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Lighthouse makes a beautiful decoration item and comes in various shapes, sizes and themes. Its material can be plastic, wood, iron, or ceramic, with different specialty and look.

As the name suggests, the lighthouse gives light to your backyard, beach house, or garden. Besides, the most impressive part here is that it is solar-powered, which doesn’t add to your electricity bill.

Now, are you a lighthouse enthusiast and willing to give a makeover to your lovely garden? If so, then this article has some great suggestions for you.

Continue reading and learn about the best-reviewed solar-powered lighthouses. Moreover, you can skim through this detailed buying guide to know what kind of lighthouse will suit your needs.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar powered lighthouses available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



WDLFCGC, Lighthouse with Rotating Light Tower LED Lights

WDLFCGC, Lighthouse with Rotating Light Tower LED Lights

Perfect solar-powered lighthouse for decorating your garden. It has a rotating beacon, and it comes in various color options, which you can choose according to your decoration theme. Made up of sturdy metal and plastic to withstand all weather conditions. Read more

Sunnydaze Solar Nautical Statue Decorative Lighthouse

Sunnydaze Solar Nautical Statue Decorative Lighthouse

A nautical theme-based solar lighthouse that can be decorated anywhere like a patio, beach house, or garden. It's made from a resin-based material that is durable. It can work on both solar power and batteries and is lightweight. Read more

Oumefar LED Solar Lighthouse Statue

Oumefar LED Solar Lighthouse Statue

The tricolor solar-powered lighthouse is a great decorative addition to your outdoors. Made out of thermoplastic, it is durable and can withstand heat and water. It's perfect for a garden with vibrant color options and is easy to install. Read more

3 Best Solar Powered Lighthouses

1. WDLFCGC, Lighthouse with Rotating Light Tower LED Lights

WDLFCGC, Lighthouse with Rotating Light Tower LED Lights

Looking for the best decorative fit for your garden? This solar-powered lighthouse can be a good option as it looks good in daylight and turns into a delicate piece at night with its LED lights.

You can charge it under the sun with solar panels throughout the day, directly facing the sun, and use the LED at night to light up your garden.

Additionally, it comes in a 3.5 × 3.5 × 11.6 inches dimension and is made of plastic and metal.


Solar Powered

The best thing about any decorative solar-powered light is that it’s functional and doesn’t add to your electricity bill. This solar-powered lighthouse works brilliantly and gives a bright light at night. It contains a slider ON/OFF switch, which is convenient.

Automatic Charging

You won’t be bothered about charging these lighthouses as they charge automatically under the sun and light up in the dark, helping you save energy. It takes a charging time of 6 to 8 hours and lasts up to 8 hours. It has a switch style of a push button which is easy to use.

Water Proof and Windproof Lamp

You can keep the lamp in an open area like a garden without worrying about rain as it is a waterproof lamp. It makes a very convenient decoration for the night as you can use it even on rainy days.

Beautifully Crafted and Hand Painted

The intricate details of the lamp are worked closely as its hand-painted with fade-resistant paint and have small windows. It weighs around 11.2 ounces.


  • Easy to Install
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Dust resistant material
  • Light Weight and long-lasting
  • Has an extra layer of the tin bottom for protection


  • Complicated battery changing process

2. Sunnydaze Solar Nautical Statue Decorative Lighthouse

Sunnydaze Solar Nautical Statue Decorative Lighthouse

If you love nautical themes and want to decorate your beach house based on them, the Sunnydaze solar nautical themed statue decorative lighthouse is perfect for you!

It has a dimension of 12 × 12 × 35 inches which is large and is visible throughout. It is made out of heavy-duty resin material and weighs 42 pounds.

Moreover, the lighthouse is suitable for any setting like lawn, backyard, porch, or patio as the color goes with any theme.


Solar Charging

The Sunnydaze solar nautical-themed statue decorative lighthouse’s LED lights have solar panels that automatically charge through solar energy. The body is durable and is built to last, and stays lit up to 6 hours with each charge.

The convenience of Power Control

You have the ease of controlling the power with a convenient on/off button on this gorgeous decorative lighthouse.

Weather Proof

It is made of sturdy material and can withstand almost all-weather conditions to glow throughout. It provides your garden with a nautical charm in all seasons.


You get a 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty from the manufacturer, which gives you worry-free purchasing. You can get any defects repaired that fall under the warranty on this decorative lighthouse.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Decorative and durable
  • Works on both battery and solar power
  • Even lighting throughout


  • Not lightweight

3. Oumefar LED Solar Lighthouse Statue

Oumefar LED Solar Lighthouse Statue

If you are looking for a vibrant color multifunctional lighthouse, this is the most suitable decoration. You can charge it with both solar energy and a battery. Moreover, it is made out of durable plastic and fits the best in your garden with its colorful body.

Besides, it has a 28 × 10 × 10 cm dimension and emits high brightness with its LED lamp beads.



Are you staying in a place that experiences heavy rain, and do you still wish to decorate your garden with a lighthouse? This solar lighthouse will provide the best results. Its solar light has IP65 waterproof rating. Thus, it can withstand all weather conditions.

Easy To Install

The lighting doesn’t need any wiring and can be easily installed. You don’t need to assemble it or require any tool to fix it in a certain way.

Automatic Charging

Charging the lighthouse is very easy as they charge automatically under the sun and light up in the dark, helping you save energy. You have to place them where direct sunlight can reach them.


