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People that love to decorate know that adding lighting will add pizzazz to any project.

The use of solar string lights are exceptionally fantastic, and people know that they can use them outside or inside for the exceptional effects that they are trying to achieve.

Solar string lights are especially popular during the holidays, but they are always usable at any time during the year. People love them, and there are many reasons why.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar string lights available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

The AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights consists of 100 brilliant LED bulbs which are not only bright, but they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to set up and use. Read more

Lemontec Solar String Lights

Lemontec Solar String Lights

The Lemontec Solar String Lights comes with a variety of eye-catching coloured bulbs which are easy to hang and set up. Read more

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights with their Italian style infuse a sense of soft warmth and feature commercial grade weatherproofing. Read more

Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

The Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights features warm lights with flexible copper wire that lasts for years. Read more

Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights

The Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights are available in a vast range of different colors and include 8 different lighting modes. Read more

Lalapao Solar String Lights

Lalapao Solar String Lights

The Lalapao Solar String Lights are IP65 Waterproof featuring 200 bright LEDs and 8 modes of lighting. Read more

Sunlitec Solar String Lights

Sunlitec Solar String Lights

The Sunlitec Solar String Lights are suitable both for indoor and outdoor decorations and offers multiple lighting modes and dual charging facility. Read more

FOXLUX Solar String Lights

FOXLUX Solar String Lights

The FOXLUX Solar String Lights features 48 feet of reliable shatterproof LED lights. Read more

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights

The Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights features 41 feet of lighting string with 100 LED's with a robust sealed PVC construction allowing for use in a variety of environments. Read more

Joomer Solar String Lights

Joomer Solar String Lights

The Joomer Solar String Lights feature multi-colored and bright lights with 8 modes of lighting and auto on/off sensor technology. Read more

10 Best Solar String Lights

1. AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

The AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights are designed to improve and brighten the mood in your backyard or front yard at night. The 100 solar-powered rain-drop LED lights are not only bright, but they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to set up and use. With a copper wire, the string lights can withstand the elements and last a long time.


100 Brilliant LED Lights On A Copper Wire

The string lights consist of 100 brilliant LED bulbs that are attached to a 33ft copper wire. The LED bulbs are designed to emit a brilliant light 360 degree, thereby providing ample illumination. The solar panel unit provides sufficient power to light up the bulbs without needing additional power.

High-Quality Copper Wire

These string lights come with a high-quality copper wire that is flexible and easy to shape around post, tree, guardrails, and gazebos.


The solar panel and the string light are IP65 rated on the waterproof end. As such, they can withstand a high amount of rain without water ingress affecting the LED lights and the solar panel. The IP65 makes these string lights relatively long-lasting.

Easy-To-Use Controls

The string lights come with easy-to-use controls. It has two buttons that control switching on and off (without on at dusk and auto odd at daylight function) and the other button for choosing the mode (flashing or steady).


  • The string lights are long-lasting
  • Robust build
  • With the two-buttons, they are easy to use
  • Easy to install and wrap around posts, deck railing, and trees thanks to the heavy-duty copper wire
  • Efficient cost-effective users experience thanks to the solar panel that supplies the LED light with power


  • The silicone plug at the back of the panel can move, allowing moister or water to sip in

2. Lemontec Solar String Lights

Lemontec Solar String Lights

Lighting your back or front yard does not have to be a bland affair. You can add some flair to the lighting by investing in unique lights that add colour and substance to your outdoor space. The Lemontec Solar String Lights do exactly this. While being functional, they are sport an ornamental design that complements your outdoor space. The bright bulbs are powered by a solar panel powered battery, making them cheap to run and use.


Multi-colored Bulbs

The Lemontec Solar String Lights comes with a variety of eye-catching coloured bulbs. The 30 LED lights are designed to be bright and warm, excluding impressive illumination for your outdoor space.

Easy to Operate

These string lights are designed to be easy to operate. For instance, it comes with two buttons only. The first button is the ON/Off button that switches the bulbs on and off. However, the Lemontec Solar String Lights do come with an inbuilt sensor in the solar panel that allows the bulbs to turn on automatically when night comes and turns of the bulbs at daybreak. The other button is the mode button mode control; you can switch between the solid light or the flashing light mode.

Mounting Spikes

It comes with mounting spikes for installation and set up.


