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Relaxing on your patio in the evening and staring at the stars above – sounds perfect, right? What about an evening outdoor party? A high-quality solar umbrella that can make such an evening more memorable.

These devices are embedded with solar cells that absorb sunlight to produce electricity and light up the surroundings.

If you’re searching for the best solar umbrellas, we’ve handpicked the best products and reviewed their features. Let’s get started!

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar umbrellas available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Blissun Solar Umbrella

Blissun Solar Umbrella

Consisting of 32 LEDs and an adjustable pole, this offers excellent illumination for 6 to 7 hours. The breathable material and air vent enhance the airflow. Read more

Sunnyglade Solar Umbrella

Sunnyglade Solar Umbrella

Coming with 24 LEDs and a powerful solar panel, it has a very durable construction. It’s 9 feet wide and crafted with 100% waterproof polyester fabric. Read more

FRUITEAM Solar LED Umbrella

FRUITEAM Solar LED Umbrella

With an elegant design and sturdy construction, this umbrella has a crank mechanism for convenient adjustment. Moreover, it’s made of weatherproof material. Read more

ABCCANOPY Solar Patio Umbrella

ABCCANOPY Solar Patio Umbrella

It offers 32 LED lights providing 9-12 hours of non-stop lighting. The metallic frame and weatherproof fabric enhance its durability. Read more

EliteShade Sunbrella Solar Umbrella

EliteShade Sunbrella Solar Umbrella

Its special canopy design offers a comfortable shade, and the waterproof material provides great durability. Read more

PHI VILLA Solar LED Patio Umbrella

PHI VILLA Solar LED Patio Umbrella

The double-sided design provides a large shade, and embedded LEDs offer efficient lighting. It also comes with an umbrella base, two sandbags, and a cover. Read more

SONGMICS Solar Patio Umbrella

SONGMICS Solar Patio Umbrella

Offering amazing durability, lighting, and shade at an affordable price, this product also has UV protection. Read more

PURPLE LEAF Solar-Powered Umbrella

PURPLE LEAF Solar-Powered Umbrella

The metal ribs and aluminum frame offer long-lasting performance. You get an air vent for better air circulation and breathable comfort. Read more

C-Hopetree Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella

C-Hopetree Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella

Having 40 LEDs and a rechargeable battery, it offers 6 hours of lighting. The locking canopy pins and tilting system make it extremely convenient to use. Read more

SUNBRANO Solar Outdoor Offset Umbrella

SUNBRANO Solar Outdoor Offset Umbrella

Offering 6-7 hours of lighting and sufficient shade, it has sturdy ribs to make it last for years. Read more

10 Best Solar Umbrellas

1. Blissun Solar Umbrella

Blissun Solar Umbrella

We begin our reviews of solar umbrellas with this amazing product from Blissun. This 9-foot solar umbrella has 32 LED lights embedded for outstanding evening illumination. It’s energy-efficient and perfect for your backyard or garden. You can also adjust it at your convenience.


Excellent Illumination

As each rib of this amazing solar umbrella consists of 4 LEDs, the 32 lights together brighten up any patio or yard. These solar-powered lights offer a warm glow, creating a cozy atmosphere for you to de-stress.
You can adjust the pole up or down and tilt it to the side if you need some shade.

All night Performance

These excellent lights are capable of providing all-night lighting. After being charged for 6-7 hours under direct sunlight, they can stay on throughout the night. It’s because of the high-quality solar lights embedded in them.

All you need to do is turn its switch off during the day, so it absorbs sunlight properly.

Convenient Design

Besides having a steel rib design for durability, this umbrella has an air vent at the top for better airflow. As it’s made of breathable fabric, you’ll feel very comfortable sitting under it. With a push-button tilting system and a crank lifting mechanism, handling it is super easy!

Versatile Usage

You can use this product wherever you need shade and lighting. Be it a patio, yard, party deck, or an outdoor birthday party; this umbrella can add a spark to it. Offering uninterrupted illumination – thanks to the powerful solar panel – your backyard will be the center of attraction.


