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Decorating your home is perhaps one of the most challenging yet exciting activities. You can go a little up top with ideas or even try something quirky. One crucial factor that you must focus on is lighting.

You can’t simply rely on deck or tower lights when lighting the outer areas like a pergola or a patio. In such cases, you can find solar pergola lights primarily designed in the form of multiple bulbs attached to a rubberized string.

Such lights are highly convenient in terms of maintenance and installation. Additionally, you save money on electricity bills. According to a study, the overall solar price has decreased from 2010 by 70%.

This article will tell you more about the leading solar pergola lights. Additionally, you will find a buying guide to simplify your purchase decisions.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar pergola lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

These solar pergola lights look gorgeous for both indoor and outdoor uses with a vintage glow. The weatherproof technology keeps the bulb intact in rough climatic conditions. Read more

SUNTHIN Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

SUNTHIN Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

SUNTHIN solar pergola lights are durable and resistant to challenging weather conditions. There are 15 LED bulbs placed at a 3 feet distance on a 48 feet long thick, rubberized cord. These bulbs are ideal for recreating the retro vibe. Read more

Homestarry Outdoor Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

Homestarry Outdoor Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

Uniquely shaped, these crystal globe lights add a bit of zing to any residential or commercial decoration. There are 70 LEDs made with exclusive, patented energy-saving technology in the solar kit. Read more

BRTLX Solar Indoor Outdoor String Pergola Lights

BRTLX Solar Indoor Outdoor String Pergola Lights

Ideal for decorating the home on Christmas or other celebratory occasions, these lights come equipped with 4 different lighting modes. Additionally, the IP65 panel and IP44 bulbs work in different climatic conditions. Read more

YIQU Extra Long Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

YIQU Extra Long Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

These lights drop down from the original string length, giving an illusion of the more prominent form of string lights. The crystal globe structure is uniquely designed and looks elegant compared to other patterns. Read more

Brightown Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Brightown Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Available with both solar and USB charging, these lights provide the right ambiance for any get-together. Here, a 29 feet long string has 25 LED bulbs placed at 12 inches. Read more

WERTIOO Solar String Pergola Lights

WERTIOO Solar String Pergola Lights

With different lighting modes and an easy installation process, WERTIOO lights are an ideal option for indoor or outdoor decorations. Simply attach both ends of the light string to a solid surface. Read more

Meidaoduo Solar Powered Globe String Pergola Lights

Meidaoduo Solar Powered Globe String Pergola Lights

With shatterproof bulbs and a USB port available, these lights provide all features one could look for. Four different lighting modes help switch the ambiance of the party instantly. You can easily string these lights in outdoor or indoor areas. Read more

ZOTOYI Solar String Filament Pergola Lights

ZOTOYI Solar String Filament Pergola Lights

These lights are ideal for setting a romantic ambiance and exuding a warm white glow. Kids or pets can safely handle shatterproof G40 bulbs. Read more

SHISOP Solar String Pergola Lights

SHISOP Solar String Pergola Lights

In these lights, 15 bulbs are attached to a 48 feet long string at 3 feet. These heavy-duty bulbs are marked grade S14 and offer heat resistance to 122 Fahrenheit. Read more

10 Best Solar Pergola Lights

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Want to decorate your home with automated pergola lights? Choose to go with Brightech, a California-based solar lighting company, for the best results. You will get attractive bulb designs and a vintage, warm glow with these outdoor lights.


Energy Saving Lights

This product includes a 48 feet long string with 15 bulbs placed evenly. Each LED bulb is 2-watt power and provides enough illumination for residential or commercial uses.

Additionally, these LEDs don’t warm up even after prolonged use and can be dimmed as per your choice.

Automated Technology

If you are worried about leaving the lights on during the daytime and accidentally draining all the power, don’t worry! Here, the LED bulbs include a photocell that detects the level of lighting outside.

