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Do you have a pond in your residence which you want to decorate? How about illuminating at night for an enchanting feeling? You might think about water fountains at first, but they may be expensive. That’s why the perfect option is a solar pond light.

Solar pond lights are super easy to maintain and harness the power of the sun to light up your pond. While saving you lots of bucks, these lights can make your place look magical all night long!

To help you narrow down the ideal light for your pond, we’ve reviewed the best solar pond lights here. Take a look at their features, pros, and cons to make the perfect purchase.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar pond lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



T-SUN Solar Pond Lights

T-SUN Solar Pond Lights

A high-quality product offering excellent illumination, these lights offer RGB lighting all night long. The motion sensor controls its functioning and sunlight absorption and saves energy efficiently. Nice design and comes with a user manual for simple installation. Read more

PChero Submersible Solar Pond Light

PChero Submersible Solar Pond Light

The complete unit is waterproof and easily submergible. It’s excellent for pools, ponds, fountains, or any water surface which needs decoration. The motion sensor controls sunlight absorption and energy conservation, making it an excellent purchase. Read more

Aveki Solar LED Pond Lights

Aveki Solar LED Pond Lights

A great budget-friendly option, this product from Aveki offers top-notch illumination. Having water and a dustproof surface will offer non-stop lighting for almost 12 hours at night. The high-quality light control system switches it on/off as per the surroundings. Read more

WishHome Solar Pond Lights

WishHome Solar Pond Lights

An excellent product with a lithium-ion battery and an efficient solar panel. Easy to install and use, these lights can offer outstanding illumination for up to 9 hours. If you aren’t satisfied with their performance, you can avail of the 60-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. Read more

SHOYO RGB Solar Pond Lights

SHOYO RGB Solar Pond Lights

An extremely versatile product and can be used to decorate any water or land surface. The exciting RGB colors offer excellent variation in illumination, while the IP68 rating keeps it waterproof when submerged. Read more

CORESLUX Solar Pond Lights

CORESLUX Solar Pond Lights

This product is popular for its durability and affordability. Coming with 18 powerful LEDs, this solar pond light can any pool or porch with ease. Manufactured using tough ABS plastic material, its waterproof surface makes it run for years. Read more

MIKK Floating Pond Light

MIKK Floating Pond Light

With a unique design and efficient lighting, this product stands out due to its performance. Attractive and compact, yet highly functional, these come with three color-changing modes. Read more

AquaHEX 60X Solar Underwater Lights

AquaHEX 60X Solar Underwater Lights

It comes with a powerful battery and an efficient solar panel. With three convenient power settings, these lights can work effortlessly for up to 12 hours with a full charge. Read more

Lychee Solar Pond Lights

Lychee Solar Pond Lights

With durable construction and weatherproof design, these lights can illuminate any pond or patio with ease. Being extremely to install, you can set them up anywhere in no time. Read more

FEIFEIER Solar Pond Spotlights

FEIFEIER Solar Pond Spotlights

They come with an efficient light sensor which saves energy. After sufficient charging, these lights will be up for 8 hours. These are 100% waterproof and dustproof, which enhances their durability. Read more

10 Best Solar Pond Lights

1. T-SUN Solar Pond Lights

T-SUN Solar Pond Lights

We begin our list with this amazing solar pond light from T-SUN, a positively rated brand. If you’re looking for an excellent product at a decent price range, then you can check this out.

With 5 LED solar lights and an attractive design, this will surely illuminate any pool or pond efficiently.


Adjustable LED Lights

This attractive product has a set of 5 LED RGB lights and an F5 straight lamp. The lights are purely adjustable and can tilt at an angle of 90° with ease. It offers you great flexibility to turn the lights where ever you want.

Light Motion Sensing

These amazing lights are embedded with a light motion auto sensor that shuts them down during the day. After getting charged up using the sunlight, the sensor turns the light on at night to offer uninterrupted pond lighting.

This feature also makes it power efficient.


These solar pond lights are completely waterproof, and you can place them directly underwater. So, it will offer an enchanting glow to the whole pond! It is also dustproof, which displays its high quality.

With an IP68 Waterproof rating, this is one of the best products you’ll find.

Dual Lighting Modes

You can easily change the RGB color patterns using the dual light settings. If you long-press the switch for more than 3 seconds at the first click, the auto changing mode turns on. The second click turns on the fixed color mode.

With the third click, you can switch off the light by holding the switch for 3 seconds or more.