  • Waterproof fabric and steel rib construction offers excellent durability
  • The air vent at the top provides a relaxing airflow
  • Enhanced solar panel for efficient absorption
  • Crank handle for convenient lowering and raising
  • Push button for sideways tilting


  • The umbrella fabric color may fade after some time

2. Sunnyglade Solar Umbrella

Sunnyglade Solar Umbrella

Our next product is suited for those who want to take their yard’s style to another level. This umbrella comes with a powerful solar panel at the top and 24 built-in LEDs.

With wide coverage and various adjustable features, this umbrella is designed to make evening dinners memorable!


Durable Design

It is manufactured using 100% polyester canopy material and is also water repellant. The fabric is soft and breathable, so you’ll get better airflow while relaxing under it.

Offering you the perfect shade, this product also protects you from harmful UV rays. The aluminum pole firmly holds it all together.

Easily Adjustable

You can adjust this umbrella without any hassles using the crank and tilt mechanism. The tilt feature allows you to tilt its head to any side and keep the heat away.

The crank mechanism opens and closes the umbrella easily. You can also use this to move it up or down.

Wide Coverage

This umbrella is 9 feet wide and can cover a lot of ground. So, you can relax with your family and friends without the UV rays bothering you. Ideal for any patio or garden, you can fit a 48-inch table under it.

Convenient Illumination

There are efficient LED lights and a powerful solar panel embedded. So, it offers you non-stop lighting. Be it your kid’s birthday or a family get-together; it can light up a corner easily. All you need to do is charge it under direct sunlight for 6 hours to have a bright evening!


  • Water-resistant and UV protective fabric
  • 24 embedded lights for efficient lighting
  • Sturdy strap to wrap and secure umbrella
  • Crank mechanism to adjust umbrella height
  • 9 feet diameter for wide coverage


  • The solar panel is a bit small

3. FRUITEAM Solar LED Umbrella

FRUITEAM Solar LED Umbrella

This is yet another excellent product from a popular brand called FRUITEAM, which comes with an elegant design. Manufactured with high-quality materials, this umbrella will suit any yard or lawn and make it look spectacular.

With such reliable quality and durable construction, this will be an excellent purchase for anyone looking for an umbrella upgrade.


Efficient Performance

This umbrella can brighten up your day or night! It can offer you excellent lighting, even if the weather is cloudy or dull. All it needs is a fully charged panel, and then you can use it for 6-7 hours. The power-efficient solar panel efficiently absorbs sunlight.

So, you can use it regularly without any worries.

Robust Construction

This is one of the sturdiest umbrellas you’ll find in the market. The thick steel pole supports the base, while the heavy-duty ribs are rust-free to protect its interiors. So, even if you face harsh winds or storms, this umbrella won’t fall off or fly away easily.

Weather Proof Fabric

Along with durable construction, the umbrella is also crafted with triple protection fabric. As it consists of UV and PU coating, it doesn’t get damaged by wind or heavy showers. The polyester fabric offers long-lasting performance.

Easy Operation

This umbrella comes with a convenient hand crank, which allows you to move it up or down. The dura tilt mechanism lets you move it conveniently to guard the sun. In addition, the vented canopy design increases its ventilation, keeping you cool under it.


  • Durable construction and stable ground support
  • High-quality fabric for UV protection and weather shielding
  • Velcro strap for closing and organizing the umbrella
  • Large LED chips for brighter lighting
  • Offers 8 hours of non-stop illumination


  • The number of LEDs is low

4. ABCCANOPY Solar Patio Umbrella

ABCCANOPY Solar Patio Umbrella

If you’re looking for long-lasting performance, you have to check this out. With a very stylish yet robust design, this solar umbrella can offer you outstanding illumination for years. It’s easy to use and set up, making it a great value for money.



Whether it’s a heavy shower or a hailstorm, your umbrella won’t be affected. It’s because this product is manufactured using water-resistant fabric, which offers a durable performance.

Moreover, the fabric offers a very relaxing shade that will help you calm your senses whenever you relax on your patio.

High-quality solar panel

The embedded solar panel has an auto-charging feature that charges the umbrella all day under sunlight. After the 32 LED lights are fully charged, you will receive around 9 to 12 hours of lighting.

