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Solar Panel Laws in Ohio

Ohio is not one of the states that lack sunshine. It gets its fair share of sunlight every day. This has helped the state government to impose mandatory laws when it comes to utilizing sunlight. Every state in the USA is trying to come up with reforms and regulations to make sure that everyone uses Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Georgia

Even though the state of Georgia is known for its delicious peaches, the policies and incentives surrounding solar power in the state are not as ideal for homeowners as they were in 2008. Several incidents occurred along the way that has led to the current solar energy policies in Georgia. The state legislature passed a Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Illinois

Solar policies are crucial for the introduction of solar panel laws in a state. Illinois already had strict solar policies that allowed the statement government to bring changes in the solar panel laws. The state adapted to changing solar laws efficiently. It now has the most number of solar capacity systems among its competitors, Wisconsin Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Florida

Florida has stringent laws when it comes to using solar panels. The state government forbids anyone, including the homeowner associations, to prohibit anyone who wants to install solar panels or any other renewable energy devices in their property. Every state in the USA is trying to contribute to a greener environment. Most of the states Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Pennsylvania

Currently, solar power accounts for less than 1% of the total amount of electricity used in Pennsylvania. However, there are several policies that have been put into place to help incentivize and regulate its use. The state has mandated solar power use via a renewable portfolio standard. The renewable portfolio standard, or RPS, requires that Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Texas

Over the last ten years, the solar power industry in Texas has evolved a lot. In 2017, Texas was ranked the fourth top state for solar power employment, and it was ranked seventh in terms of solar power output capacity, which is an impressive feat. It’s clear that Texas is a solar power-friendly state in Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in New Jersey

Phil Murphy, the Governor of New Jersey, recently signed a piece of legislation that mentioned the plans to expand the reinvigorate the renewable energy industries of the state. The new law aims to make the solar market more stabilized by 2021 and expand the renewable portfolio of New Jersey to at least 50 percent by Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Nevada

What is solar energy? It’s energy received from the sun in the form of light and electromagnetic radiation. Solar panels, also known as PV panels, covert the energy from the sun and then use that energy to produce electricity. Every state approaches solar panels differently. Nevada, for example, is a sunny place where some homes Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Massachusetts

Many people are under the assumption that, because Massachusetts in located in the northern part of the United States, solar energy is not effective. However, solar systems work very well in the state. In fact, despite its diverse climate, Massachusetts was one of the first states in the country to utilize solar energy systems. The Read more »

Solar Panel Laws in Hawaii

The energy industry in Hawaii has been quickly making changes in order to adapt to solar power. This is a direct result of the high energy costs that are related to providing electricity to the island state. As a result, the state now boasts not only an abundance of solar resources, but also one of Read more »

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