  • High quality polycrystalline solar panels for efficient absorption
  • Easy solar panel installation using the ground spike
  • 1800 mAH lithium battery for excellent energy conservation
  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • Comes with a user manual


  • Its brightness may not be suitable for a large pond

2. PChero Submersible Solar Pond Light

PChero Submersible Solar Pond Light

These solar pond lights can be completely submerged underwater and still make your pool glow at night. Consisting of three LED lamps and a premium quality solar panel, these lights can uplift the overall appearance of your entire residence.


Dusk to Dawn Sensor

These lights come equipped with a powerful sensor that allows them to offer efficient lighting while saving energy. It is because the sensors turn off the light during the day to absorb sunlight. Then, they turn on the lights when it’s dark.

So, you just need to install them, and they’ll work there automatically.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

You can emerge as these lights underwater for a long time as they are 100% waterproof. Using the suction cups, you can easily mount these spotlights underwater or on any smooth surface.

The spotlights have an IP68 rating, and the solar panel has an IP65 rating, making them waterproof and efficient.

Wide Usage

You can use these super bights LED spotlights in a variety of places for excellent illumination. Apart from lighting up your ponds, you can use them to decorate your entrance, gate, parking lot, park, benches, garage, yard, or driveway.

The multi-color design makes these lights ideal for barbecue, Christmas, wedding, or Halloween.

Simple Installation

You only know that the lights can be easily positioned underwater. However, the Solar Panel is very flexible, placed on a mounting pole, and spiked to the ground. Alternatively, you can position it on a fence and screw it.

Plus, the Solar Panel is rotatable, and you can install them in multiple ways to receive maximum sunlight.


  • Nine suction cups for easy underwater placement
  • Waterproof spotlights and solar panel
  • Offers super bright 12 RGB color patterns and four lighting modes
  • Provides 14 hours of uninterrupted lighting with a full charge
  • Efficient light sensor


  • The number of lights might be insufficient for some users

3. Aveki Solar LED Pond Lights

Aveki Solar LED Pond Lights

For those of you looking for a budget option for a solar pond light, you can give this a shot. This set of 6 LED solar pond lights from Aveki can efficiently illuminate your pool or pond, even if you’re on a shoestring budget.

With low maintenance and hassle-free setup, it’s good value for money.


Hassle-free Installation

You can easily install these solar pond lights using the mounting pole which comes with them. The solar panel is adjustable, and you can tilt it to any angle for maximum sunlight absorption. Moreover, the Solar Panels are adjustable so that you can move them up or down at your convenience.

Weatherproof Material

These lights are made of high-quality material which is completely waterproof and dustproof. With a rating of IP65, you can safely place these lights underwater for a warm glow.

Besides, as it’s dustproof, you can use the product indoors and outdoors to light up any surface.

Light Control System

This light has a unique light control system that automatically turns the light on/off according to the surroundings. So, these lights stay off during the day and absorb sunlight for charging up.

When it’s dark, the control system turns these lights on for efficient brightening. Note that if the surroundings are too bright, these lights won’t turn on.

Premium Eco-friendly Solution

These lights don’t require any AC or DC power for functioning, as they harness solar energy. They come with a high-efficiency solar panel having an excellent conversion rate.

When charged for 8 hours under direct sunlight, these lights can offer 8 to 12 hours of continuous lighting.


  • Versatile lighting for pools, ponds, garden, or fish tank
  • 8 to 12 hours of illumination
  • Dustproof and waterproof surface for maximum durability
  • Flexible and adjustable solar panel
  • High-quality lighting at an affordable rate


  • Insufficient illumination

4. WishHome Solar Pond Lights

WishHome Solar Pond Lights

The next product on our list is by WishHome and is a very well-loved product. These solar lights offer excellent illumination, thanks to a powerful battery and solar panel.

The multi-colored lights can not only illuminate your pond or pool but also gardens, driveways, lawn, yard, patio, and landscape lighting.



These lights have a rating of IP68 and are waterproof and dustproof. So, you can place them underwater or on any land surface easily. You can also place it under a tree, and it will light up just fine. However, make sure to place the solar panel on a dry surface.

Efficient Battery

This product comes with a highly efficient lithium-ion battery having a capacity of 2000 mAh. After getting charged for 8 hours under the sun, the batteries can keep these lights on for 6 to 9 hours. But, it needs to be charged under sufficient sunlight for the lights to work.

Easy to Install

These lights are pretty easy to set up, with a stake or mounting pole that you can easily push into the ground. Along with this, you can fix the solar panel on the ground, on a wall, or on your lawn. You can adjust the panel for maximum sunlight absorption.

