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An evening swim in warm waters is one of the most refreshing experiences after a long hectic day. However, you do not want the hassle of cords and the potential dangers electric pool heaters bear.

Well, the best solar pool cover can perform as excellently as an electric one, or even better!

Without a pool cover, you are losing a staggering amount of 7,300 liters of water to evaporation! So why not get a solar pool cover that reduces the evaporation rate up to 95%? Additionally, it also helps warm up the water and retain the heat.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar pool covers available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Sun2Solar Blue Round Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Blue Round Solar Cover

It is a blue sheet of air bubbles that trap the sun’s ultraviolet rays and converts them into heat. This fantastic pool cover keeps the water warm without any energy requirement while also eliminating the need for cleaning. Read more

Intex Recreation 29025E N/AA Solar Cover

Intex Recreation 29025E N/AA Solar Cover

If you are looking for an economical solar cover for your pool, this is it! The blue sheet of bubbles floats on the water and helps maintain high water temperature. Additionally, it comes with a carry bag, ensuring ease of use. Read more

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket

This is one of the thickest, most durable round cover options for your pool. It is a solar blanket with numerous bubbles that trap heat and keep the water warm through cold nights and cloudy days. Read more

Summer Waves Adjustable Round Solar Cover

Summer Waves Adjustable Round Solar Cover

It is a mid-ranged, quality solar cover that features PVC material. Apart from durability, this piece stands out from others with its adjustability and locking features. Rest assured of its efficiency as it will keep the pool water warm for a prolonged period. Read more

In The Swim Rectangle Basic Pool Solar Cover

In The Swim Rectangle Basic Pool Solar Cover

It is a premium solar cover that significantly raises your pool water temperature. Besides experiencing a considerable increase in water temperature, you will wake up to a clean pool every day. Plus, the high-quality sheet is sure to last long! Read more

Robelle Round Space Age Diamond Solar Pool Cover

Robelle Round Space Age Diamond Solar Pool Cover

With the 21-feet Robelle cover, you need not worry about covering your extra-large pool. It is a heavy-duty solar sheet comprising numerous diamond-shaped boxes and aluminum lining that work together to trap and retain warmth. Read more

Intex Solar Cover for Easy Set and Frame Pools

Intex Solar Cover for Easy Set and Frame Pools

It is a budget-friendly solar cover for round above-the-ground pools. The sheet floats on the water and performs efficiently by retaining heat. Furthermore, it reduces water evaporation by 95% and keeps the pool clean round the clock. Read more

7 Best Solar Pool Covers

1. Sun2Solar Blue Round Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Blue Round Solar Cover

The Sun2Solar Blue Round Solar Cover is a 15-foot swimming pool cover that warms up your pool naturally. It is a large blue sheet of air bubbles that trap UV rays and convert them into heat. Bid farewell to dangerous cords and wires and take a dip in warm water without any hassle!


Minimizes Evaporation

The Sun2Solar cover is made from durable resin material. It is thick enough to minimize water evaporation for up to 95%, occurring in uncovered pools at a significant rate. With this amazing cover by your side, you need not refill the pool time and again.

Ensures Heat Retention

Another excellent feature of this pool cover is that it not only warms up the water but also retains heat. You can use the sheet to cover your pool once everyone is out of the water in the evening. This way, the bubble cover will maintain the heat generated throughout the day, even during the night.

Eliminates the Need to Clean

Does the need to clean the pool daily bother you? From leaves and debris to dust and falling squirrels, you need not worry about cleaning your pool anymore. Just use the Sun2Solar cover and stop any unwanted dirt from entering your pool round the clock.

One Size Fits All

Is the right pool cover size challenging to find? Well, the Sun2Solar cover is one-size-fits-all. Place the cover on the pool with the bubble side facing down and outline with a marker. What’s next? Cut with a sharp pair of scissors to get a fully customized solar pool cover!


  • It is an energy-saving option for heating water
  • The cover keeps all kinds of dirt and debris at bay
  • The sheet helps retain heat through the night
  • It can be trimmed to fit the pool


  • The cover might wear out after 1-2 years of use

2. Intex Recreation 29025E N/AA Solar Cover

Intex Recreation 29025E N AA Solar Cover

The Intex Recreation Solar Cover is an 18-foot sheet that will perfectly cover your swimming pool. It is a blue sheet that comes with hundreds of bubbles, keeping the pool water insulated. These bubbles trap the sun’s heat, transferring it to the water and retaining warmth throughout the day.


