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Are the usual toys are not fun enough for your science-enthusiast little human? Perhaps, you wish to teach the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mechanics) basics to your kids from an early age.

A solar robotic kit is one of the best ways to fire the zeal of your child. It helps them develop skills like thinking, processing and boosts creativity.

Besides, the fact that kids learn faster and better than adults is known to all. So why not let the tiny brain grasp technical skills during the early years! However, finding the right toy for your tech-savvy kid can get highly confusing.

If a standard toy car bores your munchkin, pick the best solar robotic kit from this review and buying guide now!

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar robotic kits available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 10 Best Solar Robotic Kits




Discovery Kids Solar Robot Kit

Discovery Kids Solar Robot Kit

An excellent option for curious minds. It is a 12-in-1 STEM creation kit with 190 pieces. It comes with a fully functioning solar-powered motorized gears and engine. The kit includes blueprints, but there is no limit to innovation! Read more

OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

This kit is the perfect choice if a little engineer is looking for a challenge! It offers two degrees of complexity for the builds. Additionally, it has two modes too that allow it to run on land as well as water. Read more

KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit for Kids

KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit for Kids

Another 14-in-1 kit, this set-up involves several complex moving and connecting parts. Build a robot that can roll, float, or walk. The kit is durable and high-quality, thanks to an ABS-plastic construction. Read more

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys

Being one of the best solar robotic kits, it lets your kids enjoy next-level mechanics. From building robots that work on different types of surfaces to learning about solar energy, it ensures all-around knowledge. Read more

4M 3782 Green Science Solar Rover Kit

4M 3782 Green Science Solar Rover Kit

It is an easy robotics kit for introducing green science to your child. The puzzle helps kids put mechanical skills into practice while also harnessing their creativity and logical thinking. This Rover kit is suitable for kids as young as 5 years. Read more

ROBOTIME DIY Toy Set Solar Power Toy DIY Kit

ROBOTIME DIY Toy Set Solar Power Toy DIY Kit

While playing with plastic and steel parts might get risky for little geniuses, this wooden kit is perfectly safe. Besides, it is easy to build for a child without any adult supervision, though it will take time – an advantageous fact for parents. Read more

CIRO STEM Projects Solar Robot Toys 11-in-1 Education Science Experiment Kits

CIRO STEM Projects Solar Robot Toys 11-in-1 Education Science Experiment Kits

If your young and intelligent kids are bored with the basic robots, this kit will surely intrigue them. The solar robotic kit lets you build a total of 11 different shapes. From an excavator to a monkey, this kit is full of surprises. Read more

4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit

4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit

What makes this robotic kit different from others is that it lets your kids create a legit robot, i.e., a mechanical human. Besides, it provides value for money and is easy to build for kids of all age groups. Read more

Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit

Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit

It is a large solar robotic kit comprising 190 pieces for kids to unravel their creativity. They can refer to the set of easy instructions or use their imagination to build new robots. Besides, it is safe and covers the age group of 8-14 years. Read more

Thames & Kosmos SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot STEM Experiment Kit

Thames & Kosmos SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot STEM Experiment Kit

The kit lets your kids explore boards of construction pieces to build over 8 fascinating bots. They can refer to the given instructions book or let their creativity unfold to create unique bots. Let them create and watch the bots move with solar energy converted by the attached solar panels. Read more

Best Solar Robotic Kits

1. Discovery Kids Solar Robot Kit

Discovery Kids Solar Robot Kit

Discovery #Mindblown can show you just how incredible science and STEM themes can be! The Discovery Kids Solar Robot Kit combines the best of education and engagement. You can build twelve distinct forms of robots from one single kit. Let’s take a look at its notable features.


Versatile and Innovative

The kit comes with a wide range of connecting and moving parts, such as gears, tires, plates, and shafts. With the twelve blueprints included in the package, you can put together a dozen unique styles of robots. It is innovation at its peak.

Offers High Educational Value

Thanks to the interactive challenge of building a robot, the mind will surely gain enrichment from this kit. The kit contains detailed instructions and an assortment of building parts to engage young minds to exercise their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, the robots give a boost to creativity too.

Fully Functioning Solar-Powered Engine

The kit comes with a solar panel that gives power to the positive and negative cables. With this, a properly functioning solar-powered motor becomes the foundation for every robot style. Of course, a perfectly sunny day is the best time to use the robots.

