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Over the years, solar energy has shown a way of reducing the carbon footprint and creating a green energy source. Nothing made out of solar power pollutes the environment. It’s a sustainable way of moving forward.

One great example of utilizing solar energy is a solar water bottle made out of solar panels, which absorb the sunlight and convert it to usable electricity.

This power can be used as a built-in battery which can be used for LED lights at night, sending SOS signals, and charging phones.

Are you looking for the best solar water bottle to take on your next outdoor adventure? You’ve come to the right place!

Read on for our expert reviews of the best solar water bottles available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 3 Best Solar Water Bottles




Auchee Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern

Auchee Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern

This is a multifunctional silicone LED solar lantern water bottle that comes with a watertight storage vessel. It works as a powerful light source. It's a must-have lightweight, compact gear that is eco-friendly and will keep your precious items dry. Read more

Vbestlife Solar Lantern Bottle LED Lights

Vbestlife Solar Lantern Bottle LED Lights

A portable and easy to handle multi-usage water bottle with LED light. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is chargeable through solar energy or USB, which is very convenient. Read more

Eton Solar Powered Lantern with Integrated Water Bottle and Personal Emergency Kit

Eton Solar Powered Lantern with Integrated Water Bottle and Personal Emergency Kit

A water bottle with the ability to charge your phone with its built-in USB smartphone charger. It provides a great flashlight and sends SOS signals. It has storage space for necessities like band-aids and wipes. Read more

Best Solar Water Bottles

1. Auchee Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern

Auchee Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern

As you know, camping requires multifunctional gadgets, taking user-friendly tools is a basic necessity. That’s why having a solar water bottle is the best way to ensure such convivence.

Apart from just being a water container, it works as a source of electricity for your other devices when you can’t have a plug point source.


Solar Powered and Magnetic USB Charge System

This bottle comes with a USB charge with 3 different lighting modes like low at 50 lumens, high at 100 lumens, and an SOS flashing flashlight.

IPX6 Waterproof

This feature allows the bottle to hold your camera or phones, money, keys, matchboxes, and any other valuables needed in an emergency. It ensures that the items inside stay dry and safe even in heavy rain or wetness.

Lightweight and Compact

The bottle is extremely lightweight, compact and weighs only 248g, including the charging cable. It’s an excellent substitute for a casual drinking bottle and is made out of silicone.

Detachable Handle

The solar water bottle comes with a detachable carrying handle to hook your lantern on or off on tents, backpacks, cars, trees, etc. It has space for first aid and torch, making it a 3 in 1 must-have utility gadget.


  • Backup power lantern water bottle with a flashing mode
  • Can be used as a night light, or hurricane light indoors
  • Have 14 hours run time on flashing power
  • Send SOS signals
  • Comes with a lithium-ion polymer specification of 1000mA, 3.7 volts
  • Unbreakable, lightweight design suitable for all-purposes


  • Cannot charge cellphone
  • Irreplaceable lithium-ion battery
  • Not safe for dishwasher, hot water, and corrosive liquids

2. Vbestlife Solar Lantern Bottle LED Lights

Vbestlife Solar Lantern Bottle LED Lights

This unique solar-powered travel bottle weighs 300g and comes with LED lights. It’s a travel-friendly bottle best for camping, marine use, trekking, etc.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 732.5ml and is portable and convenient to use. It has a dimension of 7.56 × 3.58 × 3.54 inches. It can be powered by both solar energy and through a battery.


Energy Saving Design

This solar bottle is eco-friendly and inexhaustible. It contains a solar panel on top of the bottle, which generates power that you can use afterward. It saves energy for dark surroundings or emergency lighting needs.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

It uses a rechargeable battery pack that can maintain brightness for all situations.

Ease in Portability

It has a strong hanging handle on the top which is easy to carry, making it suitable for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and disaster situations. It is made up of a food-grade silica gel which is waterproof and durable.

Power Bank and Storage

This bottle is not like any ordinary drinking bottle; it has a muti functionality of LED lamp, power charge, storage container for first aid kit, survival kit, lighters, phones, and other small electronic items.

Not only that but it can be used as a power bank which is chargeable through a DC 5V USB socket.


  • Powerful bright nightlight
  • Foldable and durable silicone bottle
  • Versatile light mode USB voltage
  • 12 hours battery backup
  • Sends SOS signals with a rubber light-sensitive switch
  • Rechargeable and waterproof bottle


  • Battery not included
  • Does not have an auto sensor

3. Eton Solar Powered Lantern with Integrated Water Bottle and Personal Emergency Kit

Eton Solar Powered Lantern with Integrated Water Bottle and Personal Emergency Kit

A travel-friendly lightweight water bottle with impressive features that you can use when you need emergency power backup. This solar water bottle is made of silicone material and weighs around 272g. It has a 7.6 × 3.7 × 3.5 inches dimension and comes in two different colors, red and white. Take a look at some of its top features.


Power Bank and Storage Bottle

This multifunction water bottle can be used as a solar-powered charger or a power bank with a LED lamp. It contains storage space for emergency kits, phones, lighters, band-aids, etc.


