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With the progression in technology, the relevance of renewable energy sources has become more important than ever. Gone are the days when we were dependent on electricity to charge our houses and household gadgets.

From outdoor lightings such as driveways, lawns, and patios, solar lightings are a great energy source and alternative for electricity. Well, with the advancement of technology, people now have access to indoor lighting systems too.

If you are still not equipped with these amazing solar energy alternatives, then now is the time! With the availability of solar tables and desk lamps, you now have the opportunity to harness these cost-effective clean energy sources even indoors.

So, if you are wondering how you can illuminate your house with the help of solar energy, we have collated a guide for your assistance. Let us walk through a detailed guide to the best solar table lamps available today and everything you need to know about this exceptional product!

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar table lamps available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



MPOWERED Luci Solar Lamps

MPOWERED Luci Solar Lamps

Luci is a lightweight and durable solar-powered lamp that has a built-in rechargeable battery. What sets this solar lamp apart from others is its highly efficient solar panels. Hence it never requires batteries to recharge the light. It can last for up to 10-12 hours and comes with 65-75 lumens. Read more

Biolite Solar Powered Lamps

Biolite Solar Powered Lamps

Biolite is a long-lasting solar lamp that comes with 100 lumens. These small yet highly effective solar-powered lamps can last for up to 50 hours without interruptions due to their high-capacity battery storage features. Biolite's small and portable lamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Read more

KK. Bol Solar Table Lamp

KK. Bol Solar Table Lamp

KK. Bol's solar lamp has a versatile design that can get charged with either a photovoltaic panel or a 5V mobile charger. These lamps can be carried easily and is a great choice for your bedside or as a study table lamp. With 2000 MA battery capacity, these lamps can last for up to 5 hours in maximum brightness and 30 hours in lower brightness mode. Read more

WONFAST Solar Indoor Table Lamps

WONFAST Solar Indoor Table Lamps

This solar lamp from WONFAST comes with the latest technology of protecting your eyes from light radiation and flickering. They can stay for up to 6 hours and illuminate the entire room without straining your eyes while reading. Read more

Glovion Solar Powered Lamps

Glovion Solar Powered Lamps

These highly compact and flexible lamps are a great addition to your house. They are lightweight and can be carried even while you travel. They provide two modes of brightness level. Also, you can charge them with solar energy and any USB portable 5V device. Read more

Kaito Solar Powered LED Lamp

Kaito Solar Powered LED Lamp

With a 2500 mAh battery storage capacity, Kaito lamps can last for up to 8 long hours. It has 42 long-lasting LEDs, which are equally distributed. With two adjustable panels, it can tilt up to 180 degrees and 270 degrees. Read more

Pearlstar LED Outdoor and Indoor Solar Desk Lamp

Pearlstar LED Outdoor and Indoor Solar Desk Lamp

These solar-powered, highly reliable table lamps come with a two-level brightness mode. It has a highly efficient solar panel, and the lamp can last for up to 8 hours without interruption. These decorative table lamps are meant for both outdoor and indoor settings. Read more

Lumin AID Solar Lamps

Lumin AID Solar Lamps

It has one of the highest power outputs of 75 lumens and a long battery life of 24 hours. These solar-powered lamps are great for camping as well as for your indoor lighting needs. Read more

PlugWatts Solar Table Lamps WSL-10

PlugWatts Solar Table Lamps WSL-10

This lamp is completely powered by solar energy and consists of solar panels, a light source, and batteries. The solar panel captures the sunlight and stores it in the battery that you can later utilize for your indoor household purposes. Read more

Pearlstar Outdoor Solar Table Lamp

Pearlstar Outdoor Solar Table Lamp

These solar lamps by Pearlstar are a great addition to your household purposes, especially outdoors. They are solar-powered and comes in a compact size. They can provide high performance and offer a lighting duration of up to 8 hours in total. Read more

10 Best Solar Table Lamps

1. MPOWERED Luci Solar Lamps

MPOWERED Luci Solar Lamps

The solar table lamps from MPOWERED Luci are high-performing and long-lasting solar lights. Accompanied by 10 LEDs, these solar-charged lamps can last for up to 10-12 hours and is a great addition to your house. Read along to know more about its exciting features!