The lighthouse has an exceptional capacity to emit bright light. You can light your garden beautifully at night with the proper placement of these lighthouses.


  • Lightweight weighs only 1.28 pounds
  • Durable and easy assembly
  • Waterproof
  • Decodable and vibrant


  • Long charging duration

Solar Powered Lighthouse Buying Guide

As more and more details are being added to outdoor decoration, garden lights have brought an exceptional experience to its decoration.

A lighthouse has been one of the best decorative options for backyards, gardens, lawns, and beach houses due to its colors, themes, and designs.
However, before buying them, there are specific key points you need to know as a buying guide to make your purchase easier. The following section might help make an informed decision.

What Is a Solar Powered Lighthouse?

A solar powered lighthouse is a decoration that is powered by the sun. These lighthouses are usually placed in gardens or on patios, and they use solar panels to collect energy from the sun. The light from the solar panel is then used to power a light inside the lighthouse, which can be used to decoration your garden or patio.

How Does a Solar Powered Lighthouse Work?

A solar powered lighthouse decoration typically has a solar panel on the top of the lighthouse that charges a battery during the day. The battery powers a light at night, which makes the lighthouse decoration appear to be “lit.”

Why Are Solar Powered Lighthouse Better Than Battery Lit?

Solar LighthouseSolar-powered lights are convenient and budget-friendly due to their functionality. The lighthouse that works on solar panels doesn’t need any wiring dug up in your garden. You can easily install or place it at your favorite spot.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about rain or faulty wiring. The charge is done automatically during the daytime, so it is low maintenance. It is self-sufficient and doesn’t require additional electricity. These features make it the best form of garden lights.

Advantages of Using Solar-Powered Products

When you think of what benefits you can get if you switch to sing solar energy-based products, the reasons are many and have a significant value. Below are some of the best reasons to help you understand why it’s a good change.

Reduction in Your Energy Bill

When you have a product that can generate its electricity, you don’t have to use the one from your electric supplier. It means a reduction and savings in your electricity bill.

Using a decorative lighthouse is one such way of you going green. There are many more ways you can switch to using green energy over electricity.

Applicable Everywhere

Sunlight is renewable energy so you can use it without the fear of extinction. Any place that receives a fair amount of sunlight can use solar-based products and benefit from them.

Besides, you can even deploy solar batteries in products that need a battery, as it can save you more. With advancements, there will be more appliances that will be solar-based.

Positive Impact on Environment

Solar power-based energy has the most negligible negative impact on nature than any other energy source. It doesn’t release greenhouse gases, and it doesn’t contaminate water. It doesn’t make noise, and installation is effortless.

No Fear of Power Blackouts

Solar products charge during the daytime, store energy, and function throughout. Power cuts won’t affect the solar-powered product because the power source is different.

For example, when charged automatically during the day, the lighthouse will emit light at night even if there’s no electricity at home with its stored energy.

Where Can You Install Solar Powered Lighthouse?

For a lighthouse enthusiast, stopping the decoration of lights in the garden is not enough. You can easily install solar-based power in any outdoor place you want. Some suggestions where you can install lighthouses are

Living Areas

You can use the lighthouse in your living area where sunlight can easily reach, and it can charge during the day. You can place it near the window panes, which can be hung or kept on the sides. You can place it on the side table to work as a night lamp.


If you have a nautical theme-based room or love the ocean, then having a lighthouse lamp can be a great way of feeling in touch with it. It looks good and adds a decorative element to your room with great functionality. You can keep it in your kid’s bedroom or near your bookshelf.

Bathroom Décor

These days, bathrooms are one place that is no longer left out when it comes to interior decoration. You can place it where good sunlight falls on the lighthouse and then switch it on at night to light it up.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Powered Lighthouse

Solar Powered LighthouseWhen you are about to buy your solar-powered product, such as a lighthouse, there are specific requirements that you should ensure are met. These requirements can help your product have prolonged use and last for many years without any repairs.


There is a specific lighthouse that comes with the option of inserting a battery apart from having solar panels. A solar battery can store the solar energy, and even if there’s no source of power, the system works.

Material of Solar Panel

There is mainly two kinds of materials affecting your service quality and ease of use. The two types are

  • Monocrystalline: It is made of uniform crystals with large and pure silicone crystal bars. As the panel is uniform, it is much more efficient and eliminates space wastage.
  • Polycrystalline: These panels are purified and molded into crystal panels. These are less efficient but much cheaper than monocrystalline.


The certifications must ensure that the solar-powered lighthouse you have installed is good quality and meets the required standards. Thus, you should ensure a particular mark or certificate is attached when the product is bought or delivered.

An authorized solar panel manufacturer needs to have a specific permit to make it so that you know that the panels installed are authentic.


The warranty safeguards you from minor maintenance, and in case of a defect, you can either get it replaced or fixed. A minimum of 1-year warranty is good and read all the terms and conditions mentioned to claim it.


A solar-powered lighthouse is one of the best decorative options as it can never go out of trend. Instead of having a non-utility item, having a functional décor like a LED lighthouse lamp is beneficial.

Moreover, It also promotes green energy, and you don’t have to spend anything more than buying the product. Plus, such lights’ durability and easy installation are like a cherry on top.

So, consider this buying guide as your assistant and switch to solar-powered lighthouses today!