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Solar lamp posts are great to have around your yard. They make it easier to see at night and can look stunning in the dark. Many people love using them to decorate their gardens, walkways, driveways, and porches. If you are looking into solar lamp posts, you have a lot of options.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar lamp posts available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp

Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp

This option comes with a classic design and the brand’s EZ Anchor Base, which holds the post in place. Installation is very easy; then, it runs from dusk to dawn with its light detector. Read more

Gama Sonic GS-109S-B Everest Downlight Lamp Post

Gama Sonic GS-109S-B Everest Downlight Lamp Post

This Gama Sonic model comes with a simple installation process. It also has a classic, stunning design that looks amazing in a variety of settings. The post is very tall, making them more like street lamps. Read more

Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

This Sterno Home model was upgraded in 2020. The new design is brighter and provides several new features with a beautiful vintage design. The model is very easy to set up and uses warm LEDs. Read more

Greluna 67″ Solar Lamp Post Lights

Greluna 67″ Solar Lamp Post Lights

The vintage lamp is easy to install and comes with two different light settings. The lamp is very weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion. It has no wiring and can run for several hours in the dark. Read more

EdenBranch Sun-Ray 312014 Vittoria 2-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

EdenBranch Sun-Ray 312014 Vittoria 2-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

This model is best for those who want to grow flowers on their property as well. It is easy to assemble and set up anywhere. Plus, its standout feature is the unique planter. You can put any flowers there, making it more beautiful. Read more

Kemeco ST4311AHP LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post

Kemeco ST4311AHP LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post

Customers love the classic design of this lamp. You receive an automatic turn on, as well as a gentle, warm white LED light. The lamp looks stunning anywhere. Read more

Sun-Ray 312001 Abigail Single-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

Sun-Ray 312001 Abigail Single-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

This model comes with a classic, simple design. Plus, you also get a small planter. The lamp can be placed anywhere you want, making it an excellent option for driveways and porches. Read more

7 Best Solar Lamp Posts

1. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp

Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp

Are you looking for a classic design? The Gama Sonic Baytown post has a traditional style that we are confident you’ll love. The solar-powered base stores enough energy to run from dusk to dawn using automatic light detection technology.


Wire Free Design

There are no wires whatsoever with this lamp. You won’t have to worry about running any cords across your property to get the lamp post where it needs to be. Since the wire-free design makes it so easy to install, it’s perfect for everyone- simply set it somewhere it can receive enough light.

Automatic Lighting

The lamp will turn itself on when it detects the sun going down. This feature provides you with light from dusk to dawn without you having to worry about turning them on yourself. The lamp can fully charge during the day, allowing it to run all night without going out.

EZ Anchor Base

The lamp post includes an EZ Anchor base, making it simple to install securely in the ground. All you need to do is twist the end into the ground and then connect the adaptor. From there, the anchor will let you know when the base is fully secure with an indicator.

The only surface you can’t install the base in would be concrete. However, you can install it anywhere you want in your yard. Many people place them around their walkways or their porch.


  • The base makes them easy to set up anywhere
  • They hold a long charge and last all night
  • The model is completely free of wires


  • Not the brightest

2. Gama Sonic GS-109S-B Everest Downlight Lamp Post

Gama Sonic GS-109S-B Everest Downlight Lamp Post

Maybe you want something more suited for a street? These models represent the classic street lamps you might see in a historic area. They are beautiful, although more pricey than the above option. Many users love to set these up around their walkways or spaces that lead to their homes.

You can also decorate them for the season, but they still look wonderful bare. Overall, they have all of the features you need.


Advanced Solar Tech

The Gama brand uses patented solar technology to power their LED light for much longer. They focus on providing light all around the lamp, which requires a lot of power to do. The battery should almost always fully charge during the day, allowing the light to run through the entire night.

Simple to Install

This is another Gama Sonic model that is very easy to install. There are no wires to deal with, and the light simply needs to be inserted into the ground. You can save money powering your outdoor lamps with solar energy.

No Maintenance

You will not need to maintain the lamppost to get the longest amount of life from it. The solar lamp is made with rust resisting aluminum and a plastic dome lens, which is very easy to clean.