Waterproof and Portable

MPOWERED solar lamps are safe from the harsh conditions of the weather, and hence you can use them outside as well. With an IP67 rating, these solar-powered lamps are fully waterproof and resistant to water. Also, due to its lightweight features, you can carry them around even while you travel and pin them up to your backpack.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Once you set these lamps up in direct sunlight for up to 7 hours, they get fully charged and can last for up to 12 hours. Hence, you need not fret if you have a power outage at home as MPOWERED has got your back.

Powerful LED Lights

Luci solar lamps are constituted of 10 white LEDs that can illuminate rooms of different sizes and areas. It can brighten the entire room, and you can also set the brightness levels as per your requirement, that is, bright, one-second flashing, and super bright.

Indoor and Outdoor Setting

MPOWERED solar lamps are highly adaptable and can be used for outdoor purposes as well. Constituted PVC plastic, these solar lamps can handle harsh weather conditions, and you can also place them on your patio.


  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Long-lasting performance of 12-hours
  • Powered with 65-75 lumens
  • Fully waterproof product
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Impressive ten white LEDs for illumination


  • Dependent on solar energy for charging

2. Biolite Solar Powered Lamps

Biolite Solar Powered Lamps

Solar-powered lamps from Biolite are highly efficient and portable solar lamps that come with 100 lumens. These solar lamps can last up to 50 hours on low brightness levels. Additionally, a USB port can also charge these solar table lamps. Hence, you need not depend on sunlight for charging these lamps on a cloudy day.


Different Modes of Light

With its 750 mAh battery, Biolite lamps can be used in both lower and high settings. You can enjoy 50 hours of continuous illumination in a softer light background and a 4 hour dimmable light on a high tone.

RGB Color Switch

With the Biolite solar lamps, you have the option to switch between color modes depending on the indoor and outdoor setting. You can make a switch between red, green, and blue color modes based on the external environments. If you need a light source for your campsite or hiking needs, you can switch to the red night vision for better vision control.


Biolite Solar lamps come with 100 lumens and can fully charge under direct sunlight, compared to other solar-powered lamps. Moreover, these solar lamps are not completely dependent on sunlight to charge themselves. You can even set them via a USB micro port when the weather isn’t favorable.

Adjustable Kickstand and Clips

With Biolite solar lamps, you have the liberty of hanging or placing them firmly on a table with the support of a kickstand. These 360-degrees kickstands let you set your lights as per your needs and can also be hanged to your tent while you camp outdoors.


  • Quick charging option with a USB port
  • Analog sundial to acquire maximum charge
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • 360-degree kickstand option
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comes with a hanging clip for tents


  • Not bright enough to illuminate rooms of different sizes

3. KK. Bol Solar Table Lamp

KK. Bol Solar Table Lamp

If you are looking for a solar lamp that is highly efficient as well as qualifies for a lamp, then KK. Bol should be on your list.

It provides a remarkable lighting performance with its dual-charging feature. These lightweight lamps are ideal for your bedside reading or table lamps for your kids too. Read along to get a detailed overview of its features.


Multi-Purpose Functionality

These solar table lamps can be used as a bedside lamp or even for your outdoor camping needs. It is easy to use and offers you the best solution for indoor lighting requirements. These touch-sensitive lamps can also be used as a reading lamp for kids at home.

Two-Way Charging

KK. Bol solar lamps have the option of charging two-ways and hence are not entirely dependent on sunlight. It contains a photovoltaic panel or with the use of a 5V mobile charger. The indicator lighting lets you understand the level of charging on the lamp.

High-Level Capacity

It has a maximum capacity of 2000mAH battery that can go on for up to 5 hours in high brightness levels and for 30 hours in low levels. Well, you can even adjust the brightness of these lamps. With three-level touch control, you can adjust the brightness from high-middle based on your requirements.


KK. Bol’s solar lamps offer sufficient brightness and illumination for different sizes of the room. With its different light modes, you can adjust the brightness levels with ease. This aspect will shun any strain on your eyes while you use it for reading or other purposes.


  • High capacity lithium battery
  • Two-way alternative charging options
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Touch-sensitive three-level brightness control
  • Eye-friendly lighting system
  • Anti-flicker LED lights


  • Not so sturdy lamp structure

4. WONFAST Solar Indoor Table Lamps

WONFAST Solar Indoor Table Lamps

These flexible LED solar lights by WONFAST are known for their super high quality and are equipped with the latest technology for eye protection. It is convenient to handle and use while reading, and you can adjust them as per your needs. So read along to know more of its exciting features!