There is an on/off switch at the top and a rechargeable battery.

Simple Setup

Setting up this umbrella is hassle-free and requires no additional assistance. The detachable pool and the crank handle let you position it anywhere, such as a party deck or your backyard. There are no complicated wires or sockets.

However, make sure to place it under sunlight for 6 to 9 hours to charge it.

Durable Frame

This umbrella is built to last for years, as eight aluminum ribs hold the fabric together. Plus, the frame has an anti-rust coating that enhances the overall durability. Just fix it on your patio using the tough pole and stay worry-free!


  • Rechargeable battery and solar panel offers 9-12 hours of lighting
  • Crank system and tilt button for easy adjustment
  • Anti-rust frame for maximum durability
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant fabric
  • Ultra-stitch prevents pockets from bursting


  • It doesn’t have a light sensor

5. EliteShade Sunbrella Solar Umbrella

EliteShade Sunbrella Solar Umbrella

Our next entry comes from a brand that claims to offer better lighting than most products. Manufactured using a high-quality fabric that is super durable, this umbrella offers you a comfortable shade.

So, while looking great in any outdoor area, this will provide you the perfect lighting for events and celebrations.


Outstanding Lighting

Consisting of 80 LED lights on its ribs, this is one of the brightest umbrellas in the market. They are powered by a rechargeable battery that offers long-lasting performance. It doesn’t get damaged easily and provides you excellent lighting all night long.

High-performance Fabric

Are you tired of umbrellas getting torn apart? You don’t have to worry about all that here, as this product is crafted with excellent fabric. The material is water-resistant, weatherproof, and also very breathable. It’s solution-dyed and shields you from harmful UV rays.

In addition, the high-performance fabric’s color doesn’t fade away easily, so it continues to look good.

Sturdy Frame

This umbrella has a very durable structure made of aluminum. The ribs are coated using an anti-rust substance, which enhances their durability as well. Moreover, the pole is manufactured using aluminum and is 1.5 inches in diameter.

The entire frame is solid enough to withstand harsh winds and rain showers.

Relaxing Shade

As the umbrella is crafted using premium fabric, it is extremely breathable. So, you will enjoy the most relaxing shade ever! All this happens due to the vented canopy design. It lets heat and wind pass through, keeping you comfortable under it.


  • Designed using waterproof acrylic fabric
  • Convenient strap to tie up and protect umbrella
  • 80 LED lights offer spectacular illumination
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for being UV-protective
  • Convenient adjustment


  • The price is on the higher side

6. PHI VILLA Solar LED Patio Umbrella

PHI VILLA Solar LED Patio Umbrella

For those looking for an umbrella covering a large area, this will surely impress them. This amazing product from PHI VILLA has a double-sided design providing you excellent shade. Offering a large shade, this has a very durable construction and is built to last.

It’s excellent for evening events and also when you’re basking in the sun.


Breathable Material

The umbrella is manufactured using premium polyester fabric which is breathable. So, you get a soothing shade while chilling under it! It’s because the material allows heat and air to pass through effortlessly.
Plus, the fabric is water-resistant and long-lasting.

Solid Umbrella Base

The product comes with a durable umbrella stand that firmly positions it to the ground. Along with this, you also get two sandbags and a back cover made of polyester. The stand is made of metal that further enhances the product’s longevity.

Enhanced Coverage

The 15-foot double-sided design offers you a large shade for relaxing outdoor sessions. Instead of getting multiple umbrellas, you can hoist this up and set up your chairs/tables. Apart from making your yard or patio look fancier, this umbrella also protects you from UV rays.

High-quality Solar Panels

This umbrella comes with an auto-charging solar panel at the top. Also, there are 3 LED lights on all of its 12 ribs. So, along with a large relaxing shade, you also get spectacular lighting.

You only need to charge the panel under the sun fully.