As a result, lights switch on during the dusk hour and off when the sun starts to rise.

Weather Resistant

These commercial grade lights are highly durable and held together by flexible, thicker rubber strands. Therefore, Brightech pergola solar lights work ideally for indoor and outdoor use.

The lights adhere to Ambience Pro’s WeatherTite technology, thus capable of withstanding 50 MPH of rain and snow.

Elegant Ambience

These solar lights are made up of vintage Edison bulbs that emanate a gorgeous, warm glow. You can easily hang the lights around your gazebo, garden, porch, or rooftop for an ideal celebratory aesthetic.

The solar panel in the kit is clippable and can be easily fixed on any surface.


  • 3-year warranty in case the lights stop working
  • Weatherproof technology for rainy, stormy, or snowy days
  • Lights are strung together with a thick, rubberized cord
  • You get a 2500K warm glow


  • Expensive as compared to other alternatives

2. SUNTHIN Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

SUNTHIN Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Tried and tested for safety standards, SUNTHIN solar lights emit a soft, warm light and work well under challenging weather conditions as well. You can use these lights indoors or outdoors to create an intimate aesthetic.

Also, this product is quite affordable and durable. Let’s take a look at some of its other fascinating features.


Easy Setup

The solar kit will include bulbs and the string separately. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any breakages during the transfer part. However, you will have to follow the instruction manual and screw the bulbs to the string.

Three feet spacing between each bulb fits just right for the illumination.

Edison Style LED Bulbs

With SUNTHIN solar string lights, you get 15 bulbs equally placed over a 48 feet long string. Each bulb ends 6 inches down from the cord.

These LED bulbs are pretty functional and can be easily hung around the patio, wooden fence, or garden. The old, classic filament is absent, but you won’t notice it missing when the bulb’s illuminated.

Low Maintenance

If you are worried about your bills racking up, SUNTHIN is an ideal choice. Here, the bulbs are solar-powered, thus saving electricity and installation costs.

You don’t have to worry about constant maintenance or some component breaking down daily.

Long Lifespan

These lights work well all-round-the-year. Due to advanced LED technology, the bulbs are suitable for outdoor conditions and work for over 10,000 hours. Additionally, there’s an optional dimmer for adjusting the light intensity.


  • Shatterproof and incredibly durable
  • More affordable than other alternatives
  • Warm white glow is ideal for small parties or gatherings


  • Trouble screwing some of the bulbs to the cord

3. Homestarry Outdoor Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

Homestarry Outdoor Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

If you are looking for uniquely designed solar lights to be strung around the pergola, there’s no going wrong with Homestarry.

You get a crystal globe-like structure that accentuates the visual aesthetics of your home. These lights work at high or low brightness as per your requirements.


RF Wireless Remote

These lights are incredibly versatile and offer 10 different lighting modes. Based on the mood, you can pick any of the settings like sequential, slow fade, quick flash, slow glow, etc.

Additionally, there are 4 modes for 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours, respectively. You can also adjust the speed level from any given 6 choices.

IP67 Waterproof

Are you worried about removing the lights every time it rains or snows? With Homestarry outdoor lights, you can forget the unnecessary hassle as the bulbs are fabricated with a waterproof design.

The IP67 waterproofing helps keep the lights safe during unprecedented weather changes and water splashes.

Energy Saving

These solar-powered lights help reduce your carbon footprint. Here, you get 70 LED bulbs attached to a 40 feet long string.

Made with exclusive, patented technology, the lights maintain an energy balance and provide 20 hours of default brightness.

Versatile Use

The Homestarry lights are ideally designed to decorate all kinds of residential or commercial spaces. You can use them to illuminate your living room, bistro, garden, rooftop, patio, etc.

Considering that the bulb size is not too big, you can even hang these lights on the trees.