It has a waterproof body and container which keeps all the stored items dry and safe from water and dust.

Multiple Light Modes

It has an adjustable light mode like high and low with an SOS flashing mode inbuilt. When used in standard lighting, it lasts up to 12 hours.

Foldable and Durable

It can become a foldable bottle made of a food-grade silicone bottle. The soft handle of the lid is perfect for mountaineering, camping, marine etc. use as it has a capacity of 650ml. It is easy and durable while carrying in an emergency.


  • Battery backup of 8 hours in high light mode
  • Waterproof and foldable
  • 2000mAh internal battery
  • Flint and Steel Fire Starter
  • Contains emergency whistle
  • Built-in USB smartphone charger


  • Not safe for dishwasher, hot water, and corrosive liquids
  • Does not have an auto sensor

Solar Water Bottle Buying Guide

The products mentioned above come in the top 3 best solar water bottles with fantastic high rated reviews. Before buying, it’s good for you to know your requirements for the product and what you should look for before making a purchase.

There can be a difference in the preferences, but worry not as the following buying guide will assist you in understanding the product requirements better.

Hopefully, after reading this section, you will be able to make an informed decision.

What Is a Solar Water Bottle?

Sunlight is available in abundance, and making use of it in the best way possible can be done in many ways. On such method is having a solar power-based water bottle. These specially manufactured bottles serve many more practical purposes than just storing water.

It can be the best utility gadget for you if you are going for any outdoor activity or emergency purposes.

How Does the Solar Panel in The Bottle Work?

Solar Water BottleThe solar water bottle works through a solar panel placed on top, which absorbs the sunlight and then converts it into usable electricity. The battery-powered by this can be used to power your bright LEDs, charge your phone and send SOS signals in case of emergency.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Water Bottles?

A regular water bottle can only store your drinking water, but having a multi-purpose bottle like this can bring several advantages like a power bank and storage. It can help you arrange for emergency power needs in situations where there is no electricity around.

For people going on adventures, carrying too many things cannot be possible. Thus, a solar water bottle serves a great purpose. It can provide you with a night light when your battery-powered flashlight is exhausted.

It can send SOS signals in emergencies, a helpful device for marine use.

What Are the Conditions Where You Can Use This Bottle?

Such bottles are best suited outdoors like camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, mountaineering, rock climbing, and many other adventurous sports where you are exposed to nature without electricity.

It can be helpful for indoor too as a night light and for emergency requirements when there are chances of any disaster. You can use it in places with several power cuts and can be used to store water simultaneously.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Water Bottle

While there are many options available in the market, there are certain factors that you must consider before buying a suitable product. Below are a few such factors that you should consider.

In-Built Battery

Most solar water bottles come without an in-built battery which isn’t a convenient way of having a battery backup store. Having an internal battery can provide you with adequate battery capacity with the option of solar charge.

Intensity of Brightness

The brightness of the LED lamp which comes with the bottle should be more than 100 lumens as it’s the ideal brightness for most consumers. These lights should have an energy-saving sensor that helps in maintaining long battery life.

Design and Style

Solar Water BottlesThe bottle’s design should be such that it’s easily portable and travel-friendly. Many lightweight bottles provide convivence and portability. You can choose a method which best suits your preference and style as there are a variety of good designs available.


The bottle’s material decides how durable and lightweight it can be. Silicone-based bottles have been the best option as they can resist a lot and be extremely light. The bottle is mainly built for outdoor. Thus, it needs to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choose a bottle made of high-quality material that can keep the water uncontaminated. It should be heat, dust, and water-resistant.

IP Rating

IP rating means Ingress Protection rating, which indicates how well are the foreign particles blocked and the protection offered. The two foreign particles are solid and liquid.

The solar water bottle should be capable of dust and water protection to ensure the drinking water is safe. The IP rating should be 65 or above to qualify the mark.

Must-Have Features in a Solar Water Bottle

The use of the solar water bottle is beyond just storing drinking water. It is made for multi-purpose use and should have a few essential features like

  • LED Lamp: It is the most useful option while going out in places without electricity and power backup. The LED lights with good battery backup help provide night light in the dark environment of camping etc.
  • SOS Signal: There are chances you need to send an emergency signal, and your phone’s network is not working. This solar water bottle can send an emergency SOS signal in such conditions.
  • Power Bank: When the solar panel converts the solar energy to charge, the bottle can be used as a power bank and charge a cell phone or light the lamp.
  • Water Resistance and Storage: Make sure that the bottle is water-resistant as it stores your necessary utilities in it, which needs to be protected from moisture and dust.

Wrapping Up

Having a multi-purpose device must feel like an addition; thus, buying a good solar water bottle can ease your traveling requirement by creating some extra space and utility. It is a great invention for people loving outdoor or adventurous activities.

The solar water bottle is an excellent product due to its unique features such as durability, portability, SOS signaling, and much more. So, you should switch to it from a regular water bottle.

Moreover, it also saves the environment by being a sustainable way of extracting energy. Solar energy has been the best way of attaining power as it’s an entirely green source. It works as a step toward reducing carbon emissions and creating a safer place.