Vision Protection Technology

These ultra-modern, technologically advanced solar lamps go easy on your eyes as it eliminates harmful radiations. With its ultra-thin highlight eye and long scattering features, it can be lit up an entire room.

Flexible Metal Neck

If you find it tricky to bend or fold your lamps the way you feel comfortable, you can avoid that with these solar lamps. The metal gooseneck of WONFAST solar lamps can turn at any angle possible and the way you require. Hence, you can adjust the lighting while you read or write a journal on your table.

Two-Way Charging

With a built-in battery and high capacity of 3.7 V/600 mAh, you can even utilize a dual charging feature with these solar-led lamps. Also, these lamps may either charge with the help of a solar panel or a 5V USB cable. This feature especially comes in handy when the weather is unfavorable and there is minimum sunlight available.

Sturdy Design and Long Lasting

WONFAST solar lamps are made of ABS and PC material with a matte finish. It has a clean and bright surface with firm protection and is hence safe from abrasion or rust. The metal gooseneck and the shaft are robust and can last longer as compared to other lamps available.


  • 8 LED Uniform and flicker-free illumination
  • Radiation free light
  • The sturdy and corrosion-resistant surface
  • Metal foldable gooseneck
  • Lithium-ion high capacity battery
  • Available in three different colors


  • Few of the LED beads may tend to dim down

5. Glovion Solar Powered Lamps

Glovion Solar Powered Lamps

Though Glovion LED lamps are compact, small, and portable, they offer powerful performance with no flickering. With three times powerful LEDs and two different brightness levels, you can read each page of your book with ease and as per your comfort.


Compact Design

Glovion solar-powered lamps are compact and portable in every way. Apart from using them as your table lamps, you can carry them around even when you travel. Though small and lightweight in structure, they are highly potent solar lamps available today.

Hybrid Power Charging

These lamps are powered by sunlight which is a clean energy source and hence is best suited to use if you face power outages. Moreover, you can even charge them using 5V USB chargers, power banks, etc.

Powerful LEDs

Glovion solar lamps come with three powerful LEDs, which are flicker-free and can illuminate an entire room space. Accompanied by two different brightness settings, you can adjust the level from high to low with a toggle button.

Flexible Clip-Ons

These solar LED lamps also come with multipurpose features. You can place them on your study table as well as clip them in your book. You can attach them to your book, journals, or magazine while you read and even carry them around when you are on the go.


  • Long-lasting power of 5-12 hours
  • Customize brightness level
  • Flexible paper clip-on
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Dual charging feature
  • 360-degree rotatable neck


  • Not meant for large spaces/rooms

6. Kaito Solar Powered LED Lamps

Kaito Solar Powered LED Lamps

These multifunctional solar lamps from Kaito are apt for both indoor and outdoor purposes. With a 2500 mAh energy capacity, these solar-powered efficient lamps can last for 7-8 hours without pauses. With a long-life battery and a two-way charging feature, Kaito solar lamps are one of a kind.


High-Performance Battery

Kaito solar lamps come with a high capacity of 2500 mah battery that can last for up to 8 hours straight. Hence, if you regularly face power outages, these table lamps should be your go-to option for emergency use.

Exceptional LED Brightness Level

It comes with 42 super bright and energy-efficient LEDs, a surface-mounted device with two evenly divided panels. They can be tilted and folded to 270 and 180 degrees angle, respectively.

Premium Quality Material

Kaito’s solar multipurpose lamps are constituted of high-quality material which is waterproof and extremely durable. Due to its ABS structure and material can be kept safe for long with zero impact and erosion.


  • High capacity long-lasting battery
  • 42 highly efficient super bright LEDs
  • The dual adjustable and foldable panel
  • Twin brightness mode-bright and low
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Superior quality material


  • No access to battery panel

7. Pearlstar LED Outdoor and Indoor Solar Desk Lamp

Pearlstar LED Outdoor and Indoor Solar Desk Lamp

These aesthetically appealing solar lamps from Pearlstar are perfect for both an indoor and outdoor setting. It comes with a sensitive panel that can charge efficiently under bright sunlight. If you need solar table lamps that can last for around 8 hours, the Pearlstar is an ideal addition to your house.