Highly Customizable

The Discovery Kids Solar Robot Kit offers maximum customizability with 190 pieces. There are twelve robot blueprints present in it, but you can create your very own versions with no limits. The instructions can help young minds master the art of robot-building!


  • Good value for money
  • Educational and engaging
  • Real-time solar-powered engine
  • Ideal for children


  • Not suitable for children below eight years of age

2. OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

The 14-In-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit by Owi is a good choice for budding engineers, with its unique designs and movements. Once you build a robot, you can transform it into fourteen distinctive forms for maximum experimentation! Check out the kit’s features below.


Fourteen Modes

You can change the robot from a rowing boat to a crawling beetle to a walking crab. What’s more exciting is that you can transform it into a zombie-chaser too! The creative possibilities are endless, so not only do you learn but also get to have fun!

Challenging, Engaging, and Educating

Children can learn new things about solar energy and robotics right from the comfort of their homes or schools. The kit comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that highlights educational aspects too. There are two tiers of difficulty with the robot styles, so you can pick whatever seems fit for the moment!

Completely Solar-Powered

Renewable energy has become a critical theme today. There’s never been a better time to learn about solar energy! This kit, with its solar-powered nature, offers the perfect opportunity for this while exploring robotics. The kit does not need any batteries either!


This 14-In-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit by Owi can work on land and water- both! Some modes allow it to walk or crawl, while others help it float or swim. You can discover new faces of mechanics and robotics with young minds as the adaptive abilities of the robots keep them dynamic.


  • Comes with unique accessories
  • Flexible polarity on the solar panel to alter the direction of the motor’s rotation
  • Retractable robot head for easy storage
  • A transparent body makes it possible to view the robot’s functioning


  • Only suitable for ages above ten years

3. KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit for Kids

KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit for Kids

The KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit For Kids can be a STEM-lover’s best buddy. It is a 14-in-1 STEM toy that helps growing engineers learn more about their passion. It consists of several working and moving parts that offer deep insight into the functioning of the robot. Here are its best features.



You can craft fourteen unique types of robots with this single kit. Some possible versions include a dog with a wagging tail, a speedily running beetle, or a surfing robot. The significant variety of gears, shafts, and plates make it easy for the robot to walk, run, float, or roll.

Functions on Solar Energy and Battery

The robots that rise from the KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit For Kids function completely on solar energy. Is it a cloudy day, or perhaps night-time? Don’t worry. You can use batteries to run the robots too! No longer do you have to worry about running out of fun activities!

Comprehensive Learning

Every step towards a finished robot offers an excellent learning experience. From module assembly to motor testing, a curious mind can absorb knowledge like never before. The kit encourages better hand-eye coordination as well due to the delicate and intricate building functions.

Enriches Creativity

Creative thinking is bound to take a leap with the KIDWILL Solar Robot Kit For Kids! The package comes with different blueprints that are simple to follow. Additionally, the step-by-step instructions help with the basic understanding that leads to innovation.


  • High-quality parts
  • 14-in-1 robot kit
  • Robots can walk, float, or roll
  • Batteries included


  • Instructions do not have clear pictorial representations

4. Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys

Sillbird Solar Robotic Kits go a step ahead of others by offering robots for the land as well as water. Doesn’t this take learning science to a new level? Well, your kid gets all of this while learning about solar energy and mechanics. Moreover, the variety of options will keep your child hooked for weeks!


Land and Water Robots

What makes the Sillbird Robotic Kit stand out among the crowd is that it lets your child build water robots. From surf bots and row bots to rolling both and walking bots, the kit includes it all. The high-level robot building is downright immersive.

Variety of Shapes

Another exciting feature about this kit is that it lets kids build 12 different shapes of robots. From animals to machines, the variety of shapes is highly engaging. Kids can refer to the instructions and build bots for days and weeks.

Suitable for Older Kids

Older kids might get bored with the basic bots. That is where the Sillbird Solar Robotic Kit steps in. It is easy enough for kids of 5-7 years to build a shape or two but challenging enough to keep kids of 8-10 years on their toes. Options like crab and turtle bots can get relatively tricky.

All-Round Learning

The kit endorses all-around learning, from learning about solar energy and moving bots to logical thinking and mechanics. Plus, the kit promotes a sense of achievement and helps build confidence in kids.