1-year Warranty

The brand offers you a product warranty of 1 year and a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if the product doesn’t satisfy you after using it for two months, you can just send it back. That displays the company’s commitment and customer service.


  • 60-day full refund and 1-year warranty
  • The powerful battery offers 6 to 9 hours of lighting
  • Offers multiple colors and single color lighting
  • Easily rotatable solar panel for better absorption
  • Simple installation


  • Colors change a bit too fast

5. SHOYO RGB Solar Pond Lights

SHOYO RGB Solar Pond Lights

If you are a fan of RGB lights, then you’ll surely love this product. This set of two RGB solar lights is perfect for any pond or garden in a very compact and neat design. With four lighting modes and a weatherproof body, this can be a bang for your buck.


Multiple Lighting Modes

These lights have four lighting modes which offer you a total of 16 RGB light variations. You can change the brightness and light colors using the remote. It also offers a clear white color, which is created after combining all colors.

So, these can make any pool or patio spectacular!

Removable Sucker Cups

The sucker cups that come with these lights are easily removable, and you can use them to set up the lights in no time. You can place these sucker cups on any smooth surface and position the lights on them. In addition, you can screw these cups on a wall or the ground.

IP68 Rating

No solar pond light can work efficiently without being waterproof. Don’t worry, as this light won’t fail you here! Coming with a rating of IP68, these waterproof lights will light up any water surface without any problem at all.


  • It can be used for fountain and pond lights
  • Multiple bright RGB colors for excellent decoration
  • IP68 waterproof rating for better durability
  • Removable sucker cups for quick setup
  • Convenient control using remote


  • Doesn’t light up a large area

6. CORESLUX Solar Pond Lights

CORESLUX Solar Pond Lights

Our next entry on the list of best solar pond lights is a set of high-power LED lights from CORESLUX. These are of high quality, have a modern design, and can be installed to illuminate your pool or lawn.

With a reasonable price range, these lights are also popular for their durability.


Powerful Solar Panel

These solar pond lights come with an extremely efficient solar panel which is quite large. Having a high absorption rate can offer you excellent lighting as soon as it gets dark.

It needs 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight to get charged.

Weatherproof Material

These solar lights are manufactured using ABS plastic, which is waterproof and dustproof. Having a rating of IP68, you can easily submerge these lights underwater for a spectacular appearance at night. However, keep the Solar Panel away from water and always under direct sunlight.

Convenient Installation

Nobody likes a solar light which is difficult to set up. Thankfully, these lights come with a set of screw caps and screws for convenient installation. You can mount them on a wall or stick them into the ground.

In addition, the lights and the Solar Panel can be moved up or down at your convenience.

Attractive Lighting Modes

This product comes with 18 Bright LED beads, which are sufficient to light up your residence or ponds. You can select between a particular light or multiple RGB lights. All you need to do is long-press the ON button for 3 seconds to turn it on.


  • Adjustable solar panel angle for effective absorption
  • Waterproof ABS plastic for outstanding longevity
  • Fixed and multiple color illumination
  • Light control system efficiently charges the product during the day
  • It can be used in ponds, pools, aquariums, and lawns


  • Bad weather can affect the lighting time

7. MIKK Floating Pond Light

MIKK Floating Pond Light

If you are looking for something fancy and super attractive, then you can’t go wrong with these lights from MIKK. These colorful floating pond lights are power-efficient and will easily light a pool while floating around at night. They are a simple way to decorate any pool or water surface.

If you have kids or pets at home, they’ll surely love it!


All Night Functioning

These solar pond lights can work all night long and offer uninterrupted lighting. As they have rechargeable batteries, you’ll have nothing to worry about. After getting a full charge under direct sunlight, the batteries allow the lights to glow all night.

Durable Construction

These attractive solar lights are manufactured using toy-grade plastic, which contains polyethylene. It makes the lights completely dustproof and waterproof. The lights are extremely durable and safe to touch.

Moreover, they are also lead-free and BAP-free which is an example of their excellent quality.

Multi-purpose Usage

Apart from illuminating ponds, these lights serve a variety of purposes. You can use them as night lights or as decorative lights. Install them on your backyard, lawn, poolside, porch, or deck. In addition, you can also use them while your kids are taking a blast in the bathtub.

Convenient Controls

You can easily control these lights using the handy remote. You can adjust the brightness and select between 8 colors. Further, you can choose between the three available color-changing modes for a magical experience!

The best part? You can control these attractive lights from a distance of 164 feet.