Overall, you shouldn’t have to worry about the lamp rusting or needing very much upkeep over time- making it a great option for many people.

Automatic Turn On

The light will turn on as soon as it senses the light outside is going away. You receive automatic lighting from dusk to dawn without having to turn the lamp on yourself. This is perfect if you happen to be returning home after dark and need a source of light to get inside easier.

Wire Free Design

There are no wires, making it easier to install the lamp. You will not have to worry about all sorts of cords running across your property, which can be easy to trip on.


  • Doesn’t need much maintenance
  • Very tall with light surrounding it
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Very bright


  • More expensive than other options

3. Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

Sterno Home GL42309 Upgraded Version Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

This model was created by Sterno Home in 2020, making it a very new design. It uses advanced solar technology to create a brighter light that also lasts longer. The LEDs used have an output of 60 Lumens. Overall, people love this model for its beautiful vintage design- we are confident you will too!


Increased Brightness

The light output is increased to 60 Lumens. The light is very warm, making the post an inviting space. If you are looking for something to provide a lot of light to your property at night, then this would be the best option for you to use.

Vintage Design

The most popular feature is the vintage style that comes with the street lamp. People enjoy seeing the old-fashioned design around their home- it is very comforting and can add to the landscaping of your yard.

Easy Installation

Despite its vintage design, the lamp is still very easy to install. It splits into four different pieces that you put together, making it easier to lift and transport across your yard. There are wood and cement screws included in the order, allowing you to install the lamp post anywhere that you want.

Energy Efficient

The solar panels used are very efficient, allowing the lamp to provide you with consistent levels of light throughout the entire night. They charge throughout the day easily, then run through the night. The panels can also charge during overcast weather, and the lamp is weatherproof.


  • Increased brightness from previous models
  • Vintage design
  • Efficient energy use
  • Various anchoring options allow it to be installed anywhere


  • Customers had issues with customer service

4. Greluna 67″ Solar Lamp Post Lights

Greluna Solar Lamp Post Lights

This solar lamp post comes with two options for lighting: high and low. They can last for several hours at night and are weather-resistant, and are the perfect decorative piece for your yard. This particular model is a newer edition from the brand, allowing you to receive some additional features.


Brightness Levels

The lamp post comes with two different brightness levels for you to pick from. The low option lasts longer, but many people prefer the high setting for more lighting. They are easy to switch between, so you can get the setting that you want.

Easy Installation

The vintage solar lamp post is easy to install since it doesn’t have any wires you need to set up. Installing the post into the ground is all that you need to do- the post will turn on automatically from there when it starts getting dark outside.

Weather Resistant

You won’t have to worry about the post getting rained or snowed on, since it is very weather resistant. It shouldn’t corrode, and the bulb will not be damaged by water. That means you should be able to get many years of life out of it.

Vintage Design

Many people well love the vintage style of this lamp post. You can easily install them around your yard. Many users also place them around pathways, their patio, and gardens. They make any area feel more elegant and beautiful.

New Model

If you happen to be a fan of this brand, then you will enjoy this model. This is the new version of the previous option. It is now 67 inches high and doesn’t require electricity from an outside source. Overall, the lamp comes with everything you would want a solar model to have.


  • Upgraded for better brightness
  • Easy installation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Vintage design that many people love


  • Sometimes shipped with scratches

5. EdenBranch Sun-Ray 312014 Vittoria 2-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

EdenBranch Sun-Ray 312014 Vittoria 2-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

This model features a beautiful, timeless design that comes with a special planter. If you love flowers, then this would be the best option for you. Eden Branch makes a product that comes with great value, easy installation, and comes with eight hours of battery life. It looks amazing in any location, especially if you make use of the included planter.


Included Planter

The included planter allows you to place any flowers that you want there. They look wonderful with the solar lamp, allowing you to add more vintage styles to your property. Overall, the planter and the vintage design are the standout features of this option.

Easy to Install

This is another model that can easily be set up anywhere that you want. The lamp post can be placed anywhere in your yard, allowing you to come up with unique places to put it. The included planter is also easy to set up.

Long Battery Life

You receive eight hours of battery life once the lamp post has fully charged. That allows you to enjoy the brightness for a long time.