  • Wide coverage and comfortable shade
  • A stylish design ideal for day or night events
  • Water-repellent and UV-resistant fabric
  • Tough metal pole for excellent longevity
  • 36 LED lights offering fantastic illumination
  • Superior material retains color and doesn’t fade easily


  • The pole screws are not very tight

7. SONGMICS Solar Patio Umbrella

SONGMICS Solar Patio Umbrella

If you are searching for an excellent solar umbrella but are on a budget, this might be the product for you. Offering you excellent features such as 32 LED lights, UV protective material, a simple setup, and durable construction, it will be a bang for your buck.


Long-lasting Performance

This umbrella is going to stay on your patio for a long time. It’s because it has durable rectangular ribs and a tough metal pole. Plus, the zinc alloy joint prevents it from getting damaged.

That’s not all! The powder-coated design keeps rust away and improves the umbrella’s durability.

Excellent Ventilation

A light breeze and a comfy shade – that’s the perfect way to relax! Well, this umbrella offers great ventilation to provide you maximum comfort.

There is an air vent at the top that lets the breeze or heat pass through. So, you can hang back and relax under the shade even during a blazing summer.

Maximum Sun Protection

Even if the umbrella charges under the sun, it doesn’t let the rays harm you. It is crafted with an excellent material that offers UPF and UV protection to prevent sunburns. So, your skin is saved from the scorching heat, and so are your folks!

This also makes the product ideal for use throughout the year.

Convenient Operation

Apart from all these amazing benefits, this umbrella is also easy to use. Just use the crank system to open or close it. You can also easily store it as it occupies minimal space.

Also, there is an adjustable zinc crank that allows the joint to tilt the umbrella. So, as per the direction of sun rays, you can adjust the umbrella and relax.


  • Easy adjustment using crank and tilt system
  • It takes less storage space
  • Provides excellent UV protection
  • Durable metal ribs
  • Pure polyester fabric with an air vent for circulation


  • Screwing the umbrella together requires additional assistance

8. PURPLE LEAF Solar-Powered Umbrella

PURPLE LEAF Solar-Powered Umbrella

This product has a height of 12 feet and is perfect for patios or backyards. The special canopy design can be used for private and commercial purposes. With a high-quality weather-resistant fabric and all standard features included, this is one of the top-rated products out there.


Advanced Design

This umbrella has an advanced canopy design that offers you a comfy shade throughout the year. Its coverage is a bit wide too, which can accommodate you and your family easily.

Ideal for residential and commercial use, this product has powerful LED lights to brighten up your evenings too!

Long-lasting Structure

Even if the price may startle you, the durable structure backs it up. The umbrella comes with an aluminum alloy frame and sturdy metallic ribs, holding it firmly together. In addition, an anti-oxidation spray is painted all over it, further enhancing its shelf life.

This paint also keeps it free from corrosion and damage.

Top Air Vent

While relaxing under the summer sun, why not let the breeze in? This product is designed in such a way that it offers great air circulation. Thanks to the air vent at the top and the double-top design, air and heat easily pass through it.

So, whether it’s burning outside or there’s a soft drizzle, you’ll stay comfortable all the time.

Fade Resistant Fabric

Are you worried about color fading umbrellas? No such worries here, as this is made of fade-proof fabric. The high-quality polyester material’s color doesn’t fade easily. It is also water-repellant, offering more longevity and protection.


  • Strong steel ribs and aluminum alloy structure
  • Excellent air ventilation at the top
  • The hand-crank mechanism for hassle-free adjustment
  • Fade proof and water-resistant fabric
  • 360 degrees rotation for maximum convenience


  • It is a bit expensive

9. C-Hopetree Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella

C-Hopetree Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella

This is a feature-rich solar umbrella that will be a great mid-budget purchase. With 40 LED lights embedded in it, a central hub light, and extremely durable construction, this will be ideal for commercial and residential purposes.

It also looks stylish enough to make your pet look attractive.


Uninterrupted Illumination

Even if you have no time to relax during the day, there’s always the evening. With 40 LED lights and excellent central light, you will receive warm lighting in the evenings.

The 800 mAh rechargeable battery and solar panel can provide 6 hours of uninterrupted lighting with a full charge.

Convenient Tilting

This umbrella is equipped with a zinc alloy structure which allows you to tilt it at your convenience. The metallic frame prevents it from getting damaged while being tilted, enhancing its longevity.