Keeps Debris at Bay

If you are tired of cleaning the swimming pool daily, the Intex Recreation Solar Cover is here to your rescue. The cover is thick enough to keep your pool protected from all kinds of leaves, dirt, insects, and other debris.

Ensures Pool Water Insulation

One of the prime benefits of getting this cover is its ability to heat the pool water naturally. The bubbles present on the sheet work synergistically to trap the sun’s warmth and transmit it to the pool water. Once all your folks have finished enjoying themselves in the pool, you can put on the cover. Rest assured, it will maintain the warmth throughout the night, and you will get the perfect water temperature.

Significantly Reduces Evaporation

Do you find yourself refilling the pool every other day? Well, getting the Intex Recreation Solar Cover will save you from this tedious task. The sheet reduces water evaporation by up to 95% even when the sun is boiling.

Easy to Use

The pool cover comes with a carry bag to easily store it and carry it around. Moreover, when you want to use it, just cover the pool with the sheet, and it will float on its own. The sheet fits perfectly right along the edges of the swimming pool.


  • It prevents water from evaporating
  • Warms up the pool water and maintains the heat
  • Keeps any dust, leaves, and debris at bay
  • It comes with a carry bag for ease of portability and storage
  • Provides value for money


  • Some bubbles might deflate after prolonged use

3. Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket

Above-ground pools are highly convenient, and the ease of use goes a notch higher when you get a cover. The Blue Wave Solar Blanket allows you to keep your 15-foot wide pool clean and maintain the warmth of the water. Plus, it is one of the most durable pieces you will get your hands on.


Up to 15 Degrees Fahrenheit High Water Temperature

The pool cover’s innovative technology utilizes passive heating to warm up your pool water. The thermal cells of the cover trap the sun’s heat and take the water temperature as high as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, they maintain warmth through cold nights and cloudy days. Now you can say goodbye to cords or other forms of heating the water that requires energy.

8-Mil Thick and Durable

What makes the Blue Wave Solar Blanket stand out from others is its durability. The sheet is 8-mil thick, staying tough through years of use. Furthermore, its UV-protected polymers remain intact despite harsh UV rays and chemicals present in the water.

Prevents Water Evaporation

Another feature of this solar blanket is that it prevents water evaporation by up to 95%. Plus, it also ensures the chemicals that you may have added to the water do not evaporate. This way, this excellent solar blanket saves you from fatigue as well as spending money on the chemicals.

Keeps Water Clean

You definitely do not like the squirrels accidentally falling into your pool. Moreover, vacuuming the dust, leaves, and pet debris every day can get annoying. This multipurpose solar blanket keeps the pool water clean and saves you from the extra cleaning work!


  • The durable cover is sure to last a few years
  • It warms up the water quite efficiently and helps retain the heat
  • The cover prevents debris from dirtying the pool water
  • This solar blanket also reduces evaporation of water and chemicals


  • It may be a tad bit heavy and challenging to handle

4. Summer Waves Adjustable Round Solar Cover

Summer Waves Adjustable Round Solar Cover

If you aren’t sure whether a 10-foot cover will be good or a 15-foot one, the Summer Waves got you (your pool) covered. It is an adjustable round solar cover that perfectly fits multiple pool sizes. Plus, it is a mid-priced option, perfect for all kinds of buyers.


Durable Construction

One of the best features of this solar cover is its durable materials. These are puncture-resistant PVC fabrics, sure to last multiple years. Plus, even if you tie it up at the edges, you can rest assured of its durability, unlike most other options.

Adjustable and Lock-Feature

Another exciting feature that makes the Summer Waves pool cover completely unique is its adjustability. It will easily fit most metal frames, above-ground swimming pools of 10-15 feet. Plus, the cover has a superb lock option. All you got to do is cover your pool, tighten for the perfect fit with a drawstring, and lock it in place. Now you can rest assured that the sheet will not blow off with the wind or rain.

Raises Water Temperature

The Summer Waves solar cover does its primary job quite efficiently. It traps the sun’s heat and transfers it to the water. So, even if you wish to take a dive at night, you can do so without any second thoughts. Rest assured, the temperature will be up to 8 degrees than usual.

Keeps Pool Water Clean

Apart from maintaining just the proper water temperature for a swim, this pool cover also keeps it completely debris-free. Once you pull the drawstring and lock the cover in place, rest assured you won’t have to eliminate debris anymore.


