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Over the past years, solar lights have quickly gained precedence in the market and amongst consumers. The main reasons behind their popularity in the US are accessibility, reduction in energy bills, eco-friendly nature, and high efficacy.

One such type of light is a solar powered mason jar light!

These lights in a mason jar act as wonderful decorations with a beautiful colorful light show and high ergonomic nature.

You can even choose the build, color, shadow, and power output of solar mason jar lights concerning your needs.

Interested to know more?

Well, this article will run through the top 10 Solar powered mason jar lights products in the US along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar mason jar lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



WERITOO Solar Mason Jars Lights

WERITOO Solar Mason Jars Lights

WERITOO Solar Mason Jar lights provide you with all the features they promise. With a beautiful design, long-lasting operation, and efficient solar power functionality, it is a brand you can trust. Read more

Aobik Mason Jar Solar Lights

Aobik Mason Jar Solar Lights

Aobik lights give you a great feel, whether it's the morning or night. With 30 LEDs, the solar-powered Mason jar lights shine bright like a diamond! Read more

KAIXOXIN Glass Hanging Jar Solar Lights

KAIXOXIN Glass Hanging Jar Solar Lights

If you are a fan of something unique or special, these glad hanging jar solar lights by KAIXOXIN are your best friends. With a fairy shadow in a jar full of lights, you will be impressed by this set. Read more

GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

These lights come in a pack of 6 i.e., consisting of six mason jars, lid lights, and hangers each. They have multiple use methods and are ideal for your fence, balcony, and home. Read more

Miaro Mason Jar Lights

Miaro Mason Jar Lights

The 8-pack mason jar lights with 20 LED solar pure white fairy lights strings are terrific ornamentation for your home. Additionally, they come in a range of colors. Read more

CHBKT 4-Pack Solar Mason Jar Lights

CHBKT 4-Pack Solar Mason Jar Lights

CHBKT offers you a unique design like never before. Their standard size mason jar has a scales patterns glass along with a metal carrying ring built of premium thick glass. Read more

YJFWAL Lighting Solar Mason Lid Light

YJFWAL Lighting Solar Mason Lid Light

YJFWAL solar mason lights have got it all working for them. Whether it is their advanced design or versatility, they will create a warm atmosphere wherever they are kept. Read more

Greenidea Solar Light Mason Jars

Greenidea Solar Light Mason Jars

Greenidea, much like its name brings to you’re a fantastic mason jar light that has been built to truly perform and last. With a warm white popular color and four other options, this option is quite nice. Read more

FELISHINE 8 Pack Solar Mason Jar Light

FELISHINE 8 Pack Solar Mason Jar Light

Felishine solar mason jar lights are modern featured, green and really easy to use with no complex setting whatsoever. Do you love the product already? Read more

SunKite Solar Mason Jar Lights

SunKite Solar Mason Jar Lights

With a beautiful firefly theme, these updated mason jar lid lights by SunKite are bound to become your favorites. With a set of advanced features and high brightness, there is not a lot that SunKite misses. Read more

10 Best Solar Mason Jar Lights

1. WERITOO Solar Mason Jars Lights

WERITOO Solar Mason Jars Lights

Do you wish to have a beautiful light decoration in your home?

The WERITOO solar mason jar lights are an excellent fit for modern weddings, garden lights, balcony aesthetics, anniversary, and other festival celebrations. With a number of top-notch features, WERITOO promises to give all the qualities you need in a solar light!


High Brightness

WERITOO provides consumers with 4-pack solar mason jar lights i.e., 4 mason jars + 4 lid lights + 4 Hangers. With these items in the box, you are assured of the brightness of more than 20 LED lights together.

Environmental protection

Since the mason jar lights are 100% powered by solar energy, with no external wiring or power sport, WERITOO promotes an environmentally friendly product.

