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What Is Community Solar?

Did you know, solar energy accounted for 2.3% of the total electricity generation in the States in 2020. However, not every household can install solar panels. Community solar has emerged as an effective solution in such cases. It enables all the households in an area to use solar power, regardless of their rooftop situation. You get all Read more »

What is Concentrating Solar?

Solar energy is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources found in abundance around us. With its relevance skyrocketing across the globe, new approaches like CSP technologies have captured the public’s eye. So, what are these solar power CSP? The concentrating solar power CSP, though an old concept, is a pretty novel proposition to many Read more »

Can Solar Generators Power A House?

Solar generators work with solar panels to provide backup power to your homes in situations such as power outages. With solar power accounting for 39% of the USA’s total new electricity generating capacity, the importance of solar generators cannot be undermined. So, can a solar generator power a house? Yes and no. A single solar power generator Read more »

Thin-Film Solar Panels Guide

The use of solar panels has been on the rise, and for a good reason. Research states that the generation of renewable energy is expected to increase by over 8% in 2021. With solar energy becoming increasingly common, there have been various technological advances in solar panel technology. Different types of solar panels have emerged over the Read more »

Where To Install Solar Panels?

The location of a solar panel is the most important element that determines how much solar energy the panels receive. So, you must place your newly purchased solar panels in a location where they receive a lot of sunlight. Typically, you can install solar panels on the ground or the roof. When you decide to Read more »

Why Are Solar Panels Blue?

If you’ve ever driven through residential neighborhoods, you must have noticed those blue rooftops. Wondering what these blue rooftops are? You guessed it right! They are the blue solar panels that are extremely common these days. Even though there are many black solar panels available in the market, blue solar panels still remain the ones Read more »

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive?

The strain on traditional energy sources is massive. So, there is a steady shift to possible alternatives. Solar energy is one such potential source. Most people think about installing a household solar system. However, the price quote changes their decision. Unfortunately, they end up neglecting the long-term benefits of solar panels. If you face such Read more »

Will Solar Panels Get Smaller?

Solar panels are truly the best way to receive all that efficient renewable energy. The amount of available space determines how many solar panels you can install in your house. However, as per the recent trends in 96-cell technologies, it is said that solar panels will have smaller dimensions while offering a higher output. Manufacturers Read more »

What Direction Should Solar Panels Face?

Solar panels are an excellent source of green energy. They provide homes and establishments with consistent and reliable electricity by absorbing the sun’s rays throughout the day. These sun rays are absorbed and further converted to usable forms of electricity by the solar cells on the surface of the panels. Naturally, the way you position Read more »

Can Solar Panels Be Damaged By Hail?

Do you reside in a state prone to extreme weather conditions — say heavy rain, even hailstorms? If so, the durability of solar panels against environmental phenomena is likely one of your top concerns. Well, the good news is solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather. Not only that, but they undergo thorough testing Read more »

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