  • This sheet eliminates the need to clean debris, dirt, and leaves
  • The cover comes with adjustability and locking features
  • It is made with a significantly durable material
  • The solar cover lets you warm up the water without using energy


  • It requires careful tightening to stay in place

5. In The Swim Rectangle Basic Pool Solar Cover

In The Swim Rectangle Basic Pool Solar Cover

If you are looking for a premium quality solar pool cover, go no further. The In The Swim cover features premium quality construction that is built to last long. The sheet helps warm up the water and maintain the heat over a prolonged period. Moreover, it is a 24-foot round cover so that you can use it for the largest pool sizes.


Saves You From Daily Cleanliness

Vacuuming the pool every time you want to swim is undoubtedly tiresome. Not anymore! The In The Swim Pool Cover is a premium quality option. The 12-mil sheet is thick and durable enough to keep your pool water clean of dirt and debris for years to come.

Significant Rise in Water Temperature

With this premium quality solar cover, you can forget the hassle of heating your pool water with electricity. This lightweight sheet comprises multiple bubbles that trap the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water. Within 5-7 days of ample sunlight, your pool water temperature will rise by at least 8-10 degrees. Isn’t that amazing!

Trimmable to Any Size

One of the best features about the In The Swim Solar Pool Cover is you can easily fit your pool. All you need to do is cover your pool with the sheet and draw an outline with a marker. You can now cut the cover with a pair of scissors.

Minimal Water and Chemical Evaporation

You add chemicals like chlorine to the pool water, only for it to evaporate under the sun. Not with this high-quality pool cover, though. The sheet is thick enough to prevent water and chemical evaporation, so you need not take the pain of refilling daily.


  • You can cut it to fit any shape of swimming pool
  • Notice temperature upsurge by up to 8 degrees
  • It helps minimize water and chemical evaporation
  • The cover eliminates the need to clean debris daily
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty


  • The pool cover falls on the pricier side

6. Robelle Round Space Age Diamond Solar Pool Cover

Robelle Round Space Age Diamond Solar Pool Cover

The Robelle Round Space Age Diamond Solar Pool Cover works in a completely unique way. It features a special aluminum shield that traps and retains heat at a higher level than other covers of its kind. Plus, the piece is heavy-duty, and you can certainly rest with the assurance of its longevity.


Aluminum Shield

With its heat-trapping aluminum shield, this 21-foot solar cover stands out from all the other options available in the market. Apart from trapping a significant amount of heat from the sun, the cover prevents the warmth from sneaking out. In fact, it retains heat at a rate of almost 14.6% higher than other solar covers.

Diamond-Shaped Bubbles

Another unique feature of this pool cover is the large diamond-shaped bubbles spread on its lower side. These boxes make sure the sheet floats on your pool water, despite being heavy duty. Additionally, the bubbles also work by transferring the trapped energy to the water.

Heavy-Duty Material

The 8-mil Robelle Solar Cover features heavy-duty, Space-Age material that is sure to last long. It is lightweight and made from premium quality fabric, which is also resistant to harsh UV rays and wear.

Contributes to Saving by Preventing Evaporation

The thick solar pool cover ensures minimum evaporation of water, so you need not refill it every day. Additionally, it helps by saving up on the pool water chemicals by preventing its vaporization.


  • It is significantly resistant to UV rays, making it highly durable
  • The cover features 14.6% greater heat retention than other options
  • Diamond-shaped bubbles and aluminum lining ensure high-level warmth
  • A reduction in chemical and water evaporation enhance your savings
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


  • The cover might fall apart after 1-2 years if not used with care

7. Intex Solar Cover for Easy Set and Frame Pools

Intex Solar Cover for Easy Set and Frame Pools

The Intex Solar Cover is one of the best economical options for round, above-the-ground pools. It significantly helps retain heat and maintain high water temperature. Additionally, the cover is PMRA-registered that further reflects its efficiency and high quality.


Traps and Retains Heat

The solar cover performs excellently in terms of retaining heat. It has a plethora of bubbles that trap the sun’s warmth and transfer it to the water. This way, the pool water gets relatively warmer over time and remains that way through the cold nights. Now you can take a fresh, warm swim at any time in the day.

For 15-Foot Round Pools

The Intex Solar Cover is ideal for a 15-foot wide easy set and frame above the ground pools. It is a round-shaped cover that you can easily mark and trim to fit the exact size of your pool.

Minimizes Evaporation and Debris

Besides ensuring well-rounded insulation, the cover also works by maintaining the water level. It reduces the evaporation of water and pool chemicals by up to 95%, so you need not refill the pool daily. Additionally, the multipurpose pool cover keeps any dirt and debris at bay, maintaining your pool’s cleanliness.