Eco-friendly and High-Performance

Pearlstar solar lamps come with a high-performance solar panel and are sensitive to light. Hence you can charge these lamps within no time, and they can last for up to 8 hours. With 25-50 lumens, you can even adjust the levels of brightness. The built-in batteries are rechargeable and offer you a long-lasting performance with no interruptions.

Light sensor

These solar lamps have a sensor that is built-in and is sensitive to the surrounding light. So if you need a table lamp for your night reading, Pearlstar lamps automatically switch on when it is dark. It even dims down when it gets exposed to direct bright light.

Ideal Outdoor Lamp

These energy-efficient solar lamps are not just a great indoor night table lamp but also apt for your patios and lawn table. Since it is sensitive to strong lights, it makes for an ideal outdoor study or dining table and adds aesthetic value to your outdoor setting.

Sleek and Elegant Design

Pearlstar’s solar table lamps are highly energy-saving and waterproof lamps and come with an attractive design. Compared to other traditional solar lamps and lanterns, Peralstar lamps are well-suited for an outdoor or indoor setting as a decorative piece. Its elegant design will gel well with any modern or home or interior.


  • Built-in light sensor
  • Two levels of brightness mode
  • High-performance solar panels
  • Waterproof and wireless solar table lights
  • Apt for late-night reading and desk work
  • Sophisticated design


  • Not suitable for bigger rooms and space

8. Lumin AID Solar Lamps

Lumin AID Solar Lamps

These solar lamps or lanterns from LuminAid are apt for both household and camping purposes. Constituted of 75 LED lumens, these portable lights do not require any additional batteries. So you always have the option of charging them fully, and you are good to go. It can last for up to 24 hours with a fully charged battery and is ideal for instances of power outages.


Emergency Light Source

LumiAid’s solar lamps are best suited for emergencies such as power outages for long hours. Due to its easy and manageable structure, you can carry them around and use them whenever needed. It acts as your backup during power cuts and lets you go on with your everyday tasks.

High-Quality IP67 Certified

These solar lamps have all the safety features and are hence a highly reliable product. They are waterproof, shatterproof, and dustproof as well. With its collapsible structure, you can easily carry them around and even keep them in your storage boxes.

Multipurpose Use

LuminAid solar-powered lamps can illuminate your entire room and even backyards with their terrific LED lights. Also, they are highly recommended to use in campsites as hanging lanterns. Hence, these solar lamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting goals.


  • Dual rechargeable feature
  • No additional batteries required
  • Long-lasting battery life of 24 hours
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Different modes of brightness level
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Not well-suited for longer use

9. PlugWatts Solar Table Lamps WSL-10

PlugWatts Solar Table Lamps WSL-10

The PlugWatts solar lamps are an eco-friendly product that you can implement for various household purposes. With a 6Wlight bulb and powered by a solar panel, they are highly energy-efficient and can be used as your table lamp as well as a flashlight.


Maximum Brightness

Even though it comes with a 6W light bulb, it offers the brightness level of a 40W light bulb. Accompanied with three levels of light intensity, you can adjust the brightness of the light as per your needs. Hence, if you need the lamp while reading a book, you can set the lamp to avoid straining your eyes.

With this feature, you can even save energy with minimum brightness levels and use it for a longer duration.

Solar Panel Powered

You can charge these solar lamps with the help of a solar panel and a USB cable. Once you set the panels under the sunlight, you can easily fit them to your solar lamps. Apart from the panels, you can even use your USB cables if the weather isn’t ideal for charging your panels.

Recyclable Material

PlugWatts solar lamps are constituted of recyclable material and are hence 100% eco-friendly products. So if you are someone who is environmentally conscious and supports eco-friendly products, then this should be on your list. Due to its recyclable features, you can use them for a longer period.

Non-Flickering Light

Even in a minimum brightness mode, these solar lamps from PlugWatts are not prone to flickering. Thus, it assures you that it does not interrupt your vision and provides a smooth lighting system for your indoor activities. It offers an even and subtle glow when used to light up your room.


  • Completely eco-friendly
  • Zero flickering light
  • Avoids glaring light
  • Easy on eyes
  • Dual charging features
  • Constituted of recyclable material


  • Vulnerable to scrapes and scratches

10. Pearlstar Outdoor Solar Table Lamp

Pearlstar Outdoor Solar Table Lamp

This range of solar table lamps from Pearlstar offers a compact lighting system for indoor and outdoor use. These lamps are compact and designed with a wooden base, especially for outdoor settings such as patio, dining tables, etc. With a battery capacity of 600mAh, these solar lamps are kind and ideal for decorative purposes.


