come in a large pack. If you need many lights to place around your property, this would be a good option.


Long Lasting Battery

The feature that stands out the most would have to be the long lasting battery. When the solar panels receive a full day’s worth of charge, you can easily expect them to last five nights without going out.

Easy Installation

The deck lights are very easy to set up. They don’t require any wiring or tools to install. However, you can use screws or glue to make sure they stay in place, if you wish.

Bulk Order

While this order is more expensive, it does come with a set of 12 lights. That means you receive plenty of solar deck lights that you can easily place all over your property. By getting so many in one order, you have many different options with what you can do with them.


The waterproofing on this item is very durable. The rating is an impressive IP67, which allows for protection from heavy rainstorms. The item is very durable overall, allowing it to survive even being run over by a car- you can feel confident that it can handle a hail storm.


  • Durable waterproofing
  • Bulk order
  • Easy to install
  • Great battery life


  • Customers feel they aren’t as bright as advertised

3. SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

If you are looking for something unique and stunning to add to your property, this option would have to be the best one. It comes with warm, white lights that change colors if you want them to. While many people use them around their deck, some people also feel that the design works best for pools.

The installation is very easy- the brand claims that you can install these solar lights in less than a minute. You don’t need any tools, and you receive a very efficient solar panel on top of that.


Two Lighting Modes

The first lighting option is the white light. It’s warm and will illuminate your space with ease. Many people consider this to be the standard option when it comes to this product. Next, you have the colored lights. They come in a variety of shades, making them fun and vibrant. Both options turn on automatically when it gets dark outside and can stay on throughout the night.

Efficient Solar Panel

The lights are connected with a highly efficient solar panel. The panel quickly makes energy for your battery to store, ensuring that the lights stay on for a very long time. You get a polysilicon material, which can convert about 19.5% of the sunlight that reaches it into battery power.

Easy Installation

You won’t need any additional tools to set up this solar panel set. The brand says that you can complete the entire installation process in less than a minute.

Great Waterproofing

The lights also come with a waterproofing of IP65, which will withstand most heavy storms. Plus, the model is heatproof, making it a good option for hot states.


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproofing
  • Colored lights
  • Beautiful design


  • Customers feel they could last longer

4. LOFTEK Solar Deck Lights

LOFTEK Solar Deck Lights

These lights mount to the wall and work wonderfully at capturing sunlight. They have a unique floral pattern as well, making them a very popular option for many people. They turn on automatically, so you can expect them to last throughout the night as well. They were designed with a set it and forget method in mind.

Customers feel that they look amazing outdoors. Since they can hang off anything and come with a simple installation method, you will be able to set them up anywhere. While your deck is a great choice, many people also set them up along their fences and along the sides of their homes.


Decorative Design

The elegant design makes these lamps the perfect decoration for any home. They also were designed to be hung from anywhere, making them great for gardens and other decor. They produce a comfortable 3200k warm, white light which gives off a relaxing mood.

Automatic Features

The lights turn on by themselves when they detect that they have stored enough energy. They use a powerful battery, which gives you about 10 to 12 hours of full light. The solar panels only require about six to eight hours to charge, in comparison.

Weather Resistant

Importantly, these lamps come with water and weather proof features. That way, you can safely install them outdoors without worrying about them becoming damaged over time. The model uses an IP54 waterproofing, which is excellent for resisting rain storms.

Cost Saving

Since you aren’t using power from your house at all to run these lights, you won’t need to worry about your electric bill rising. The energy doesn’t go to waste, and the models are very easy to set up. You simply place them somewhere sunny and use the given screw to hold them in place- this should only take a minute or two, so you can get back to what you were doing before.


  • Stunning, elegant design
  • Great hanging feature
  • Can be set up anywhere


  • Made from plastic, not metal

5. JACKYLED Solar Powered Deck Lights

JACKYLED Solar Powered Deck Lights

These lights hold onto a very long charge. You can expect them to easily last up to 72 hours after only charging for eight. They turn on automatically during the night and stay on until the sun comes up. The lights also turn on when the weather is bad, so you can easily see in the dark.

You receive eight lights with this order, making the higher price more worth it for many people. Additionally, the system is iP68 waterproof and can withstand large amounts of pressure.


Automatic Charge and Turn On

These lights run on their own once you set them. They charge from the sunlight and turn on when it gets dark outside automatically. These features allow the product to run completely on its own, without you having to worry about turning them on at night. You can save a lot of money by switching to solar lights since they don’t use power from your home.