Easy to Use and Store

While you may find some pool covers challenging to handle, that is not the case with the Intex Solar Cover. It is a lightweight sheet that you can quickly fold and store in its carry bag when not in use.


  • Warms up pool water and prevents heat loss
  • Minimizes water and chemical vaporization under the sun
  • Keeps the pool water clean round the day
  • PMRA-registered for quality
  • It comes with a carry bag for ease of storage and portability


  • Might wear out after a few seasons of use

Solar Pool Cover Buying Guide

Have you already chosen your favorite solar pool cover? Well, with hundreds of companies claiming similar offers, pick the right one can be challenging. However, you got to consider the specifications and features of a solar blanket to find the right one. Walkthrough this guide to learn about factors to consider while buying the best solar pool cover! We have also compiled a list of our choice of the top solar pool heaters.

Key Takeaways

  • A solar pool cover is designed to trap the sun’s heat and transfer it to pool water, preventing water evaporation and maintaining warmth without using energy.
  • There are different types of solar pool covers, including solar blankets, solar rings, and liquid solar covers, each with varying features and benefits.
  • Solar pool covers offer several advantages, including heat transfer, heat retention, reduced evaporation, bug and debris prevention, lower chemical costs, and eco-friendly practices. When buying one, consider factors such as size, shape, thickness, material, quality, color, design, manual vs. automatic operation, drain holes, and warranty.

What Is a Solar Pool Cover?

A solar pool cover is a layer of quality fabric designed to trap the sun’s heat and transfer it to pool water. Furthermore, the pool cover also maintains this warmth for prolonged hours.

If you leave your pool uncovered under the sun, it will still gain almost 60% of the sun’s heat. However, this will also lead to water evaporation, while the water is turning cold by night. A solar cover solves this problem by retaining the trapped heat. You get all of this without the need to use energy or messing with electric cords of any kind!

How Does a Solar Pool Cover Work?

Solar Pool CoverIf you are wondering – does a solar pool cover really work? Know that it does. The bubbles present in the pool cover are innovatively developed to magnify the sun’s heat. As the warmth multiplies, these bubbles transfer the warmth to the water.

Apart from that, solar pool covers also prevent the evaporation of water. This way, they further prevent heat loss and maintain high water temperature even at night. Plus, they reduce the need to refill the pool time and again.

As a result, you will find warm water with temperatures up to 8 degrees higher when you uncover the pool.

What Are the Different Types of Solar Pool Covers?

Did you know there is more than one type of solar cover? Each of these types has varying features and processes of heating the pool water. Read along to find out what is the best solar pool cover for you.

Solar Blankets / Bubble Solar Covers

The most common solar pool covers, like solar blankets, work by amplifying the sun’s heat through their bubbles. Additionally, these sheets reduce evaporation by 95%, trapping the body heat that might evaporate if your pool is left uncovered. Moreover, these UV-resistant covers trap and increase the pool water temperature by up to 10-15 degrees.

Solar Rings

These are comparatively smaller than solar blankets, comprising two UV-resistant vinyl layers. The rings stay connected to each other through built-in magnets and reduce water evaporation to maintain its warmth. You can purchase multiple solar rings that could cover your entire pool.

Liquid Solar Covers

One of the most unique and easy-to-use solar covers, the liquid covers are entirely invisible. All you got to do is pour the solution into your pool and experience warm water for prolonged hours. The liquid works by reducing evaporation by up to 40%, ensuring proper water heating.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Pool Covers?

Solar pool covers do not require a list of benefits, as their prime advantage is saving energy and following eco-friendly practices. Still, here are a few advantages of solar pool covers.

Transfer Heat

One of the most important benefits of a solar pool cover is that it transfers the sun’s heat to the pool water. The bubble blanket or vinyl rings ensure maximum heat is trapped and transmitted to the water.

Retain Heat

Solar pool covers minimize heat loss by retaining the warmth of the pool water after you step out. The liquid covers work transparently, while solar blankets and rings work by covering the water.

Reduce Evaporation

Solar Swimming Pool CoverSolar bubble covers minimize water evaporation by up to 95%, while liquid covers do so by 40%. It reduces heat loss and also prevents water and chemicals from evaporating under the sun.

Keep Bugs and Debris Out

Solar pool sheets cover the pool water completely. If you lay it out without any discrepancies, your pool cover will keep bugs and debris at bay.

Lower Chemical Costs

Apart from saving water from evaporation, solar covers also prevent chemical evaporation. Now you need not waste your pool sanitizing chemicals by using them again and again.