Beautiful look

These solar mason jar lights come with a big copper wire and 30 bright old-fashioned yellow bulbs. Together, this makes for a romantic and beautiful vibe in your house. You can use these lights for cafes, parties, birthdays, courtyards, camping, and even for the daily ornamentation of your house.

WERITOO lights can be hung on walls or kept on the shelves, porches, patios, trees, and even pergolas. They become an excellent option to gift to family, lovers, friends, and children.

Easy to Use

On top of the other great features, these lights come with a built-in sensor that automatically turns on and off the light outside.


  • Extremely bright
  • No extra wiring needed
  • Beautiful light and vibe


  • Batteries are not the best

2. Aobik Mason Jar Solar Lights

Aobik Mason Jar Solar Lights

With a 12-hour long light show at the expense of just 6 hours of sunlight, Aobik produces a solar mason jar light that you cannot miss. These lights will add a pretty touch to your house during all times and all seasons– morning, night, inside the house, or outside.


Perfect Look

These lights are an ideal fit with an artistic classic mason jar. The beautiful warm white lights from 30 LED lights give a fairy light feel, which is perfect to set a romantic and dreamy vibe.

With their delightful look and handy nature, you can play around with them and make your home awe-worthy.

Energy Saving

These lights are 100% solar-powered and do not need extra wiring. All you need is direct sunlight, and the lights are good to go. You are assured of experiencing low electricity bills clubbed with contributing to a greener environment.

Moreover, these lights by Aobik are easy to install.

Additionally, due to low voltages of 1.2 V, they are also safer options if used indoors. So, imagine these pretty lights on your dinner tables rather than the old candles! Wouldn’t they look beautiful?


These lights have an automatic turn ON/OFF.

Additionally, the solar panels take up direct sunlight for 6 to 8 and lights up for about 10 to 12 plus hours.


One convenient feature of Solar Mason Jar lights is they have 4 hangers included in the box. So, if you plan to sit these lights on the ground or wish to have them hang on your fence, you are free to do so.


  • Really bright- 30 LEDs
  • Easy to use and install
  • Has 4 free hangers
  • Can light up for more than 12 hours


  • Buyers don’t get any warranty
  • Packing could be better

3. KAIXOXIN Glass Hanging Jar Solar Lights

KAIXOXIN Glass Hanging Jar Solar Lights

While these lights by Kaixoxin are not the exact solar mason jar lights you would hope to find, these are indeed worth adding to the list. The brand produces a mysterious but artistically beautiful jar of solar light that is as bright as any other solar-powered light.


Stunning Look

The solar light jar has a beautiful fairy shadow that is bound to build a romantic vibe in your garden. In fact, the light is no less than a beautiful work of art meant for a deep conversation. You also get a hemp rope with a pretty jar, which adds to the product’s visual value.

Dual purpose

The incredible fact about Kaixoxin solar lantern lights is that they can sit on various surfaces and can even be hung around the house with the help of hemp rope. Since the lights are powered by sunlight, they will automatically turn on or off according to their rays.

It is also preferable that sufficient light should reach the lights whenever you keep them.

On a general note, if you charge these solar lights for 6 hours, you can expect them to be lit for 8 hours at night.

High brightness

Kaixoxin solar lights have 20 bright warm lights with a white mini-LED connected through a string. Due to this arrangement, that area is well light, and the light is very bright.

Great warranty

The brand understands that the solar glass jars can break because of several reasons. If the consumer receives a broken jar, all you need to do is get in touch with the team. They will work to get you a fast replacement which will be completely free of charge.


  • 20 LEDs
  • A special design
  • Really bright
  • Gives up to 8 hours of lighting for a continuous period


  • Not waterproof

4. GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

GIGALUMI provides buyers with hanging solar lights with six mason jars and lid lights clubbed with 6 hangers. There are multiple ways of installing these beautiful lights, and you are bound to be left amazed by their quality and look.


Solar Powered

GIGALUMI promises you to say goodbye to wiring and AC while you light up your abode. These hanging mason lights store solar energy during the daytime and use the same sunlight to light up in the evening and night.
Plus, these lights will turn on themselves at night and illuminate up to long periods of 8 hours with complete charging.