  • 12 robot shapes with step-by-step instructions
  • Allows kids to build multiple other shapes using their creativity
  • Premium quality, non-toxic ABS plastic construction
  • Suitable for older kids
  • Keeps children busy for a prolonged period


  • Requires adult help and supervision

5. 4M 3782 Green Science Solar Rover Kit

4M 3782 Green Science Solar Rover Kit

If you are looking for something fun yet constructive for your kids, the 4M Green Science Solar Rover Kit is an ideal option. It is easy to build, enhances the young learners’ skills, and enables them to unravel their creativity.


Fosters Creativity

You may think that all robotic kits work on a child’s creativity. But what makes this stand out from others is children can use different objects and make it a unique rover. Hand them a soda can, encouraging them to learn about concepts like innovation through waste materials!

Powers STEM Learning

As interesting as it gets, this rover kit helps your kid with STEM learning. It teaches them to use solar energy to move a car. The 4M Solar Rover Kit introduces your child to Green Science in the most fun way possible.

Easy to Construct

If you think a robotic kit can be too tricky for your little one, this piece has got you covered. The Rover Kit only comprises basic car parts that require critical thinking but are also easy at the same time. Rest assured that your child will only enjoy making and be intrigued by the rover!

High Suitability

Another excellent feature of this 4M Rover Kit is that it is suitable for a range of kids. You can have any child from the age of 5 years play with this state-of-the-art toy. It is sure to fire the mechanics-fan in the kid!


  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual
  • Helps develop STEM concepts in an easy way
  • Boosts creativity and thinking skills
  • Does not require any batteries
  • Introduces the concept of Green Science for kids


  • Suitable for 5-year-olds and above

6. ROBOTIME DIY Toy Set Solar Power Toy DIY Kit

ROBOTIME DIY Toy Set Solar Power Toy DIY Kit

Are you looking for practical ways to help your kids learn the power of science? What better than a DIY kit of a wooden robot! The ROBOTIME DIY Solar Power Toy Kit is safe to play with, irresistibly interesting for young minds, and educational, simultaneously.


Fun and Learn

One of the best things about the ROBOTIME Solar Robotic Kit is that it is downright fun to play with. It encourages the feeling of passion in your child to complete a challenging task. Besides, your little learner can easily remember the mechanics after implementing them practically.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

What makes this Vagabond Rover different from others in the market is its construction. It is a wooden puzzle, unlike most plastic ones out there. That not only enhances the durability of the toy but also ensures the complete safety of use. Besides, it won’t hurt the environment even when you throw it away.

Easy DIY

For those of you who cannot spare enough time from your busy work schedule, this rover will keep your kid busy for hours. It is an easy DIY kit, so adult help is not necessary. Let your geniuses put their little brain to work and enjoy the feeling of achievement once completed!

You Can Play Too

Do you find the ROBOTIME Solar Rover Kit too interesting to let go of? Give a shot yourself! Yes, this kit is as assuming for the adults as it is for 5-year-olds. Show your kids before they start or just use it as a part of mental exercise.


  • Completely safe for kids
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy DIY Kit
  • Does not require batteries
  • Comes with a set of clear instructions
  • Suitable for young kids and adults


  • Pieces might break if not handled with care

7. CIRO STEM Projects Solar Robot Toys 11-in-1 Education Science Experiment Kits

CIRO STEM Projects Solar Robot Toys 11-in-1 Education Science Experiment Kits

For growing minds that love to explore something new, even robotics gets boring, and the CIRO Kit is the best solution for that. It is one of the best solar robotics kits that comes with 11 different ways of construction. Rest assured, your kid will not have the time to get bored or repeat the shape anytime soon!


Promotes Creativity

While every robotics kit enhances a child’s creative side, this one goes a step further. This kit lets your kid build 11 different shapes of robots, leaving them in awe. From an ostrich and a monkey to a forklift machine, the options are multiple. Plus, your kid can come up with countless other shapes.

Interesting Enough for Older Kids

Older kids may get bored with basic robotics sets after a while. That is where the CIRO Solar Robotics Kit comes in. The multiple options keep your child hooked to building more. Besides, it helps them understand how a single object can have multiple uses.

Technology Learning Made Easy

It is one of the best ways to introduce the concept of green technology to your kid. They can construct the robot of their choice and see it move under the sun without the need for power. It helps them understand how to use solar energy for good and avoid a carbon footprint.

Large Solar Panel

The CIRO Solar Robotics Kit comes with a large solar panel, so you need not worry about its functioning. Once constructed well, it is sure to run under the sun without any hassle.