How Do You Use a Solar Pool Cover?

Talking about a solar blanket or bubble cover, it is significantly easy to use. Walkthrough these steps to find out:

  • Open up the cover over your pool with the bubble side facing down
  • Outline with a marker and cut along to get a snug fit
  • Leave the cover floating loosely over the pool

Note: You may tie it around the pool edges if it comes with drawstrings.

Voila! You are done with setting up the solar pool cover. Simply remove it neatly when using the pool or adding chemicals.

Features to Look for in Solar Pool Covers

To get the right fit for your pool, you need to inspect the specifications and features of the cover thoroughly. Here’s what you need to look for!


You will come across varying sizes of pool covers ranging from as low as 10 feet to 21 feet or more. Remember that these measurements refer to the diameter of a round pool. Your best bet is to pick a size larger so you can trim the cover to fit your pool perfectly.


Do you have a round pool or a rectangular one? You will quickly come across multiple pool covers for a round pool (as suggested in this guide). However, if you do not find one, go ahead and order a rectangular cover and trim it to fit your pool.


If you are wondering what does ‘mil’ refer to, it means one-thousandth of an inch. You will find pool covers ranging from at least 8 to 18 mil. While 8-mil covers are significantly easy to handle and relatively cheaper, 18-mil covers provide better performance and last longer.


Swimming Pool CoverLook for durable materials such as PVC and other quality options. Additionally, it should be UV-resistant and durable enough to last a few seasons.


High-quality solar covers perform with greater efficiency. They are heavy duty and help provide high-level insulation.


You will come across two colors of solar covers — blue and transparent or clear. While clear solar covers allow comparatively higher heat levels to penetrate, blue-colored covers ensure better heat retention.


Though most solar covers are similar, some might differ in terms of bubble shapes and aluminum layers. Pick the one with the best features of heat retention.

Manual Vs. Automatic

While a manual solar pool cover is comparatively cheaper and easier to handle, automatic ones work merely through buttons, making the process highly effortless.

Drain Holes

Some solar covers come with drain holes for safety. In case an individual is left under the blanket, these holes help ensure oxygen transfer.


Most solar pool covers do not actually last long. For such cases, your best bet is to get a cover with a warranty so that you can request a replacement.

Our Expertise in Solar Products

At Solar Panels Network USA, we’re not just enthusiasts; we’re dedicated researchers and users of solar pool covers. Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of solar pool cover technology, understanding the nuances and intricacies of various pool cover options. Our team has hands-on experience with a wide range of solar pool covers, and we’ve witnessed the evolution of these covers from their inception to the advanced versions available today.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

  • Hands-On Testing: Before crafting any review, our team dedicates weeks to testing each of these solar pool covers in various pool settings – from residential to commercial, ensuring we understand their performance in real-world scenarios.
  • Continuous Learning: We regularly attend pool cover technology conferences, workshops, and seminars. This continuous learning ensures we’re always updated with the latest solar pool cover tech, allowing us to evaluate products against the most recent standards.
  • Feedback Loop: Over the years, we’ve built a community of pool cover enthusiasts. We often reach out to them for feedback on products, ensuring our reviews aren’t just based on our perspective but are a reflection of the broader community’s experiences.
  • Transparency: Whenever we receive pool covers for review from manufacturers, we ensure full transparency with our readers. For this article, some covers were purchased by our team, while manufacturers sent others. However, our reviews remain unbiased, focusing solely on the product’s performance.
  • Decades of Experience: Collectively, our team has over two decades of experience in the pool cover industry. From understanding the technical aspects of solar cells in pool covers to the aesthetic design of these products, our expertise spans wide and deep.

In this article, we’ve combined our personal experiences, technical knowledge, and feedback from our community to provide you with comprehensive reviews of the best solar pool covers for 2024. We believe that our expertise, combined with our commitment to transparency and continuous learning, makes us a reliable source for solar pool cover reviews.


A solar pool cover can significantly enhance your pool experience while contributing to eco-friendly practices. These covers efficiently harness the sun’s heat, keeping your pool warm, minimizing water and chemical evaporation, and providing a barrier against debris and bugs. When selecting the right solar pool cover, carefully consider factors like size, shape, thickness, material, quality, color, design, operation type, drain holes, and warranty to ensure it meets your specific needs. By making an informed choice, you can enjoy a more comfortable and sustainable swimming season while saving on maintenance costs. So, take the plunge and maximize your pool with the right solar cover choice!

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