  • The blink mode allows the battery charge to last longer
  • Aesthetically pleasing and can complement any outdoor landscape and décor you might have
  • The lights are easy to hang and set up
  • The bulbs are bright and produce ample illumination
  • The wire connecting the solar panels with the bulbs is long, allowing users to position the panel somewhere amply exposed to sunlight


  • Product images are not an accurate reproduction of the light’s colours – the colours are still beautiful, nonetheless

3. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Brightening up and infusing a sense of warmth in you’re your garden, patio, or front yard does not have to be a hassle or an expensive affair. The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights with their Italian style infuse a sense of soft warmth, transforming your yard to an inventing space at night. The LED bulbs produce ample light enough for a night cookout without being overbearing and overpowering to the eyes. Powered by a solar panel charged battery, you do not have to worry about additional costs.


Solar Panel

The string lights come with a solar panel that charges the battery. To fully charge the battery, the solar panel needs at least six hours of sunlight. This charge will power the string of LED bulbs for 5 to 6 hours after sunset.

Long-Lasting LED Bulbs

The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights use 12 long-lasting LED bulbs designed to last 20,000 hours of operations. Each bulb produces soft white light at 3,000K for a well-balanced illumination, thereby creating a comfortable outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Commercial Weatherproofing

These string lights make use of Brigtech’s WeatherTite Technology. As such, they can withstand wind and rain. The plastic shell around the LED bulbs is a high-grade, durable plastic that can withstand the elements. You can, therefore, leave the bulbs outside without worrying about compromising their durability.

Easy TO Install And Easy To Use

You can hang the bulbs on clamps to set up the bulbs. Alternately, you stake the bulbs. As for using the bulbs, they come with an in-built sensor that turns the LED Bulbs on and off. However, you can manually control the lights.


  • Easy to install using the clips provided or stake to the ground
  • A relatively long-lasting battery
  • Weather-proofed
  • They are easy to install and use
  • The LED bulbs produce ample light


  • Producing just one type of light (soft white light), they can create a monotonous ambience

4. Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights

Want to create a romantic mood in your bedroom with subtle lighting? Or maybe you are planning to decorate the entire house with warm lights all around? Bring home the Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights, and see the magic unfold in front of your eyes.

These warm amber lights with copper wire last for years. Usually, string lights tend to malfunction if one of the wires underneath becomes faulty. However, this one uses high-quality copper wires. So, you can light up your house this Christmas without worrying about flickering lights now and then.


Solar Powered

It only takes 6 to 8 hours to charge the lights fully. You don’t have to invest in a solar cell because the company provides you with a mounted solar panel. This makes the entire unit energy efficient.

Easy Installation

The makers used flexible copper wires to make these lights. So, you can easily bend the light around plants, furniture, and signs to make the rooms look more decorative.


The high-quality copper wires used in these lights make the unit waterproof. Moreover, copper is highly durable, making these lights last longer than you expect.

If you are searching for a long-lasting string of lights, the Hallomall LED Solar Powered String Lights will not disappoint. Keep it charged, so that it doesn’t go off during your Christmas celebrations.


  • These lights come with two modes: flash and steady on. It also switches on at night and switches off during the daytime to save power.
  • There are 72 feet of string lights. This usually covers an entire room.
  • The makers use a silver coating on top of the copper wire so that it becomes more durable.


  • You may need to charge the cells for more than 10 hours if the intensity of the sun’s rays is not too high.

5. Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Decorating your patio, Christmas tree, backyard, or garden has never been easier. Purchasing and installing the Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights allows you to put a sparkle where you want. Importantly, with an efficient solar panel, you do not have to worry about keeping the lights on. Just set up the lights and install the panel in an exposed position, and you are good to go.


High-Efficiency Solar Panel

A highly efficient solar panel powers these decorative lights via a rechargeable battery. The solar panel it comes with is highly efficient, generating some electricity even in overcast and rainy conditions. While it will not produce ample power to recharge the battery enough for overnight lighting in overcast conditions, it will light up your yard for 2 to 4 hours.

Easy-To-Use Set Up

For simplicity, it has two buttons only. The ON/OFF switch. When switched on, the lights automatically come on at dusk and switch at dawn. The other button is the mode button for switching various flashing modes.

8-Mode Function

These string lights come with plenty of modes that include steady-on, twinkle/flash, sequential, waves, Slo-Glo, slow fade, and chasing/flash. You can change the modes depending on your use. In addition to the ample light modes, you can purchase the lights in different colours, for versatile user experience.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

The Vmanoo Solar Powered Christmas Lights comes with a built rechargeable 800MA AA NI-MH battery. Importantly, however, you can replace the battery by simply taking off the back cover. Given that the battery is not soldered, you can replace the battery with another rechargeable battery.