So, you can tilt the umbrella as you want, making everybody feel comfortable under it.

Durable Rib Pockets

Sometimes, the ribs pressurize the pockets during adjustment, causing them to tear apart. That’s why the brand puts extra care while designing these areas. The rib pockets of the product are reinforced with additional stitches to handle maximum pressure.

The pockets also have added fabric for strengthening them.

Locking Canopy Pins

Another unique feature of this umbrella is its canopy locking mechanism. Using it, you can conveniently lock the canopy hub in a particular position after opening the umbrella. It increases the durability of the product while protecting the crank system and nylon cord.


  • Dual switches for controlling hub and rib lights
  • Heavy-duty aluminum center pole and steel ribs
  • 40 LEDs offer excellent lighting
  • Weather-resistant and SPF protective material
  • The zinc alloy tilting prevents damage


  • Some issues have been observed with the embedded solar panel

10. SUNBRANO Solar Outdoor Offset Umbrella

SUNBRANO Solar Outdoor Offset Umbrella

The last product on our list is a combination of style and functionality. With energy-efficient solar lights embedded on the ribs, your evenings are going to be brighter than ever! The overall construction is also durable to withstand harsh wind and heavy showers.


Solar LED Lights

This product consists of 32 LED lights and one high-quality solar panel. You just have to keep it under direct sunlight to get it charged fully. After that, you get 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted lighting. Plus, there are no hassles of electric cords or sockets.

Durable Frame

It consists of an aluminum center pole and heavy-duty ribs. The frame is covered with an anti-rust coating which enhances its durability. Moreover, it protects the umbrella from all kinds of weather conditions and keeps it working for years.

This structure also makes it ideal for residential and commercial use.

Sufficient Shade

Do you want an umbrella that can shelter your complete gang? This product is the one for you. With a diameter of 10 feet, this product offers you enough shade to lay back during the scorching summer months.

At night, it offers protection against rain and strong winds while lighting up the atmosphere!

Easy Opening/Closing

You can easily open or close this umbrella using the convenient crank mechanism. It also prevents the umbrella from damage. Plus, you can tilt it at various angles for maximum comfort.

As the sturdy aluminum pole holds it all together, you don’t have to worry about a thing.


  • High-quality UV-resistant and waterproof material
  • Heavy-duty metal structure for long-lasting performance
  • Efficient solar panel for maximum absorption
  • Convenient adjustment using a crank system
  • Offers 6 to 7 hours of lighting with a full charge


  • It doesn’t come with a stand

Solar Umbrella Buying Guide

Before you get ready to go shopping for a solar umbrella, you need to have completed know-how about it. Apart from its solar lighting, there are plenty of other features you need to check out before purchasing.

If you want to buy the perfect umbrella to elevate your patio’s style, check out the handy information we’ve curated here.

What Is A Solar Umbrella?

A solar umbrella looks like your regular patio umbrella, but it uses solar energy to provide lighting.

Solar UmbrellaThese products are reasonably priced and have plenty of amazing features. You can find solar umbrellas in residential and commercial properties. They are ideal for decorating a patio, yard, or party deck, for offering a luxurious and relaxing feeling.

In addition, they offer wide coverage; so, five to six people can comfortably relax under its shade. These umbrellas usually come with a very durable metallic structure and water-resistant fabric for long-lasting operation.

How Does A Solar Umbrella Work?

Solar umbrellas work on a very simple principle of using sunlight to create electricity and provide you with lighting. Their main components include integrated solar panels, LED lights, a rechargeable battery, and tilting functionality.

These come with no wires or complicated electrical components, so there are no hassles in installation. During the day, the solar panels absorb as much sunlight as they can. This energy is converted into electricity with the help of an inverter and stored for charging the battery.

After the battery is fully charged, the embedded LED lights are illuminated at night. You just need to turn them on and enjoy a pleasant evening of warm lighting.

What Are The Benefits Of A Solar Umbrella?

The primary benefit of a solar umbrella is its convenience.

It can provide you shade in the daytime, giving you protection from the sun. Apart from offering you excellent shade during the day, it can illuminate your evenings too. Equipped with LEDs, you can sit under them and enjoy a mesmerizing evening.