  • 10 lighting modes to suit different occasions accordingly
  • IP67 waterproof technology prevents any weather damage to the lights
  • Adjustable speed of light as per choice


  • Brightness levels may dim over time

4. BRTLX Solar Indoor Outdoor String Pergola Lights

BRTLX Solar Indoor Outdoor String Pergola Lights

Suitable for decorating your home at weddings, Christmas, or any celebratory occasion, these solar lights are fitting for indoor and outdoor spaces. During the day, the solar panel absorbs sun rays and charges the light. As a result, you get proper illumination all night long.


Dusk to Dawn

It is not always possible to switch off the lights as soon as the sun is out. As a result, you might face trouble keeping the battery charge intact. However, BRTLX lights are fitted with sensors. As a result, the lights are switched on when it gets dark and off when daylight is detected.

Various Lighting Modes

If you want to change the atmosphere, you also get 4 different lighting modes, i.e., steady on, slow flash, flashing, and fast flash.

For example, you can choose the fast flash for a jubilant ambiance or while dancing. Similarly, a steady or slow flash is ideal for a relaxing atmosphere.

Shatterproof and Waterproof

Conventional glass bulbs can easily shatter when met with collision or in transit. However, these solar lights include G40 bulbs that are highly durable and plastic.

Solar panels are IP65 proof, and bulbs are IP44 weatherproof. As a result, these lights can handle any unexpected weather changes.

Remote Control

Whenever you want to change the lighting mode or switch off the product, there is no need to get up and look for the buttons.

You can simply use the remote control for adjusting brightness and other functions. It works well up to a distance of 15 meters.


  • 4 different lighting modes for creating different moods
  • Bulbs are made of plastic and are shatterproof


  • No warranty information
  • IP44 bulb proofing might not work against water splashes

5. YIQU Extra Long Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

YIQU Extra Long Crystal Globe Pergola Lights

Spruce up your home decor with these extra-long crystal globe lights that work well with all occasions. These lights are ideal to be strung across your balcony, garden, porch, or other spacy areas. Simply attach both ends of the string to a solid surface using a nail or a hook.


Automated On/Off

Forget all the running around and hassle regarding switching the lights on and off. Even if you leave these lights on overnight, they will automatically switch off when the sun starts rising.

This product is fitted with a light sensor that accurately notes the outside lighting level.

8 Lighting Modes

Are you bored with the same-old static lights? Switch to YIQU pergola lights for 8 different lighting modes. You can expect different ambiances from steady, flashing, twinkling, slow fading, and other lighting patterns.

You can choose a more upbeat mode for dancing, like flash flashes or constant twinkling.

Quick Charging Technology

These solar lights are extremely environmentally friendly and save your electricity costs. All you have to do is place the solar panel in bright sunlight for over 6 to 8 hours. As a result, you will get over 10-12 hours of full illumination.

IP65 Waterproof

Once attached over the roof or in the garden, you don’t necessarily have to remove the lights and safely pack them.

With IP65 waterproofing, the water cannot enter the bulbs. Therefore, the lights work through rainy or stormy weather exceptionally well.


  • 8 different lighting modes
  • LED bulbs emit a warm white glow
  • Solar kit consists of 80 bulbs
  • Lights switch on and off automatically


  • The outer bulb shell may get scratches over a long time

6. Brightown Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Brightown Solar String Outdoor Pergola Lights

Want to recreate vintage decor in your pergola? The Brightown lights work just fine for the cause, as you can see the filament inside the bulb. The solar kit includes a 29 feet long string with 25 LED bulbs placed evenly.


Solar and USB Charging

When fully charged, these lights provide over 15 to 18 hours of bright illumination. The panel is 180 degrees adjustable to ensure maximum sun exposure.

However, if the weather has turned cloudy or rainy, you can also use a USB to charge the lights.

Versatile Use

Whether you plan to have an intimate get-together or throw a big party, these lights work well for all events.

Simply attach both ends of the string to a solid surface and hang the lights over your patio, restaurant, porch, or pergola. The ensemble will add an unmatchable charm to your decor.