  • 11 different shapes keep boredom at bay
  • Instruction manual and numbered parts make it easy
  • A total of 288 pieces to build with creativity
  • Upgraded solar panel
  • Keeps kids busy for days
  • Suitable for older kids (8+ years)


  • Will only work when assembled perfectly

8. 4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit

4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit

Kids love the 4M Green Science Solar Robotic Kit since constructing an actual robot is always fun, irrespective of its size. While cars and other shapes may be exciting, it is a solar-powered robot that moves in the sun. The kit is fun, enhances STEM learning, and is reasonably priced.


Easy to Build

It is a single robot that is challenging to understand yet easy to build at the same time. The kit comes with a set of clear instructions, and the few parts are easy to configure.

Walking Robot

Once your child constructs the robot, it will look like a tiny mechanical, human figure. Besides, the solar panel placed on its head will make this robot walk under the sun.

Encourages STEM Learning

It is a fun and simple way to learn about concepts like solar energy and green science. The UV rays of the sun power the robot to move without batteries or any other power source. Thus, robot construction allows your child to understand the basic know-how of mechanics and technology.

Multiple Creative Versions

What’s one of the most fun parts of the 4M Green Science Solar Robotic Kit is it boosts creativity. Other than a human figure, your child can create a dinosaur with the given cardboard pieces. They can also get creative and recycle other objects like paper cups, forks, etc.


  • Easy yet fun
  • Enhances creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Introduces science in an interesting way
  • Teaches concepts like recycling, solar energy, and green science
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for younger kids (5-year-olds)


  • May be too easy for older kids

9. Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit

Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit

The Lucky Doug Solar Robotic Kit is an all-inclusive package of 190 pieces. With this excellent kit, your children can make over 12 different robotic shapes to help a strong scientific foundation. It is easy to build and safe for kids aged 8 to 14 years.


12-in-1 Kit

To keep young learners on their toes, this kit comes with 190 pieces to create robots of different shapes. The instruction set has a total of 12 different robotic shapes that your kids will not get tired of for days.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Let your children enhance their tech-related knowledge by building robots from scratch. These bots move with solar energy and do not require any batteries to function. As a result, kids learn about solar energy and science in a fun way.

Challenging yet Easy

Looking at all the different shaped robots might certainly seem challenging. However, the easy step-by-step instructions given make it relatively easy. You can supervise your kids and spend quality time with them or let them sharpen their logical-thinking skills in groups.

100% Safe

To make sure your little ones are safe while playing, the kit comprises BPA-free pieces. Additionally, ABS plastic is non-toxic and skin-safe. So, you can get it without worrying about your kids’ safety.


  • Comprises 190 pieces to make over 12 different shapes
  • Suitable for older kids (8-14 years)
  • Includes pieces for both land and water robots
  • Fosters scientific knowledge of robotics and renewable energy
  • Challenging shapes and easy instructions
  • BPS plastic is toxic-free and safe for skin


  • Requires adult supervision

10. Thames & Kosmos SolarBots: 8-in-1 Solar Robot STEM Experiment Kit

Thames & Kosmos SolarBots 8-in-1 Solar Robot STEM Experiment Kit

When robotics blend with shapes, it gets more interesting for kids, which Thames & Kosmos Solar Kit offers. It lets your kids play with 194 pieces and create over 8 types of bots that walk and roll. With this best solar robotic kit, your child will learn scientific technology in an interesting manner.


Multiple Robot Models

Working on one bot can be boring, but not with the Thames & Kosmos Solar Robotics Kit. This kit lets your child pick from 8 different robot models. These include roller bots, walking bots, and more. With this amazing kit, your kid will have something new to build all days of the week.

Colored Manual

The colored manual that comes with this kit is like a cherry on the cake. It boosts the kids’ interest and makes it significantly easy for them to build robots. Now they can make robots even without your supervision!

Boosts Creativity

With 194 building pieces in one of the best solar robotics kits, kids can put their creativity into use. They can create bots of different shapes and sizes that will move around with solar energy. This way, the young scientists and engineers will get practical know-how of green science and technology.

Ages 6-9

The Thames & Kosmos Solar Robotics Kit is perfect for kids from 6 to 9 years of age. While the younger group will find it challenging and exciting, the older one will have fun building and playing with bots.