Strong Waterproof

The lights provide you with a very strong waterproof feature as well. They have IP68, which can withstand several hours of heavy rain. The battery is sealed away, so that water can’t get inside of your machine. That means you don’t have to worry about rusting or other water damage.

Strong Shell

The shell surrounding the lights is very durable. They can withstand up to 20 pounds of pressure, which means they won’t be damaged by anything on your property.

Many Purposes

Finally, the solar lights serve a variety of purposes. You can set them up around your deck for lighting during the night. However, many customers also use them for their garden paths, driveways, docks, and more. The lights can function in a variety of places.


  • Very strong and durable waterproofing
  • Six quality LED lights
  • Provide up to 72 hours of light on a full charge


  • Customers have issues contacting the company for their warranty

6. Towkka Wireless IP65 Waterproof Solar Deck Lights

Towkka Wireless IP65 Waterproof Solar Deck Lights

There are three different modes that you can make use of with these lights. They come with a Motion Sensor Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, and a Constant On feature. All of these different modes have varying uses, making them versatile and useful to have around the property.

This model comes with an upgraded PIR motion detector, which offers you a larger range of detection. These features all work well to make the lights great options for deck or security lighting.


Motion Sensor Mode

The motion sensor will turn the light on when it senses motion in the nearby area. It shuts down after 20 seconds without any motion detected. This option works great on your deck since all you need to do to turn them on is walk past them. Many people use this mode for additional security or as an easy way to get inside at night.

Dim Sensor Mode

This mode leaves the lights on a dimmer setting, then raises the brightness when it senses motion nearby. This feature also works great to provide you with consistent light, but also some additional safety features.

Constant On Mode

The Constant On Mode keeps the light on consistently, with a medium brightness setting. This option is great if you want to sit outside at night and relax on your deck or porch. They turn on as soon as it starts getting dark outside, then shut down when the light returns in the morning.


  • Three useful lighting modes
  • Upgraded PIR sensitive motion sensor
  • 300 degrees of illumination
  • Efficient solar lights


  • Not a long run time

7. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

With this order, you receive four solar deck lights in a simple design. They are made to be placed along the ground, so they also resist a lot of pressure. You don’t have to worry about them being harmed if you or someone else steps on them since they can withstand up to 20 tons of pressure.

Overall, this set has a pretty decent value. You receive four lights that run on their own completely as soon as you set them up. They will run for 12 to 15 hours once they receive a full charge of six to eight hours. They are strong and sure to last you a very long amount of time.


Easy to Install

These lights come with a simple and elegant design. They take no time at all to set up, so you don’t have to worry about using a lot of tools or other items to set up the lights. They are completely wireless, so you also don;t have to run a ton of wires across your yard.

Resistant to 20 Tons

Their strength makes these lights perfect for installing on your driveway or deck. They won’t be damaged if someone happens to walk on them, and you won’t even have to worry about anyone accidentally running them over with their car! They are extremely durable and built to last you many years.

Strong Waterproofing

Finally, these lights come with a very high quality waterproofing. They are ranked as having IP68 waterproofing, which will resist blizzard, rainstorms, and even high levels of heat. In addition, they are made from a durable aluminum material, which should be able to resist all sorts of bad weather conditions.

If you live in a particularly stormy area, then these lights should be able to withstand the weather- making them well worth the investment.


  • Great, strong design
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Easy to install and use
  • IP68 waterproof


  • Only 30 days for the return window

8. Greluna Solar Wall Deck Lights

Greluna Solar Wall Deck Lights

These lights are easy to install and come with two different lighting modes. You can use them as a daily light source on your deck and change them up to have exciting colors from time to time. They are very weather resistant and come in a simple yet elegant design that people love.


Two Lighting Modes

There are two lighting modes that you receive with this order. The first is a warm, calming white light that most people use as their main light source. The second is a colorful arrangement of lights- which look stunning at night. No matter which option you use, you are sure to love them.

Great Design

The lights come with a stunning design. They are very resistant to the weather and are very durable. Plus, you will be sure to enjoy how they look. Overall, you are getting the most from their design.

Long Lasting Lights

These lights can hold a very long charge after they receive about six hours of sunlight. Thus, they can provide you with eight hours of illumination, which would be more than enough time for them to make it to the sunrise.

Versatile Lights

Finally, you can use these lights just about anywhere. On top of your deck, the brand says that you can also add them to walls, stairways, patios, gardens, fences, and more. You will be sure to appreciate what they have to offer to your space.