  • Creates a romantic atmosphere with vibrant colors
  • Dustproof, waterproof and tough material for maximum durability
  • Being BAP-free and lead-free, it’s safe for kids
  • It can be used to decorate pools, ponds, patio, or as a night light
  • Easy to use remote has a range of 164 feet


  • The number of lights is low

8. AquaHEX 60X Solar Underwater Lights

AquaHEX 60X Solar Underwater Lights

Are you looking for a compact yet efficient solar pond light? Then this set of lights from AquaHEX might be just what you’re looking for. They offer a warm white-colored LED glow, which can light up your poolside or pond effortlessly.

This light will be a great value for money with a simple installation process and a reasonable price.


Efficient Energy Conversion

These lights are equipped with an industry-grade solar panel that has a good conversion rate. After harnessing the power of the sun, the energy gets stored in its lithium battery.

So, these lights can brighten up the place when placed near the water source, even on a low setting.

Excellent Illumination

It might have a single LED and a small size, but it takes a lot of power. In addition, the 3,000K LED lights are equipped with a magnifier lens and a unique design for efficient lighting. They can offer 60 to 100 lumens and come with three power settings – low, medium, and high.

Efficient Power Settings

You can adjust the power settings as you like, as there are 3 of them! These lights can run for 12-15 hours on a low power setting and 7-12 hours on a medium setting. Further, the high power setting offers an operation period of 3-6 hours.

Simple Setup

You can easily install these lights as they don’t have any complicated wires or electrical sockets. You get a rigid stake to mount it to the ground easily, on edge and border plants. It has a heavy base and four high-quality suction cups for fixing it underwater without any hassles.


  • Industry grade solar panel for excellent absorption
  • High-power LED offering 3000K brightness
  • Suction cups for convenient installation underwater
  • Great features at an affordable price
  • All night lighting for 12 hours


  • Doesn’t cover a large area

9. Lychee Solar Pond Lights

Lychee Solar Pond Lights

If you are looking for a multi-purpose and feature-rich product to light up your place, then these solar lights will grab your attention. With a lot of positive reviews, these lights come with four color-changing modes and an excellent remote to control them effortlessly.


Long-lasting Construction

These excellent solar pond lights are manufactured using a material that is a combo of ABS and PC. That enhances its longevity and protects the light’s internal components.

Further, as the product comes with an IP68 waterproof rating, you can immerse it under your pool or pond without issues.

Efficient Light Sensor

These excellent lights come with an in-built light sensor that controls their functioning. The sensor allows it to recharge during the day and switch off at night. Then, it can offer excellent illumination all night long.
The powerful solar panel takes care of energy absorption.

Versatile Applications

Apart from lighting up your pools magically, these lights have versatile decorative purposes. You can place it on your entrance, parking lot, garden, playground, driveway, garage, or alleyway.

These are great to make any place look fantastic. Also, this night lighting is great for parties.

Easy to Install

These lights are super easy to install and don’t require any additional assistance. You can place the solar panel on the spike and stick it to the ground. Or, you can mount the solar panel on a wall using the screws and screw cap.

All you need to do is adjust the face of the panel, so it gets ample sunlight.


  • Upgraded solar panel withstands damage
  • The light is adjustable up to 90 degrees for better lighting
  • IP68 waterproof rating for hassle-free immersion
  • Screws and screw cap for easy installation
  • Can be used to decorate garage, porch, yard, pool, or gate


  • Remote control would have been more convenient

10. FEIFEIER Solar Pond Spotlights

FEIFEIER Solar Pond Spotlights

The final product on our list can be used to decorate any water or land surface. These flexible and powerful solar pond lights can offer you majestic lighting at night. With a weatherproof design and having a simple installation technique, these will suit all residences.


Dusk to Dawn Sensor

These lights come equipped with light sensors, which allowed them to conserve energy and perform properly. This mechanism switches the lights off during the day to recharge them. They will be switched on at night to offer excellent lighting.

The sensor allows the lights to work efficiently for years.

2-in-1 Installation

You can install these lights using two ways. Firstly, stick the mounting pole to the ground and place the solar panel on it. Secondly, position the solar panel on a wall using the screws that come with the package.

You can adjust the solar panel to about 180 degrees to get maximum exposure.

Amphibious Design

You can submerge these lights underwater, thanks to the IP68 waterproof rating and amphibious design. Being waterproof and dustproof, you can place these lights anywhere – on your poolside, patio, deck, and as a decoration for midnight parties.

All your outdoor events will be better than ever while saving loads on electric bills.