  • Affordable string lights
  • They are easy to install and use
  • The entire set up is weather resistant
  • The different modes make it easy to vary the lighting, negating monotony
  • The solar panel is easy to services
  • The solar panel is relatively efficient
  • It has a generous number of LED bulbs


  • The light sensor for automatic ON/OFF is overly sensitive – should not be placed near other light sources

6. Lalapao Solar String Lights

Lalapao Solar String Lights

Adding some cheer to your backyard, garden, the front lawn deck, or your patios with the Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights is simple and straight forward. Just install the strings in the pattern you desire, set up the solar panel, and then turn the light on.

There is no need to install a wall outlet to power the lights. You do not need to run extension cables from your house. The auto dusk switch-on and dawn switch-off feature automate the turning on and off of the lights. In a nutshell, the LED lights are designed for a bright glow that livens your property in a convenient and simple manner.


IP65 Waterproof

The fairy lights come with an IP65 waterproof rating. As such, the Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights can withstand a significant amount of rain and wind without experiencing adverse damage. The string lights are fit for use in outdoor environments as well as indoor environments.

High-Efficiency Solar Panel

The highly efficient solar panel produces ample electricity to power the string of LED bulbs. When it is bright and sunny outside, the solar panel produces sufficient electricity (that is stored in the in-built battery) to power the string lights for up to 10 hours.

Bright LEDs

The 22m string of LEDs is made up of 200 individual LEDs that combine their light to yield a bright illumination where ever you install the string lights. The bulbs are bright while being energy efficient.


The Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights comes with 8 different lighting modes. This feature gives the string lights incredible versatility. For instance, you can use the fairy light commercial buildings, in your patios, indoors, and many other environments and scenarios.


  • The 200 LEDs that make up the string lights are bright
  • With 8 lighting modes, you can set up the lighting to suit your purpose
  • Powered by a high-efficiency solar panel that makes the lights cost-effective to run
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor usage in a wide variety of scenarios
  • Durable build


  • Easy to get tangled making their installation a tad difficult

7. Sunlitec Solar String Lights

Sunlitec Solar String Lights

When it’s that time of the year when you start planning on how to decorate your home this Christmas. And when it comes to Christmas decorations, lights play a crucial role. So, purchase a set of Sunlitec Solar String Lights this year because they are suitable both for indoor and outdoor decorations. You get 25 bulbs in this set that come with a solar panel. All you need to do is charge the solar cell during the daytime and use the lights at night for decorations.



The 25 LED bulbs come with water and breakage protection. They have 50,000 hours lifetime, which means you can use them throughout the year and not just during Christmas.

Multiple Lighting Modes

There are four lighting modes in this set. Starting from steady light, quick flash, pulsating light, to slow flash, this one is suitable for parties and festivals. If you want to buy lights that will last several Christmas celebrations, go for Sunlitec Solar String Lights.

Dual Charging Facility

You can charge these lights either using a USB charger or the premium 5V solar panel. Using the solar panel may take slightly longer, but it is highly energy efficient.

The Sunlitec Solar String Lights are easily the best in the business. Their quality, durability, and price are unmatched. Buy them this festive season to light up your home and patio.


  • The four lighting modes are the game-changer here. You can switch from one mode to another only by hitting a button.
  • It comes with one year of quality guarantee. So, if there is anything wrong with any of the bulbs, you will get a replacement.


  • The size of the lights is big. If you are searching for smaller lights, this is not the one for you.

8. FOXLUX Solar String Lights

FOXLUX Solar String Lights

When you want to add style and light to your outdoor space you need FOXLUX Solar String Lights. These lights run on solar power so you won’t need to fool around with batteries or electricity. The lights are the perfect accessory for your garden, patio, yard, or bistro. You get 48 feet of reliable LED lights.


Solar Powered

FOXLUX Solar String Lights turn on when the sun goes down. They glow a warm 2200 K light. The lights store up energy during the day and automatically turn on at night. They also automatically turn off.

The lights have a 3000 mAh large-capacity battery that is going to ensure that the lights stay on all night. The light sensor reads the outside conditions so the lights turn on when needed.

During the day the lights charge up in about six hours. You can hang the lights anywhere you want and they are easy to use.


The bulbs are made with heavy-duty plastic which means they are not going to shatter in cold weather. They can handle wind and tough weather conditions without breaking. Each bulb is strong and you even get an extra bulb. These lights are perfect for extreme weather conditions.