Energy Saving LEDs

Here, you will find 25 LEDs evenly placed at a 12-inch distance. The G40 bulbs with an E12 base are ideal for sufficient illumination.

Each bulb is of 1-watt power and helps you save electricity. Even after hours of continuous usage, the surface of light will not heat up.

Lighting Modes

If you are bored of the classic, steady flashing lights, add a bit of change to your decor with Brightown outdoor lights.

These lights are available in 4 different lighting modes: quick flash, slow flash, pulsating light, and steady light.


  • 4 different lighting modes
  • Apart from solar energy, you can also charge the lights with a USB
  • The solar panel is 180 degrees adjustable


  • You need to be careful while handling the strings

7. WERTIOO Solar String Pergola Lights

WERTIOO Solar String Pergola Lights

Investing your money in WERTIOO solar pergola lights is well worth the effort for easy installation and a warm glow. These lights have automated sensors for detecting the level of brightness outside. Additionally, you get multiple lighting modes that fit all occasions well.


Easy Installation

In these solar light kits, bulbs are held together with the help of thin copper wires. You can even mold them into the desired shape based on your preference.

The solar panel is 150 degrees adjustable. As a result, you can easily place it on a flat surface and turn it around for maximum sun exposure.

Energy Saving

Charged with solar energy, these bulbs positively impact the environment.

You save on electricity bills and require no external power source.

Additionally, the lights automatically switch based on the brightness level outside.

Lighting Modes

Give your standard lighting setup a much-needed change with the WERTIOO pergola lights. Here, you get different lighting modes like twinkle, flash, slow waves, sequential, slogs, etc.

You can simply press the button on the given remote to change the lighting mode. Once you have found your preferred setting, leave it on.

IP65 Waterproof

With WERTIOO, you get 80 LED bulbs strung on a 45 feet long cord. These lights are made by keeping in mind the IP65 waterproof technology.

These lights worked well through different weather conditions like rain and snow when experiments were conducted.


  • Different lighting modes make it an ideal purchase for all events
  • Automatic ON/OFF saves the extra battery from discharging during the day
  • The company provides a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • IP65 waterproof technology helps keep the lights working during rain or snow


  • The cord can easily get tangled due to the higher frequency of bulbs attached

8. Meidaoduo Solar Powered Globe String Pergola Lights

Meidaoduo Solar Powered Globe String Pergola Lights

Illuminate your home with premium quality Meidaoduo pergola lights. This product is ideal for creating an exotic vibe and providing sufficient brightness to host a small gathering or party. In the solar kit, you will get 18 sockets and 20 bulbs with 1-watt power each.


Vintage Appearance

If you are hoping to go for classic, Italian-style lighting, this product will best fit your purpose. Simply attach both ends of the string to a wall or solid surface and let the light’s warm glow do the rest.

Whether you are planning to host a birthday party, romantic date, BBQ dinner, or any other event, these lights will not disappoint you.

High-Capacity Battery

These lights come equipped with a 180-degree adjustable solar panel. As a result, you can adjust the panel surface to ensure maximum sun exposure.

You can also charge the 4400 mAh built-in battery using a USB outlet if the weather is rainy or cloudy.

Shatterproof Bulbs

Worried about accidentally breaking the bulb shell? In this case, you get G40 shatterproof bulbs that are safe to handle even by kids or pets. Once you screw the bulb into the socket, it will not fall out in any circumstance.

Lighting Modes

These multi-purpose lights can be easily used for different occasions. Here, you get 4 lighting variations: slow flash, strobe, breath, and stable mode.

Simply press the button on the remote to switch the mode. You can also set a timer for each type.