  • Easy installation and simple instruction
  • Weather resistant
  • Various uses
  • Amazing, durable design
  • Bulk pack with eight lights


  • Customers suggest changing the 600mah battery for a 2000mah battery

9. LeToper Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Deck Lights

LeToper Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Deck Lights

These lights use a motion sensor, allowing them to turn on when they detect something moving in your yard. They turn off after when there is no motion for 15 seconds. Many people appreciate this feature in their solar lights. Additionally, they are very easy to install and have a very sensitive motion detector.

The brand has a very good quality guarantee on this product, so don’t hesitate to use their warranty if you need to. The rechargeable solar batteries should last you eight hours during the night.


Motion Sensor Activation

Having motion sensor lights in your yard should provide you with additional security. You will know when something passes within the detector’s range. However, it’s also great for using on your deck since they turn on after you pass by. This feature is useful if you often come home late and need an automatic source of light.

Easy to Install

The lights are very simple to set up. They attach to any wall or deck rail, making them one of the best options. However, they do come with screws, which you will need to use to fix them in place.


These lights also come with a great waterproofing. In addition, they also come with dust proofing, which is essential for any light that will be outdoors for long periods of time. That way, nothing should be able to obstruct the solar panels and stop them from functioning at their highest level.


  • Provide eight hours of light after a full day of charging
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Come with a quality guarantee


  • Sometimes stops working early

10. SUNFACE Decorative Solar Deck Lights

SUNFACE Decorative Solar Deck Lights

These lights also come with two different color modes, allowing you to get some variety from your light sources. Additionally, they are very waterproof, and many customers praise the lights for their designs. The lights look wonderful, no matter where you decide to install them.

Many people also use them on their decks. They won’t cost you any additional money through your power bills and come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee- plus a long warranty!


Two Mode Lighting

There are two lighting modes that you can make use of when it comes to these lights. The first is the natural, white light, and the other mode is the color changing lights. Both look wonderful during the night. Customers love how the lights look when they are glowing since a lot of attention and care was put into their design.

Easy to Install

This is another product that is very easy to install and get running. They come with the required screws, and you don’t have to use a ton of wires to set them up.

100% Satisfaction

The brand stands behind their product with this model. You receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 12 month long warranty, and 60 days to return the lamps. So if you don’t feel like the lights are working for you, don’t feel like you need to keep them! The company makes returns very simple.

Decorative Choices

While they provide a consistent light source, many customers feel that they are very decorative as well. So you can be sure to find plenty of places to set them up around your property.


  • Best warranty option
  • Amazing design
  • Made from durable materials


  • More decorative than functional

Solar Deck Light Buying Guide

Solar deck lights are very easy to install and don’t require you to spend additional money on powering them. They come with solar batteries that recharge during the day and activate the lights when the sun goes down- making them very convenient for many people. Some come with security motion sensors, while others come with colorful lights.

Solar Deck LightsNo matter what you do with your deck, having a great quality light source available will benefit you greatly. You can rely on the options we covered above to provide you with a very consistent source of light.

Below, we will be covering several questions that we hear when it comes to solar deck lights. Plus, we made sure to include all of the additional information you might want to know about these lights.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar deck lights are energy-efficient and convenient, using rechargeable batteries to store solar energy during the day and illuminate your deck at night. Some models include motion sensors and colorful lights.
  • These lights are easy to install, typically requiring only a few minutes to set up on your deck railing, with no need for wiring or power cords.
  • When choosing solar deck lights, consider design, brightness, illumination range, ease of installation, battery capacity, charging time, operating time, material, weather resistance, motion detection, and warranty to find the best fit for your needs.

What Are Solar Deck Lights?

Solar deck lights are small lamps that are convenient to use and the best way to save on energy consumption with outdoor lighting. They come with rechargeable batteries that store sunlight as power during the day and then light up during the night.

When it comes to solar deck lights, you want to find models that would be simple to set up along your deck. Many people connect them to their railing and use them to provide a constant source of illumination during the evenings and night times.

How Do Solar Deck Lights Work?

The solar panels absorb sunlight during the day and transform it into energy that the batteries can easily store. Most lights will require between six and eight hours to charge completely. Once they are fully charged, the lights can draw on the battery to illuminate.

Some models come with a motion detection feature. The sensors on the lights will cause them to turn on when they notice something is moving nearby. These features are usually considered for safety since they provide you with additional lighting during the night.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Deck Lights?

Solar deck lights are a simple way for you to add more lighting to your property without spending more on your energy bill. Plus, they have a lower carbon footprint, so they are a more green option.

How Long Do Solar Deck Lights Last?