Vintage Design

The vintage design is beautiful and looks stunning anywhere. It comes with two lamp heads that each contains three bright white LED lights. That way, you can receive plenty of bright light, even during the dead of the night.

Powder Coated Finish

The powder-coated finish makes the lamp post safe outside- no matter what the weather happens to be. Overall, it should last you a very long time.


  • Well loved, classic design
  • Comes with a special planter
  • Uses two headlamps for more bright lights
  • Finished with a durable powder coating


  • Some assembly issues

6. Kemeco ST4311AHP LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post

Kemeco ST4311AHP LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post

If you are looking for a classic design, this option would be one of your best ones. It comes with the vintage style and the traditional arms that used to be on street lamps. This design looks stunning anywhere, allowing you to make the most out of it. Many people set them up around their patios and paths at home.


Automatic Turn On

The lamp turns on automatically when it detects that dusk has arrived. All you need to do is leave the light switch in the ON position- it will take care of the rest for you. Plus, that means that you won’t have to deal with pesky cords all over your yard.

Safe and Easy Installation

The lamp is safe and made easy to install; there are no wires, so no worries about running electricity across your yard either. That way, you use it anywhere. This particular model can even be installed on a wooden deck or into a concrete surface- it comes with the proper mounting screws.

Classic Design

The classic design tends to attract many customers. The included arms are perfect for hanging decorations on the lamps year-round, so you can decorate them as you please. The product’s design is also maintenance-free, allowing your post to last years without needing work done to it.


  • Turns on automatically at dusk
  • Safe and very easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • One year warranty


  • May fall over in heavy wind

7. Sun-Ray 312001 Abigail Single-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

Sun-Ray 312001 Abigail Single-Head Solar LED Lamp Post

This classic design is stunning and looks good in any setting. It comes with powerful LED lights that stay on for up to eight hours when charged. The lamp post detects when the sun starts going down, then will turn itself on. The design is very charming, so you can be sure it will bring out the best of your yard.


Automatic Turn on

The automatic solar lights will turn on when they sense the light is starting to go down. The LED lights output about 120 Lumens worth of light, which is very bright. They run for eight hours when the battery is allowed to charge fully. That is enough time for the post to provide you with all the light you need.

Durable Design

Not only is the design very charming, but it also is very strong. You can feel confident that the weather-resistant features allow the lamp to last you a very long time. The body of the post is made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, with a plastic planter.

Included Planter

The included planter can hold any flowers or plants that you wish. You can use it to customize the base of your lamp so that it matches your yard even more. The base is very heavy, allowing it to hold down the post securely.


  • Comes with a planter
  • Has a classic and charming design
  • Very tall


  • Light doesn’t always turn on when you want it to

Solar Lamp Post Buying Guide

There are many different benefits to installing a solar lamp post on your property. Many people enjoy having them around when they return home later at night. That way, they know the lamp will be on and ready to light their path into the house. It also makes it easier to see to get your keys out and unlock the door.

Solar lamp posts also are used for decorative purposes. They look lovely in your yard or garden during the day, then provide essential lighting at night. When appropriately placed around your property, they can look stunning.

Solar Lamp PostMany people also will set up their lamps around their porches or patios so that they can sit outside at night with some light. No matter what you want to use your lamp post for, you will be sure to enjoy having it around. They are beautiful and come in various designs, although the classic vintage look seems to be the most popular choice out there today.

The lamp you order should be made of weatherproof material. That way, you don’t have to worry about it receiving water damage after being left out in the rain. Since these lamps are supposed to be set up all the time, it wouldn’t make sense for the model to be weatherproof, but some models come with better weatherproofing than others do.

However, there are so many different solar lamp post models and brands out there- how do you know which one to choose? Well, be sure to keep reading! This efficient buying guide will cover everything that you need to know about solar lamp posts. That way, you can buy one tailored to your taste and needs.

What Is a Solar Lamp Post?

Solar lamp posts are tall outdoor lamps that run on energy from the sun. They store the power in their batteries until they turn on at night. These lamp posts can be installed just about anywhere on your property, making them a very popular choice for a light source.