Highly Efficient Solar Panels

Pearlstar’s solar lamps come with a high-powered solar panel that measures 8×8 cm. These portable lamps can last for 8 hours when the battery is fully charged. Hence, once you fully charge the lamps in direct sunlight, they can offer a running time of 4 hours in high brightness and 8 hours in lower brightness levels.

Warm Light

These small solar table lamps will light up your entire patio and garden and provide a soothing atmosphere. With their warm lighting feature, you can attain a soft light ambiance that will ease your vision and lift your mood.

Aesthetic Value

These decorative table lamps from Pearlstar come with an elegant design and are appropriate for patio and outdoor table settings. With a wooden base, they provide a great value to the ambiance and aura of the house and even outdoors.

Compact Size

Pearlstar’s solar lamps are a mini version of a normal table lamp. You can place them in any corner of the room or on the table without occupying much space. These portable lamps are easy to manage and store in your house.


  • Highly efficient solar panels
  • Fully chargeable with sunlight
  • Ideal for decorative objectives
  • Adequate battery life
  • Compact and firm design
  • Cordless and waterproof design


  • Not ideal for illumination requirements

Solar Table Lamp Buying Guide

Did you enjoy the exclusive reviews of the ten best solar table lamps? Each of these products has been hand-picked by a team of experts, so you get only the top ones to choose from. That being said, you still need to consider a couple of things to make the most optimum choice.

Now that you know the best solar lamps available today, it is time to equip yourself with a few details regarding the functionality and nature of solar table lamps.

What is a Solar Table Lamp?

Solar Table LampA solar table lamp is similar to regular lamps; however, few vary based on configuration and structure. These eco-friendly alternatives to electricity are a great addition to your household’s purposes.

It constitutes a built-in solar panel, LED lamp, and a rechargeable battery. Most solar table lamps come with a dual charging feature and hence eliminates the dependency on sunlight for charging them. They can operate on the power generated by the batteries and accordingly reduce the cost of your power bills.

Solar table lamps are apt for both a table and a bedside lamp. With these solar table lamps, you can complete your household chores and use them as your bedside reading pal. If you have kids at home, you can place it on their study table, and it will offer ample illumination without straining their eyes.

How Do Solar Table Lamps Work?

Solar table lamps work on the theory of the photovoltaic effect. Usually, the solar panels available in the lamps absorb the sunlight through the solar cells. These cells are then responsible for converting solar energy into electric power stored in the batteries, which you can harness for later use.

Most of the solar table lamps come with LED lights that are highly energy-saving and last longer. Few solar lamps have built-in sensors to turn and off and even detect the surrounding light. Hence, if the light availability in the room space is too high, they can adjust their lighting mode and save energy for future use.

Additionally, you can charge your table lamps with the help of a hybrid power source. With this feature, you need not rely solely on sunlight to charge the lamps. You can plug them to a power outlet or a USB cord and charge the batteries with zero hassles.

What are the Types of Solar Table Lamps?

There are different ranges and types of solar table lamps you can purchase depending on your lighting requirements. So what are these?

Adjustable Solar Table Lamps

Few of the solar table lamps come with an adjustable neck and arm. Such as a gooseneck lamp will let you bend the lamp as per your comfort and reading requirements. These lamps are extremely portable, foldable, and bendable compared to other lamps. You can even adjust the shaft of the lamp to target the lighting directly in your desired direction.

Clip-On Solar Table Lamps

Clip-on solar lamps are an ideal option if you are traveling or camping with your friends. Also, if you have a small-sized table at home, these clip-on lamps are great space savers. You can easily clip these lamps to the book you are reading, and it will offer ample light without wrenching your eyes.

Decorative Solar Table Lamps

If you need an elegant and sophisticated-looking eco-friendly lamp, then some brands offer you both. Few of the solar table lamps are high on aesthetics and a sleek design. It will not only save you big bucks but also add splendidness to your indoor and outdoor settings.

What are the Benefits of Solar Table Lamps?

There are some significant benefits and advantages of switching to a solar table lamp. If you are still indecisive about getting one of these outstanding products, here are a few perks you can obtain that will change your mind instantly.