Long Service Life

The LED lights are not going to burn out easily. The service life of these lights is up to 25000 hours so you can count on them to work for you for a long time. You get a string of 15 bulbs and they stretch 48 feet. The bulbs are easy to stake and they can also be hung. The bulbs are going to last for a long time and you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.


  • Shatterproof
  • Waterproof
  • Long service life
  • Light sensor


  • No remote control
  • Only 15 sockets

9. Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights

For homeowners who want to beautify (and light up) their outdoor spaces the Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights are an ideal solution. The solar-powered lights do not require additional electrical power and therefore avoid the homeowner having to cope with the potential pitfalls of exposing electrical outlets and wiring to inclement weather. The light level sensing functionality means that the lights turn automatically at dusk – and the full 41 feet of light strong means unprecedented opportunity for creative use.


Two Lighting Modes

The solar string lights allow the consumer to choose between two modes. The first is a steady light and the second is a pulsating, intermittently flashing effect, ideal for festive occasions.

Multiple Uses

Full 41 feet of lighting string featuring 100 LED’s allows for use in a variety of environments. The malleable PVC tube allows for use in Gazebo’s, porches, draped on tree branches or for the lining of drives and other areas.

Tough and Weatherproof

Tough sealed PVC construction means that the light string can be used in any weather conditions.

Solar Powered

The solar power unit allows the homeowner to reduce energy bills and does not require that the lights be plugged into a power outlet, meaning safer operation in bad weather. The automatic light level sensor switches on lights as darkness approaches.

The lighting rope is the perfect solution for homeowners who want an easy to install and versatile way to beautify outdoor spaces – while at the same time ensuring safe and hassle-free operation.


  • Lights are fully weatherproof
  • Solar-powered – means no more searching for outdoor power outlets
  • Saves on power bills
  • 41 feet of malleable PVC rope featuring 100 lights – more opportunity for creativity
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Up to 17 hours of operation when fully charged
  • Simple installation


  • Short lead from the solar power pack to the light rope

10. Joomer Solar String Lights

Joomer Solar String Lights

Are you looking for multi-colored and bright string lights for your front yard? If so, the Joomer Solar String Lights are just the thing for you. Each Joomer Solar String is approximately 72ft long with almost 200 LEDs. The length between each bulb is 4 inches as well as 6.5-feet between the solar panel and the first bulb.

These lights come in four main colors such as green, red, yellow, and blue with eight active modes such as flashes, blinks, fades, and a combination of all of these features. The lights would automatically turn on at dusk. That’s why you need to buy the Joomer Solar String Lights right now.


Eight Modes And Memory Functions

There is a built-in memory chip that saves your last mode settings. That way you don’t have to reset the mode every time you switch on the lights. You just need to press the mode button to select from the 8 different modes to satisfy your diverse needs. It’s super convenient when compared to most of the other products on the market.

Easy To Install

You only need to hang the lights anywhere you want. Don’t forget to set the panel somewhere there is a lot of sunlight. Use the stake to position it. That’s all you need to do to set up the strings of light.

Auto On/Off

The product comes with built-in sensor technology. The string lights will light up automatically at dusk. They will automatically turn off at dawn. All you need to do is to set up the lights and they will do the job.

All in all, the Joomer Solar String Lights are some of the best on the market today.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Multi-colored lights
  • 8 modes to choose from
  • Inexpensive and high-quality


  • Using the ‘on’ mode constantly can significantly drain the battery compared to flashing mode

Solar String Light Buying Guide

How Do Solar String Lights Work?

Solar string lights get their power from batteries that are fueled by the sun. When the direct sunlight hits the batteries in the solar panel, they are charged and ready to permit light. There is a tremendous amount of light that can be given off from this type of battery-operated light.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar String Lights?

Solar PowerThe solar string lights come with the benefits that people are searching for. They love when they are getting a great bargain. Here are the benefits of choosing to have this type of lighting in a home, apartment or office:

1. Energy Efficiency

Since the solar string lights are powered by batteries, there are not electrical fees that a person will need to pay. This allows them to save money when they want to light up the inside or outside of a home, apartment or office. They are extremely energy efficient.

2. Decorative

People can use these types of lights for all types of decorating needs. They can light up and area in a variety of ways. Since they come in many different styles, people have lots of choices when they want to create an impact with their lighting effects.

Types of Solar String Lights

Having different kinds of solar string lights to choose from is another great benefit for people that want a choice in their lighting. Since they do not require an electrical outlet, people love these types of lights. They can choose from these different options:

1. Fairy Lights

Using the fairy lights will create a comfortable atmosphere for any room. They are simple and small little lights but they give off a nice hue for the mood that a person wants to create. Since they are excellent for decorating trees and other projects, they are the most popular form of solar string lights and they make amazing solar Christmas lights.