  • USB charging slot
  • A warm white glow gives an aesthetic, vintage glow
  • Four different lighting modes
  • Bulbs are shatterproof


  • You cannot change the brightness level of the bulb

9. ZOTOYI Solar String Filament Pergola Lights

ZOTOYI Solar String Filament Pergola Lights

ZOTOYI outdoor string lights are an excellent choice for any residential or commercial setting. With waterproof technology and high-quality material, these lights will make the entire space event-ready in no time.
Additionally, you can leave the lights on without fearing external damage or deterioration.


Energy Saving

Switching to solar power will help you save large electricity bills. You will get 24 units of E12 sockets in the kit, 26 pieces of G40 plastic bulbs, and 26 filaments of 0.2-watt power.

A soft, warm glow helps set the mood for an intimate gathering.

Shatterproof and Weatherproof

With ZOTOYI solar lights, you don’t have to worry about kids dropping the bulbs out of the blue. The plastic shell does not crack when subjected to high pressure.

IP65 technology makes the bulbs waterproof. As a result, lights can be used even in heavy rains or snowy weather.

USB Charging

Usually, 6-8 hours of sun exposure is enough to run the lights for around 8-12 hours. You can rotate the solar panel up to 180 degrees for better exposure.

You can use the provided USB slot to charge the lights if you live in a geographical area where rainy or cloudy weather is quite common.

Flexible Use

Can’t find an electrical socket where you want to hang your lights? No problem! With ZOTOYI products, you can easily use a nail or a hook to hang the lights overhead.

Additionally, you get a 1-year warranty in case the product stops working.


  • USB charging slot
  • IP65 technology keeps the lights running in different climatic conditions
  • No socket or outlet is required to run the lights


  • Different lighting modes are not present

10. SHISOP Solar String Pergola Lights

SHISOP Solar String Pergola Lights

Light up your home’s pergola with these SHISOP lights. Here, you get an adjustable solar panel and IP65 proofing. These solar string lights successfully add a much-needed spark to any party. Once installed, you don’t need to remove them repeatedly.


User Friendly

These string lights have the power of 1.5 watts and can be easily installed on any solid surface. The solar panel is easily adjustable and requires no external outlets.

These solar lights will work all day with 5-6 hours of charging.


Created with the utmost care, SHISOP solar lights are waterproof and ideal for working in extreme weather conditions. Complete isolation helps protect lights from rain, hail, snow, wind, desert, moisture, etc.

Additionally, the bulbs are shatterproof and highly durable. S14-grade bulbs can easily withstand heat up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The rubberized cord also makes these lights ideal for extended usage.

Easy Installation

If you want to hang lights up high where sockets might not be available, you can easily do that. You don’t have to plug in the cables repeatedly with solar charging.

For installing the solar panel, you have two choices. You can clamp it on the fence or mount it on a flat surface.

Atmosphere Creator

Sometimes you might be in the mood to set a romantic night on the roof or the lawn. In such cases, you can efficiently utilize these lights.

Additionally, the company also offers you a chance to contact them if the product does not work as well as intended.


  • Lights can withstand rough weather conditions like rain or snow
  • You can use these lights on multiple occasions
  • The installation process is quite simple


  • Different lighting modes are not available

Solar Pergola Light Buying Guide

All the products mentioned in this guide are premium quality and fit for daily usage. The listed items will meet all your expectations and leave you satisfied with the purchase.

However, before investing your money in the product, you must know about solar pergola lights. After all, you might have different requirements regarding the products.

The following section will detail all information about these lights.

Hopefully, you will be able to make the best decision with the help of this guide.

What are Solar Pergola Lights?

Solar pergola lights are outdoor devices that can be used to illuminate any open area. You can easily hang these lights over a pergola by attaching both ends of the string to a solid surface.

These lights don’t require any electric power to work. Instead, solar energy is utilized to illuminate the area.

Generally, these lights come in the form of bulbs attached to a long string. You have to screw the bulbs to the sockets individually.

How Does a Solar Pergola Light Work?