Access to Renewable Source of Energy

Solar Desk LampWith solar table lamps, you will now have access to a clean and green source of energy. Since solar energy is a renewable resource, you have unlimited avenues to charge your lamps without any delay. Hence, once you install this incredible power source, you can sit back and relax as this renewable energy source has covered your illumination requirments covered.


Firstly, most of the solar table lamps are cordless and avoid the addition of unwanted wires. Yes, you heard that right. Moreover, the solar table lamps can be installed anywhere inside your house with zero hassles. Even if you need them by your bedside, you can pick a compact-sized light and enjoy reading a book in your comfort.

Easy Installation

Most of the solar lamps come with in-built batteries or solar panels. With these lamps at your disposal, you need not sweat on the wiring system of the lamps, which you usually have to face with other lighting systems. These stand-alone products can easily be placed or installed anywhere inside your house or outdoors, such as gardens and patios, without any external wirings.


Well, with these solar table lamps, you aren’t just keeping a check on your carbon footprint but also majorly cutting down on your electricity bills. Though it may cost a bit for installing the solar panels and the initial cost of the product, in the longer run, you will be free from the shackles of the long monthly electricity bills.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Once you install these excellent power-saving products in your house, you need to pay little to no attention to their maintenance. Most of these solar lamps have a compact size, and hence you can easily store them in your house and dust the lampshades occasionally.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Solar Table Lamp

Before deciding on a perfect solar table lamp for your home, you need to consider few factors. Many models and designs are available for solar table lamps, and picking the right one can get challenging.

Read along to understand the aspects and details you need to focus on before investing in one.

Dimension and Size of the Lamp

Considering the size and width of the lamps is vital before you buy them. If you are looking for a bedside lamp, then a compact size would do the job. A shorter lamp with a warm light is the most suitable to relish on your night reading and will also reduce the strain on your eyes.

However, if you are particularly looking for a lamp for your kid’s study table, it is best to go for the tall ones. It is better to do your research and check if the bottom of the shade is where your face comes in. It will avoid the unnecessary glaring light hitting your eyes directly.

Charging Requirements

Table LampSolar table lamps are accompanied by batteries that help them run without the use of electricity. If you face regular power outages, it is important to pay attention to the battery life of the lamps and how long it takes for them to charge.

Additionally, you need to check if they offer a dual charging feature with a USB charging port. It will ensure that you are not entirely dependent on solar energy for charging them.

Lastly, it is crucial to consider the battery life of the lamps. The majority of the solar table lamps can last for around 6-8 hours, and hence you need to pick the one with zero flicker and dimming effects.

Anti-Glare and Anti-Radiation

Before picking the right solar table lamps, you might have to consider if they are easy on your eyes or not. Lamps with LED lights that directly focus on your eyes can get straining after a point. Also, if the intensity of the light is higher, it can gravely affect your vision while you read or perform other chores.

Portable and Lightweight

The weight of the solar lamps is a vital factor to consider if you are a regular traveler or have a small home space. Opting for a lightweight lamp will give you the liberty of carrying them around without much hassle and trouble. Hence, you can even carry them if you are camping and hiking or on vacation.

Also, it is a bonus if the lamps are portable enough to store them safely after use. Portable lamps are easier to manage and maintain for a longer duration.

Lamp Variants

Presently, there are different varieties of solar lamps available catering to specific consumer needs. If you have limited space to place the solar lamps on a table, you can pick one of the hanging lamps and place it above your table or wherever you need.

Moreover, if you need a lighting source to carry to your bed while you read your favorite book, clip-on lamps should be on your list.

With clip-on solar lamps, you can attach them to your book or journal you want to read in the dark at the comfort of your bed or couch.

Wrapping Up

With the advent of the digital age and expansion in technology, you have better alternatives and avenues for harnessing clean energy sources. Solar table lamps are a great way of reducing carbon footprint and an effective method of reducing your power bills.

With that said, it is not an easy task to pick a perfect and befitting solar lamp for your household purposes. Choosing the right one from a sea of lamps can get challenging, but it can be a breeze with the help of this guide.

Let not the confusion of opting for an appropriate lamp stop you from picking an eco-friendly product. So take a deep breath and do your research before jumping onto buying an ideal solar lamp to illuminate your house!