One of the essential factors when zeroing down the right solar mason jar light is their durability. Since these lights cannot sustain without being out in the open, they should have some features which will help them withstand any weather changes.

To that account, GIGALUMI hanging mason jar solar lights have been created to face sunny, rainy, and even small snowy episodes. You also get a fantastic warranty of 90 days, so you are in for a safe ride.

Many ways to use

There are two alternative ways to use these beautiful sunny lights; you can either hang the light on those places in the house that get a lot of sunlight in the day or set it as a mood lamp in the house.

Convenient yet beautiful

These solar mason jar lights are the perfect solar garden lights ever. The fairy string lights suit many occasions and go well both inside and outside. To add to that, unlike many other solar light options, these lights look good during the day and the night.

You can also set out these solar mason lights in trees, dances, driveways, solar gardens, or even in the backyard of your house.


  • 3-month warranty
  • 8 hours of lighting
  • Cool white beam


  • Only 15 LEDs

5. Miaro Mason Jar Lights

Miaro Mason Jar Lights

Miaro manufacturers solar mason jar lights with a similar design and build as the previous ones in the list. This product offers great features and a promising look. One standout fact is that Miaro lights have waterproof technology clubbed with a smart sensor.


Romantic lights

Micro Mason jar lights are a must-have if you plan to decorate your garden yourself. You can use them for the deck, patio, or garden. At the same time, the light works well for special occasions or functions, and even a simple concept such as tabletop decoration.

You also get three choices to pick from regarding the color of the lights in Micro Mason jar lights. They are pure white, colorful, and warm white.

Easy to use

With Miaro mason solar jar lights, you can automatically turn on or off the lights through the help of a smart sensor technology. Lights will only turn on in the dark and turn off as the light approaches the area.

You also get an on/off button or switch below the light under the lid. Ideally, you should turn this switch on before charging the lights through solar energy.


With 100% solar reliant functioning and 20 bright antique warm white bulbs in the set, you do not need to worry about any extra wring or additional source of current/electricity.

Moreover, in terms of dimensions, here are the values:

Lid Diameter Size: 2.76 inch(70mm) or Insert 2.36 inch(60mm) and a 3.3ft long copper wire

What you get

The product packaging comes with 8 units of these mason jar lights with the lids and hangers. You can contact the company in case of any issues or problems with the item.


  • Easy to use decoration
  • It can be hung wherever you like
  • No extra wiring needed


  • The run time is limited

6. CHBKT 4-Pack Solar Mason Jar Lights

CHBKT 4-Pack Solar Mason Jar Lights

The little details and added-on ornaments of the CHBKT mason jar lights win the consumer’s hearts.

These engraved jars are unlike the other options that you must have seen before. Let’s look at some significant features of the product to know more.


Unique design

One of CHBKT’s biggest differentiators is that these mason jars have scales patterns with a metal carrying ring. The jar is constructed of premium thick glass and has an overall attractive shape with a round base and a square body.

The pendant fair firefly lights inside the jar have 20 warm white micro-LEDs that give an angelic vibe to the entire garden. These LED bulbs are pretty long-lasting, produce low heat, and are safe to manage even after extended usage.


These lights are IP65 waterproof. The presence of a fantastic integrated design does not allow any moisture to seep into the jars and because of this ability, you can be tension-free with your lights even bad weather days.


The solar mason jar is pretty standard in shape and mouth size. The specifications are 2 3⁄8 in (60 mm) inner and 2 3⁄4 in (70 mm) outer diameter, while the height is 5 1/9 in (130 mm).

Eco friendly

These solar lights have a solar panel on the top, so rest assured, you will not need any electricity to support these lights. They also have a built-in sensor to turn the lights on and off automatically.