Have you seen small, solar path lights in the past? These lamp posts are very much the same, just on a much larger scale. If you want to decorate your yard and light up your walkways at the same time, then a solar lamp post would be one of the best options for you. There are many to pick from, allowing you to choose one that matches your exact style at home.

Overall, these lamps are very energy efficient. They don’t need to be hooked up to any wires and run on entirely solar energy. If you leave a lamp post on all night at home, you could save some money on your monthly power bills by replacing them with solar-powered models instead.

How Does a Solar Lamp Post Work?

Solar lamp posts work by turning direct sunlight into DC electricity. From there, the LED lamp can use the power to run the lights. They usually turn on automatically at dusk, when they sense the sunlight is starting to go away. They can produce several Lumens of light, depending on the models and the bulbs that you are using.

These lamp posts are usually very easy to install since they don’t require that you run any wires through the yard to them. You can use the lamps to light up your garden or your porch so that you can enjoy some time outside in your yard at night.

There are solar lamp posts that need to be installed in the ground and options that come with planters. The planter base allows you to set up the lamp post anywhere that you want, while the versions that don’t have them need to be set up within the ground.

What Are the Benefits of Benefits of Solar Lamp Posts?

There are many benefits to solar lamp posts! First, they work well at decorating your yard by providing a vintage aesthetic. They allow you to easily decorate your yard, garden, porch, or patio while also providing it with a much needed light source.

Garden Solar Lamp PostSolar lamp posts are much more energy-efficient than other lamps. They are using a clean source of energy through the sun, so you won’t have to plug them into a power source- which means you won’t have to worry about them adding to your monthly power bills.

These solar lamps are environmentally friendly since they can make their own sources of power. Plus, without all that wiring, they can easily be moved to other areas of your property whenever needed.

You can just pick it up and set it up somewhere else, as long as it has access to the sun.

Finally, you won’t need to keep reminding yourself to turn on the lamp. A majority of these lamps are set to automatically turn on when the light starts to go down outside. That way, you won’t have to worry about being without light if you happen to be coming home late unexpectedly.

As you can see, there are many benefits to owning a solar lamp post. They are quite tall today, allowing them to spread light as effectively as other models of lamp posts.

How Long Do Solar Post Lights Last?

On average, they will provide you with nearly eight hours of outdoor light. However, the weather conditions of the day before can impact that. You may only receive seven instead if the day happened to be very overcast or rainy. Overall, they tend to last between four and twelve hours.

You will want to search for models that offer light as long as you need it to be on. Some people prefer their lamps to turn off twelve hours later when the sun starts coming up. Others don’t mind if the light only lasts for a couple of hours. What you buy will depend on your needs.

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

If you are trying to light up your sidewalks or pathways, we recommend that you try between 100 and 200 lumens. That way, you can easily see the ground beneath you as you walk. While 60 lumens is decent, it might not be bright enough for some people to feel comfortable walking in the dark.

If you don’t think your solar lights are bright enough, you might want to consider adding a few more along your paths. For instance, placing a few small garden solar lights leading up to one larger solar lamp post is a great idea many people use today.

Having a few more bulbs can brighten the area considerably, giving you even more lumens to work with.

How Bright Are Solar Post Lights?

Most solar post lights will have a Lumen amount anywhere between 60 and 300 lumens. For lower lighting uses, such as your garden 100 Lumens should provide you with enough brightness.

LED Solar Lamp PostIf you think you would enjoy having more light for your walkways or porch, then try to buy something with at least 160 Lumens.

However, what you choose at the end of the day will ultimately be up to your personal preference. We recommend that you consider your options before making a purchase.

Overall, solar post lights can be fairly bright, about as bright as any other home outdoor light post. Although, they are using clean energy instead of adding on to your power bills.

Features to Look for in Solar Lamp Posts

Several different features can make a solar lamp post worth buying. We recommend that you consider all of these options. That way, you know that you are getting a useful product that will last you a very long time. Here is what you should look out for:


Many people prefer to have brighter solar lamp posts. That way, they can easily see around their property at night. If you happen to return home late a lot, you can also benefit from this feature. We recommend that you never go lower than 60 Lumens when buying a lamp. However, the more Lumens you can get, the better off you will be.