It’s the most amazing umbrella you’ve ever used! Plus, they’re power-efficient and serve you for years.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Solar Umbrella

Let’s take a look at some important characteristics of solar umbrellas that will help your purchase.

Umbrella Shape & Size

You need to check this important feature, as the amount of shade depends on it. The most popular shapes you will find in the market include rectangle, round, square and octagonal. You will also find them in different sizes, starting from 5 to 15 feet.

Rectangular and round umbrellas are very popular in most residences for their looks. On the other hand, square and octagonal umbrellas can be seen in commercial properties. It majorly depends upon your preference.

When it comes to size, you need to consider the number of people sitting under the umbrella. If you plan to relax alone or with two to three people, a 5-10 feet patio umbrella will be perfect.

However, if you want to have a good time with a large group, you must check out 15 feet double-sided umbrella. In addition, if you’re going to place a small square or round table under it, a length of 5 feet will suffice.


Solar Patio UmbrellaAs these solar umbrellas will be placed outdoors, you need to ensure that they are made of high-quality fabric. It will protect the entire umbrella from climatic conditions and also prevent the color from fading.

So, you can go for an umbrella made of high-quality polyester material. These are usually durable, UV-resistant, and waterproof. Some fabrics also come with PU coating, where the color doesn’t fade away quickly.

You also need to check whether the fabric is breathable. This will let the air and heat pass through it, keeping you comfortable while you’re chilling. However, the prices may vary according to the fabrics, so keep an eye out.


As a solar umbrella is not something you buy every three months, you need to ensure its durability beforehand. Therefore, you need to check the quality of the pole and the ribs to understand this.

Look for aluminum and steel poles that are extremely sturdy. They also make the umbrella lightweight, allowing you to carry it easily. Further, aluminum rods are resistant to rust and harsh weather conditions.

If you want a more natural and elegant look, you can go for wooden poles, which are durable as well.

When it comes to ribs, aluminum is the best. Check if the brand offers anti-rust coating on the ribs, which enhances their longevity. This layer also keeps the ribs from damaging enable them to survive regular usage.

Adjustment Mechanism

You can’t just fix an umbrella in a place and leave it there, can you? You will need to adjust it from time to time according to the weather. That’s why you need a convenient lifting mechanism for your solar umbrella.

Choose umbrellas with a crank system that allows you to raise or lower them with ease. You also have to check for an adjustable tilt system to change the angle of your umbrella. For this, collar tilt systems are excellent and very convenient.

Always makes sure you don’t need additional assistance while adjusting the umbrella. Along with these features, check if the umbrella comes with a Velcro strap. This will let you wrap and store it properly.

LED lights and Solar Panels

Always buy the umbrella having the best quality solar panel. Check its wattage, energy-efficiency rating and contact the retailer to know more about it. Also, check how many hours it requires to charge and towers of lighting provided.

For LEDs, the amount depends upon your preference. Some umbrellas come with a total of 15 LED lights embedded on their ribs, while some have around 20. But if you want to light up a large area, 24-32 LEDs might be the perfect deal.

Along with that, check out the lumens these LEDs offer. They must be bright enough to light up a sufficient area and also provide a soothing light.


Price is perhaps one of the most crucial factors for any purchase. The cost of an umbrella will vary according to the standard of its features.

For example, an umbrella with a water-repellent and UV-resistant fabric will be costlier than standard polyester material.

Apart from the various features mentioned above, additional functionality also increases the price. These include air vents, an umbrella base, and a special rib LED switch. While you can always go for a budget product, a slightly expensive and high-quality product will serve you for years.

So, check all features and analyze customer reviews online to be sure.

Wrap Up

Solar umbrellas are one of the best ways to add a bit of class to your patio and also make it comfortable. It can offer your garden, poolside, or deck area a fantastic makeover. Be it with friends or alone, relaxing in the outdoors will never be the same again.

That’s why you need to pick the best solar umbrella for your residence wisely. Check all its essential features and reach out to the company if you have queries. Don’t forget to check customer reviews online.

We hope our buying guide will help you find the perfect solar umbrella!