  • Waterproof
  • 20 LEDs
  • Bright


  • No warranty

7. YJFWAL Lighting Solar Mason Lid Light

YJFWAL Lighting Solar Mason Lid Light

If you are looking for some solar mason jar lights to add calm to your home, YJFWAL solar mason jar lights could be a great option. These beautiful lights work well for both indoor and outdoor places.


Convenient to use

These solar mason lid lights are very convenient in usage. You have to just put the light out in the sunshine, and it automatically turns on and starts charging. All the lamps also come with an ON/OFF button below to manually control the light.

Green option

There is no doubt that solar mason jar lights are a greener option given that they are entirely run from the sun energy.


YJFWAL solar mason jar lights have an advanced rustproof metal design that can face the brunt of sunny, raining, and snowy days.


  • Bright
  • Easy to install
  • Up to 12 hours of lighting


  • No jars are included

8. Greenidea Solar Light Mason Jars

Greenidea Solar Light Mason Jars

Greenidea Solar light mason jars come with LEDs that are very bright and fun to have around as well. You just need 6 hours of proper sunlight for these solar lights to brighten up to 12 hours at night. They are constructed of silicone material.


Updated solar panel

Greenidea is a brand that ensures that customers get the best products. They have brought about an updated solar panel with a wider grid and one that can hold electricity way more.

These lights conveniently fit inside the standard mouth mason jar and have a diameter size of 3.15 inches or 80 mm.

High quality

The charging board in these lights is solar and waterproof. The lid edge is a silicone edge that pinches the bottle into its place as tight as possible. This factor also protects the battery and increases the product’s service life.

Easy to install

Greenidea lights have a 1.2 V low voltage LED bulb with no wires, heat, or required extra. These factors ensure that the lights are pretty safe and economical.


  • Economic
  • Bigger solar panel
  • Perfect décor


  • Doesn’t fit into standard mason jars

9. FELISHINE 8 Pack Solar Mason Jar Light

FELISHINE 8 Pack Solar Mason Jar Light

These new mason jar lights are the talk of the market! With a more extensive solar panel, more efficient charge, and better material, FELISHINE solar mason jar lights have all the right boxes checked!


New combination

The new mason jar lid lights have a series of novel features such as a brand-new rustproof material and 15 super bright micro-LEDs that take up double the time of 20 LEDs but have the very same effect.


In terms of charging, you just need to keep the lights in the sun for 6 to 8 hours, and it will end up lighting for 8 to 12 hours at night. These lights are long-lasting bulbs that produce little to no heat and are very safe to handle however long you use them.

Green and high quality

Since the lasts are entirely solar-powered, you do not need to worry about any electricity or additional power source. These lights are good for the environment and give a beautiful look to the house with their high-quality build


  • Advanced features
  • Great for décor
  • Great customer service


  • Costly

10. SunKite Solar Mason Jar Lights

SunKite Solar Mason Jar Lights

Sunlite brings you a range of lights with warm white, colorful, cool white, and multicolor options. It is an ideal pick for indoor and outdoor usage for daily home ornamentation or special occasions like weddings.


Modern features

One of the best parts of buying SunKite solar mason jar lights is that they consist of 20 micro-LED lights that are incredibly bright. They also have a comparatively larger solar panel which allows them to charge way more efficiently.

The lid’s edge is made of a rustproof material, making it very durable and sustainable in humid weather.


All you need to do is expose the light to direct sunlight and press the button on the jar to turn it on. The built-in sensor will automatically turn on in the morning and go off at night.

They just need about 6 to 8 hours of contact with the sun, and the lights will be bright for 8 hours at night. If there isn’t enough light, you can use one AAA battery, and these lights are good to go.

What do you get?

Once you purchase SunKite Solar Mason Jar lights, you get a pack of 8 units of this fantastic sale mason LED string lights lid clubbed with 8 hangers. Overall, it is a fabulous deal to go for. These LED lights can go on for 50,000 hours when used regularly and come with 12-month warranty.