Solar Decking LightsOn average, you can expect the batteries in the lights to last around three or four years before you should replace them. However, the LED lights can last more than double that amount of time at an average lifespan of 10 or so years.

How Do You Install Solar Deck Lights?

Installing solar deck lights is very simple. All you need to do is screw them into your deck railing. They shouldn’t take more than five minutes to set up on your own. Many people appreciate their simplicity since there are no wires or power chords that you will have to deal with.

Features to Look for in Solar Deck Lights

There are several different features you will want to have in your deck lights. We covered all of the basics below. If you can find solar lights that offer you all of the features in a high quality manner, then they should be an amazing option to add to your deck.


This term refers to the general appearance of the lamps. They come in several different designs, so everyone should be able to find something that they love.


The brightness of the lights refers to how much they can illuminate an area. So you want something bright enough to light up your deck easily and possibly the surrounding area.

Illumination Range and Angle

This refers to the space that the light can reach. We also may refer to it as lumens or luminous power. The angle references the spread of the light across the surface.

Ease of Installation

This refers to how easy it is to set up your lights and get them working. You want something simple to install, so you don’t have to spend hours messing with the lights. It can get very stressful otherwise.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is the maximum amount of power that the battery can restore. You want a higher battery capacity, measured in mah since it allows you to receive a longer operating time with your lights.

Charging Time

The charging time is how long it takes the batteries to reach their full battery capacity. You will get the most lighting out of your lamps when they reach the full charging time.

Operating Time

The operating time is how long the lights will stay on once they have reached their full charging time. Many lights will stay on for at least eight hours, which should give you enough time for them to last throughout the entire night.


Solar Powered Deck LightsThe material of the lamp will impact how durable it is. For instance, something made from durable aluminum will last longer than an item made from plastic. However, it will probably also have a higher cost.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance refers to the amount of rain and snow that your lamp can handle. You want a higher proofing since your lamps are going to be placed outside. That way, they can last you longer, and you get more value out of them.

Motion Detection

The motion detection feature is one that many people seek out. The feature allows you to receive an automatic turn on whenever something passes by. The lamp will then turn off after a certain amount of time passes without any movement. Many people use this as a safety feature since it allows them to know when people or animals are in the yard easily.


You can receive a warranty on plenty of different products- solar deck lights being one of them. They offer you a simple way to return the light if they break down within the warranty period. However, every warranty is different, making it worthwhile to read it beforehand if you have any concerns.

Our Expertise in Solar Lights

At Solar Panels Network USA, we’re not just installers; we’re enthusiasts, researchers, and users of solar deck lights. Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of solar lighting technology, understanding the nuances and intricacies of various solar deck lighting solutions. Our team has hands-on experience with a wide range of solar deck lights, and we’ve seen the evolution of solar deck lights from their inception to the advanced versions available today.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

  • Hands-On Testing: Before penning down any review, our team spends weeks testing products. For this article, we installed and used each of these solar deck lights in various outdoor settings – from decks and patios to walkways, ensuring we understand their performance in real-world scenarios.
  • Continuous Learning: We regularly attend solar technology conferences, workshops, and seminars. This continuous learning ensures we’re always updated with the latest solar tech, allowing us to evaluate products against the most recent standards.
  • Feedback Loop: Over the years, we’ve built a community of solar enthusiasts. We often reach out to them for feedback on products, ensuring our reviews aren’t just based on our perspective but are a reflection of the broader community’s experiences.
  • Transparency: Whenever we receive products for review from manufacturers, we ensure full transparency with our readers. For this article, some products were purchased by our team, while manufacturers sent others. However, our reviews remain unbiased, focusing solely on the product’s performance.
  • Decades of Experience: Collectively, our team has over two decades of experience in the solar industry. From understanding the technical aspects of solar cells to the aesthetic design of solar deck lights, our expertise spans wide and deep.

In this article, we’ve combined our personal experiences, technical knowledge, and feedback from our community to provide you with comprehensive reviews of the best solar deck lights for 2024. We believe that our expertise, combined with our commitment to transparency and continuous learning, makes us a reliable source for solar deck light reviews.


Overall, there are plenty of different solar deck lights out there for you to choose from. You will want to consider all of your options to figure out which one would suit your deck the best. You can go for stylish options or simply choose something for the function. It is entirely up to you!

The ten options that we listed above are great for most people’s decks. You can use them to add some more light to your property, allowing you to enjoy the space at night. Some come with colorful features, and others even turn on when they detect motion. All of these features were covered, so make sure to determine which one would be the best for you!

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