  • Putting science into application
  • Multiple robots maintain the excitement
  • Suitable for younger as well as older kids
  • Solar panels allow robot movement without batteries
  • A colored manual makes instructions fun and easy to understand


  • Younger kids will require adult help

Best Solar Robotic Kit Buying Guide

How was the fun review of the 10 best solar robotics kits? While each kit has its respective benefits, you need to keep certain factors in mind while choosing the right option.

This section will break it down so you can pick the most suitable solar robotics kit for your young scientist!

What is a Solar Robotic Kit?

Solar Robotic KitA solar robotic kit is a set of plastic (or wooden) materials that your kid can use to build fun robots of varying shapes and styles. These materials include tires, gears, solar panels, wires, and other such essentials.

Each of these kits comes with a detailed instructions manual that helps children enjoy building robots. Therefore, despite how difficult it may seem from the images, building these solar bots is downright fun. Plus, some of the kits have all their parts numbered, making it all the easier for little humans to construct robots.

Another fascinating feature is that most kits come with multiple robot suggestions. So, your kid can build different types of walking, rolling, and floating bots.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Solar Robot?

Building a solar robot can take anywhere between 30 minutes to hours, depending on certain factors. These include the robotic kit difficulty level based on clarity of the instructions manual, your child’s age, and understanding, among others.

  • The more the pieces of a robotics kit, the longer it will take for a child to build the bot.
  • A kit comprising a set of clear instructions makes robot building easy and quick.
  • If your child’s age aligns with the one suggested on the kit, robot-making will be faster.
  • Whether your child understands the robot-making process or has practiced before will impact the time taken.
  • Children can build the bot quicker if they have a supervisor for help.

What is the Right Age for Building Solar Robotics Kits?

Essentially, there is no ‘right’ age for building the best solar robotics kits. You will easily find kits designed for kids with different age limits ranging from 5 years to 14 years and more.

So, is the right starting age for robot building 5 years? Well, not really. Depending upon the interest and capabilities of your kid, you can get the most basic type of solar robotic kit for a 3- to 4-year-old. Besides, if you or another adult is there to help, your munchkin won’t face many issues.

In addition, the colored bots are fun to work with, so kids of all ages are inclined towards building them. The attractive, colored manuals only add to the fascination.

Do You Need to Charge the Solar Robots?

Yes, you need to charge them, but only with solar energy. The prime benefit of a solar robot is it does not require batteries or power for charging. You just need to place it under the sun.

These bots come with a solar panel, each that converts the sun’s rays into solar energy. Thus, your robots will move without any batteries.

Are Solar Robotics Kits Useful for Kids?

The best solar robotics kits have a host of benefits for kids of all ages. Check out this list of some of those benefits:

  • Helps build logical thinking skills in kids.
  • Introduces science concepts in a fun and interesting manner.
  • Makes them aware of the practical uses of renewable energy.
  • Inculcates the knowledge about STEM at an early age.

Features to Look for Solar Robotics Kits

Even if you have a list of the 10 best solar robotics kits, picking one can get significantly confusing. Here are some essential factors to consider while choosing the right kit to pull out of this fix.


Solar Robotic KitsDoes the robotic kit come with the option of building 8 different types of robots? While most kits have over 4-5 options, the more, the merrier, as it will keep your child hooked. However, keep each shape’s difficulty level in mind as too difficult a bot may prove to be worthless.

That being said, bots with a single shape suggestion allow your kid to bring out their creative side and build other robots.

Durability and Construction

Kids may not be very careful while using the robotics material, and as a result, might end up breaking fragile parts. A single missing piece can make it difficult to construct the bot. Therefore, make sure to pick high-quality, durable solar robotics kits.

Besides, low-quality solar panels might not work efficiently enough.

Age Group

Every solar robotic kit that you spot on the market will have a specific age-group recommendation mentioned on the box. Each kit is designed keeping in mind a certain age group. However, you can still choose the kit according to how adept your kid is with the difficulty level.


The price of a solar robotics kit must align with its versatility, quality, ease of use, difficulty level, and instruction set. While you do not want to spend a lot on a robotics kit, the cheaper ones are not always the best. Weigh upon the multiple factors simultaneously.

Summing Up

Inculcating the concept of renewable sources of energy in kids is an excellent idea, and solar robotics kits harness this approach. Besides, when learning becomes as interesting as playing, nothing can stop your child from achieving success in life.

So, what’s the hold? Pick your favorite from the best solar robotics kits and nurture your child’s budding enthusiasm for exploring new things!