  • Bright
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoor
  • Durable


  • The top of the jar could have been seated better

Solar Mason Jar Light Buying Guide

The article aimed to provide you with some of the top products for solar-powered mason jar lights in the USA. But it is quite possible that you still have some doubts about selecting the final product.

Your needs could be varied; whether you are decorating your garden for a Christmas party or just looking at an option to illuminate the backyard, solar mason jar lights are here to rescue.

In the below-mentioned buying guide section, you will understand all the top features or factors to consider before you invest in a solar-powered mason jar light. Read on to get enlightened.

What Are Solar Mason Jar Lights?

Solar Mason Jar LightsSolar Mason Jar Lights are a type of solar light that is designed to be used with Mason jars. Solar Mason Jar Lights typically consist of a solar panel and a battery, which are used to power a LED light. Solar Mason Jar Lights are often used as accent lights or as a way to add ambient lighting to an outdoor space.

How Do Solar Mason Jar Lights Work?

The solar mason jar light works by using a solar cell to convert sunlight into electrical energy. This electrical energy is then used to charge a battery. The battery powers a LED light.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Mason Jar Lights?

Solar mason jar lights are becoming increasingly popular as a green, renewable energy option. Solar mason jar lights are easy to install and provide a unique lighting option for your home or business. Solar mason jar lights are also a great way to save money on your energy bill, as they rely on the sun for power instead of electricity.

Factors to Consider when Buying Solar Mason Jar Lights

Bulb Quality

Generally, Solar mason jar lights stand out amongst their contemporaries when it comes to bulb brightness. So, you will need a bulb of higher quality for obvious reasons. However, solar-powered mason jar lights can heat more than other lights.

As such, while regular LED lights might work, it would be preferable to go for a bulb that produces even lesser heat to ensure that the solar mason jar light lasts long.

Number of Bulbs

Illumination of the solar mason jar lights depends on the number of bulbs in the light string. If you want a brighter and greater illuminating light, you must go for strings with more. But, on an average there are usually 20 to 30 light bulbs.

Color of Lighting

You will find several colored LED lights available in the market. These lights can also come with your solar mason jar lights. This range even varied with the simplest of yellows and whites.

The most commonly available colors in the market are soft white, bright white, and warm white. So, if you wish to have a yellowish hue, go for soft and warm white lights. These work best for a cozy vibe.

On the other hand, brighter white lights are for those who crave a cooler feel in their home.


Mason Jar LightsDurability is an essential factor when listing the main features that make a difference. Since the mason jar will have many lights inside, it should be heat resistant.

Even low heat bulbs release heat that could lead to adverse effects. Moreover, even the solar lights should be heat resistant since they could otherwise fuse and shut down. Another important aspect of durability is their condition in water.

Since the mason jar lights will be out in the open, they can be in touch with rain, hail, or snow. Having a waterproof light hence is important.
Additionally, you must consider the weather in the area you live in to know the right product.

Charging and Run Time

Like weather was mentioned previously, there’s no denying that many places on the globe have shorter days. Having solar-powered mason lights that take a lot of time to charge fully will be a waste in such conditions.

You should also buy solar lights that are quick to charge, mainly ranging from five to six hours. The run time of the solar-powered mason should be adequate, about 12 hours as well. Wouldn’t want the lights to shut down in the middle of your party, would you?

The charge and run time vary according to the number of lights and the energy consumed.

Solar Panel Size

When you buy solar lights, it is preferable to have a solar panel that is big enough. A bigger solar panel would utilize greater energy and thus, produce more power as well.

In the case of solar-powered mason jar lights, however, you can go for a smaller solar panel since these lights don’t need a lot of power. You will also save some hard-earned money, and the solar mason jar will be portable.

The Bottom Line

Go through the buying guide to keep in mind the essential factors that make a difference before the final purchase day.

This buying guide and reviews have been listed after much research and understanding of what the consumers want. Here’s hoping that you can find the perfect solar-powered mason jars light for your home.