2. Lanterns

People will love the lantern lights that want to decorate their patios, gazebos, and patios. They are also used indoors too. They have a decorative aspect to them that is very different and they give off a lot of light. These also make excellent gift ideas at any time of the year.

3. Colored

The solar string lights come in a variety of colors. People can choose from all one color in a string of lights or a mixture of colors. This allows people to get decorative for various holidays throughout the year and use the lighting to create all different types of moods and effects.

Features To Look For In Solar String Lights

The solar string lights are laden with fantastic features. They are so useful and they make a lot of sense for many people, whether they use them in a home, apartment or an office building. Here are just some of the many features of the solar string lights that people find to be beneficial:

1. Battery Life

Many of the solar string lights batteries will work for 6 hours. Some will last up to 20 hours so this is also a consideration when the purchase is being made. A person will need to take a look at the variety of options that they will have before they make a purchasing decision.

2. Charging

It’s a good idea to have the batteries charge for 6 hours in direct sunlight. If it is cloudy, the lights may take longer to charge and the time span for this can be up to a day.

3. Cord Length

The length of the cord will matter. It will depend on how much of an area needs to be lit. Taking good measurements is necessary. If a person needs assistance with this, they will want to have someone that they know help them. It’s important to choose a larger length cord for any decorating project so that there is always leftover cord for them to use.

4. Design

A person will want to look at the various designs that the lights come in. It will depend on the end result that they wish to have when they want to pick the style and design of the particular string of lights that they choose.

5. Indoor or Outdoor

Solar string lights can be used for indoor or outdoor use. This is why homeowners love them. They can be used on a patio or inside for all types of unique decorating ideas.

6. Light Modes

The lights can come with switches that will allow them to blink off and on. They are called a steady light or a flashing mode. Some of them will just light when the direct light is upon them. This will all depend on the type that is purchased. Having these choices is also a benefit to the consumer.

7. Cost

These types of lights come at all different price points. The prices are reasonable and they will depend on the size, length, and style of the lights that a person chooses. Purchasers should take advantage of any sales, promotions, discounts, and coupons in order to save them money when they are purchasing their lights.

8. Where To Place The Lights

Where the lights will be placed will make a difference in the type that is purchased. They can be used indoors or outdoors. People will want to know where they will be using them and for what reason but they can do a lot with these types of lights. There are many creative ways in which they can be used.

How Long Do The Batteries In Solar String Lights Last?

Solar PanelOverall, the batteries in solar string lights last about two years. If a person is conservative with the use of the batteries, they can last up to three years. It’s best to purchase the types of lights that have an on and off switch so that they can be placed in the off position when the lighting is not necessary to be on. This can extend the battery life of the lights.

Will The Bad Winter Weather Ruin The Solar String Lights?

These types of lights can handle a lot of wear and tear. They can withstand some wetness and cold but it will depend on the type of lights that are purchased. It’s important to read the instructions that the lights come with to be aware of how they will last in various temperatures and storms.

How Long Does It Take For Solar String Lights To Charge?

The solar string lights need to be charged in direct sunlight. In some cases, they can be charged in four hours, however, in order for them to be fully charged, it’s a good idea to charge them for six hours. They can be charged on cloudy days too. The solar string lights are made to pick up light even when it’s cloudy out. It will take a whole day for the lights to charge in this way.

Can Solar Lights Be Charged Indoors?

If a person wants to charge the lights inside, they may do so by having them sit on a windowsill in direct sunlight. They will also be able to use certain types of fluorescent or incandescent lights to charge them. The best results for charging the lights will be from the direct sunlight outdoors.

Storing Solar String Lights

The solar string light should be kept in boxes when they are not in use. They should be wrapped so that they will not be damaged before putting them into the box. This way, they will stay in good condition to be used at another time when a person has another lighting project that they are working on.

Giving Solar Strings Lights As A Gift

As mentioned before, the solar string lights make an excellent gift idea. They are perfect for the holidays but can be used for birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year. It’s a good idea to get a gift voucher if the intended person for the gift might want to exchange them for another color. In many cases, several strings are purchased to be given as a gift to make it a perfect present.

Overall, solar string lights make a fantastic choice for people looking for great lighting solutions. They are something that people really appreciate during the holidays and they can be used all throughout the year too. Since people love that they will save money on their electric bill, these lights make sense in all ways. They are positive and effective lighting solution for many people.