There are several different solar lamp post designs for you to consider. Many customers tend to enjoy vintage designs the most. They provide a classic and charming look in your yard. Plus, they look stunning as they glow during the night. You can also find several more modern options online if you want to.


The height of the lamp post is also worth considering. Some people like it when the post is taller than them, although this means you will want a bright light source since it has to travel farther until it reaches the ground. Many lamp posts come in sizes that are more than six feet tall, but you can find options that are even higher than seven feet.

There are even smaller lamp posts, which may be better for placing around your garden. They tend to match the scaling better, while appearing as a nice piece of decor.


The size of the lamp is another essential feature. Some are larger and come with two lamp heads, providing a better source of light during the night.

However, not everyone will want to deal with moving and installing a very heavy lamp post. You will need to choose the size of the post depending on what you feel the most comfortable working with.

Battery Lifespan

Vintage Solar Lamp PostThe battery lifespan is how long it will last until you need to replace it. You will want to know the amount of time that you have left, so you can buy a new one before your current one starts to shut down. That way, you already have your backup battery prepared.

As for a daily lifespan, the batteries usually will bower your lamp for around eight hours after a complete charge in the sun.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of a solar battery is measured in kwH, also known as kilowatts per hour. This number tells you how many kwH the battery can hold.

However, you should not worry about the solar battery overcharging itself. Today, many batteries use additional technology to prevent that from happening, especially if they are designed to be in the sun all day long.

Charge Time

Most models will need about 10 hours to charge completely. They will last longer if they receive plenty of sunlight during the day, over cloudy weather. Direct sunlight can enhance how long the solar light lasts, allowing it to run for more than eight hours. However, that is on average.

Some models will require slightly more or less time.

Run Time

This refers to how long the lamp will stay illuminated. Most products say they run from dusk to dawn, which gives you plenty of running time. They will need to receive full charging time before they can run at that length.

LED Colour

The LED colour is the hue of the light that is emitted from the bulb. While white is the most common lighting color for outdoor areas, you can find plenty more options than just that. Reds, blues, pinks, purples and more would all look fabulous in your garden.

Easy Installation

Next, you only want to use easy to install lamp posts. You don’t want to put a lot of effort into setting up the lamp, just for it to frustrate you. Easy installation lamps just take a few quick steps and you are done! They are also the easiest options to move around.

Installation Method

The installation method also matters since it impacts where you can place the lamp post. The most common options only allow the solar lamp light to be set up in the ground. Although, these other options can also provide you with more possible installation locations.


The stake is the most popular option. It can only be installed into soft ground, although setting it up is very simple. All you need to do is twist the post into the ground. It should be very secure.


There are screws that can hold the platform of the post in cement or wood- allowing you to install these models in different areas around your home. Many people set them up on driveways or other paths.


The planter method is by far the easiest to install. The base comes with a heavy planter that holds up the lamp post. There is no real installation involved. You can also pick it up and move it to wherever you want to set up the light fixture.


Cemented options are usually the most secure, so they may be the best option for anyone who lives in an area with very high winds that occur often. The cement keeps the lamp post in place and is very heavy, preventing it from moving or falling over.

Weather Resistant

Next, only consider options that are weather resistant. You want to be sure rain and snow can’t damage your lamp post. These aren’t items that you want to pick up and bring inside every night it rains, so weatherproofing features are a must.


You will want the solar lamp post to be very durable. Depending on your model, it may tip over sometimes. If that happens, you don’t want it to break completely.

Dusk to Dawn Sensor

The dusk to dawn sensor comes with most high tech options today. This feature determines when the sun is starting to set, then turns on the light. From there, it will turn off when it senses the light is returning. While the bulb is powered off, the solar panel system gets to work preparing energy for use the following night.


Finally, it is always worth thinking about the warranty of your solar lamp post. The longer the warranty, the more likely you are to replace the lamp post if needed.

Sometimes, the bulb burns out too soon, or the solar panel breaks- it happens! You want a long warranty in place to protect against that.


Overall, solar lamps have many benefits and are very useful to have around the home. We recommend that you choose options that you enjoy but are still easy to install. That way, you can still receive beautiful options to set up around your property. At night these lamps can be stunning, so you don’t want to miss out!