  • Offers uninterrupted lighting for more than 12 hours
  • Dustproof and waterproof construction for long-lasting performance
  • Used for decorating pool, pond, fountain, garden, aquarium, and patio
  • Adjustable and flexible solar panel for proper absorption
  • Smart design


  • The suction cups aren’t of high-quality

Solar Pond Light Buying Guide

Even if you have made your choice of solar pond light from our reviews, hold that thought. You need to know all the important specs of these lights to make a well-informed decision. Let’s dive right into the details!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Pond Lights


Perhaps the most important factor while selecting a solar pond light is whether it’s waterproof. Some products will offer you lighting that can penetrate underwater if you place them on a land surface.

Solar Pond LightsThat can be the edge of a pool. However, it doesn’t mean that the light is 100% waterproof.

You need to check whether the lights are submersible while going through the product details. It will allow you to place the lights deep inside a pool or a pond and illuminate it.

However, if you don’t want to immerse it underwater, you can go for surface lights which you can use for pond decoration.

Color Variations

When it comes to lights and decorations, you will get a lot of options for colors. The most common color options for solar pond lights are – single lighting and multiple colors.

Products that offer a single color are often available at a lower price than the multi-colored variants. These lights don’t have many fancy features but still offer efficient lighting throughout the night. So, it may be an excellent option for lighting up a pool, but not a party deck.

On the other hand, you have multi-colored lights. These are usually found in the form of RGB lights and offer you a lot of variations. You can adjust the brightness, color patterns, and lighting speed. Some of these products also come with remote control.

Therefore, the choice will depend upon your budget and personal preference.

Number of Lights

The number of lights in a package will determine the amount of brightness you will get. Also, you can understand the area light will cover. You will notice that some of the products we’ve mentioned in our list consist of three or six lights in a set.

The number of lights in a set will affect the performance, longevity, and power efficiency. So, if you have a small water surface like a pond or a medium-sized fountain, a smaller number of lights will suffice.

But, if you have a larger area to cover, such as a wide pool at your residence or a resort, you’ll need more lights. You can also reach out to the manufacturer or retailer to get more info on this.


To use solar pond lights for many years, you need to ensure their durability first. No matter how attractive a light seems, if the construction isn’t durable, it won’t be effective in the long run.

So, check for products having a damage-proof surface along with water protection. That will allow the lights to withstand harsh climatic conditions such as heavy showers, snowstorms, and extreme heat. As you will probably keep them outside, these lights will be capable of tackling damage.

Therefore, ABS plastic material, Polycarbonate, or a combination of both is an excellent choice for any solar pond light. You also need to check the material used to design the solar panel and remote control.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of solar pond light will determine its performance and also how much you’ll save. So, to understand the energy efficiency of a solar pond light, you need to take a look at its solar panel and light sensor.

Garden PondMost of these lights come with a polycrystalline solar panel, which is high quality and allows maximum absorption. For excellent power efficiency, the solar panel needs to have a high conversion rate. In addition, the battery also needs to be of industrial grade.

Then comes the light sensor. If this device efficiently turns the lights on or off, they are bound to save more energy. So, check the number of hours required to charge the light and when it’s turned off.

In general, standard solar pond lights charge within 6 to 8 hours under the sun. After that, the lights must offer you at least eight to twelve hours of uninterrupted illumination.

Ease of Installation

Any solar pond light you buy must be easy to install without any assistance. That will save you a lot of time and energy, which you can spend decorating your residence.

Look for solar lights having versatile installation facilities. You must be able to mount the solar panel on a pole or position it on a wall. Also, the solar panel must be adjustable enough to receive maximum exposure to sunlight.

Then, you need to take a closer look at the suction cups and the base of the lights. The base needs to be solid, and the suction cups need to stick to any surface easily, especially the bottom of a pool.

In addition, you can also check whether the product comes with a user manual. You can also ask for one by contacting the retailer.


Solar pond lights need to be low-maintenance to free you from any hassles. Over time, the light’s surfaces might gather dust or grime. That can significantly affect its performance by reducing the brightness of the LEDs.

So, you need to select a light having a dustproof surface. That will prevent it from gathering too much dirt. Also, you can easily clean the surface with a soft microfiber cloth.

Just a little cleanup and maintenance after every three months will keep your lights shining brightly! Moreover, this will also increase the longevity of the lights.

Wrap Up

Solar pond lights are one of the most convenient ways to decorate your residence. Being an extremely eco-friendly option, you can also use them on your driveway or entrance for better lighting.

These devices can prove to be an excellent security feature for your home. However, to select the best solar pond light, you need to check its specs and construction. Such an intelligent purchase will be a bang for your buck in the future.

If you ever face any issues, don’t forget to check out our buying guide for the best info!