Pergola Solar LightsThese lights come with an attached solar panel. The panel’s surface has plenty of PV (photovoltaic) cells responsible for absorbing the sun rays and converting them into power.

The unit stores this energy in the battery. You can then utilize the stored power to illuminate the area during the night. Additionally, these lights include a sensor that automatically switches the system ON/OFF based on the brightness level outside.

The unit also includes a photoresistor system. It helps prevent battery overcharge and the backflow of the current to the panel.

What are the Advantages of Solar Pergola Lights?

Needless to say, solar pergola lights help reduce your carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly. However, these lights also provide other benefits such as:

  • They help save electricity bills and are pocket-friendly in the long run
  • The energy source is available in abundance and is infinite
  • There are no external power sockets or energy supply required
  • These lights require zero to minimal maintenance over years
  • Most lights are made with waterproof technology and can withstand rough weather
  • You will find multiple designs and lighting modes

Therefore, these lights are an ideal alternative to expensive electricity-powered ones. With improving technological advancements in the solar field, these lights prove to be an efficient investment over a long time.

Can Solar Pergola Lights be Used in Heavy Snowfall?

Reputed brands manufacture solar pergola lights with IP65 technology. As a result, most lights are weatherproof and can be easily installed on mountainous terrains.

However, you should also ensure that the bulb shell in these lights is made of hard material. Otherwise, it might crack due to high pressure.

In such areas, the biggest challenge to tackle is the continuous availability of sunlight. Therefore, you must also check the battery capacity of these lights.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Pergola Lights

If you have finally decided to switch to eco-friendly options, consider a few factors before investing in solar pergola lights. They are as follows:


One of the most important factors to consider is the level of brightness provided by the pergola lights. Technically, brightness is measured in lumens to check according to your requirements. For example, if you purchase lights just for aesthetic purposes, you can settle for lower brightness.

Ideally, you should get pergola lights within the 12 to 100 lumens range. Lower brightness will be sufficient for intimate events, while a higher value will best suit large gatherings or parties.

Battery Capacity

Solar Pergola LightsSolar light kits include a pre-attached rechargeable battery unit that stores all the power converted from sun rays. In the case of cloudy days, you will have to rely on the battery unit to operate the light.

Therefore, ensure that you have a long-lasting battery. Its capacity is measured in milliamps X hour (mAh) rating.

It is better to opt for lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. The latter ones are pretty powerful and compact. Even though they are expensive, these batteries work best in the long run.

Design and Pattern

Solar pergola lights are available in multiple designs and patterns. If you are a fan of classic, filament-style bulbs, you can choose to purchase those.

You can also go for crystal globe-like light structures for a more upbeat vibe. You can choose the most fitting piece based on the events you host.

You can also choose whether the bulb socket is attached to the socket or not. If not, you will have various solar lights where the bulb droops a little down from the rubberized cord.


The hours taken for the battery to drain completely indicates a solar light’s runtime. It is dependent on the wattage of solar cells. Higher runtime will allow the lights to work for more hours during the night.

Some lights will work for 6-8 hours after being ultimately charged. However, other better models might also work for 10-12 hours.

You can also attach multiple rechargeable batteries to increase its runtime. Additionally, you should purchase solar lights from well-known brands. In this case, you can always claim a warranty or get customer support if the light doesn’t work well as per your expectations.


Decorating your homes is an exciting yet artistic activity, but along with a creative mindset, you also require the help of appropriate lighting to maximize its charm. One such option is solar pergola lights.

You can hang these lights on the arch of the pergola or wrap them around the pillars. Based on your preference, you can choose the ideal design and pattern.

Solar lights are environment and pocket-friendly in the long run. However, there are multiple other benefits to note, like low maintenance and the availability of inexhaustible energy sources.

Additionally, these lights are effortless to install. All you need to do is attach both ends of the string using a nail or a hook.

In short, solar pergola lights present a range of benefits that will fulfill all your expectations.