New JerseyPhil Murphy, the Governor of New Jersey, recently signed a piece of legislation that mentioned the plans to expand the reinvigorate the renewable energy industries of the state. The new law aims to make the solar market more stabilized by 2021 and expand the renewable portfolio of New Jersey to at least 50 percent by the end of 2030.

In a press conference, Murphy said that New Jersey is ready to become the top state in the United States, and this law change is a step in that direction. The state plans to rebuild its reputation for developing clean energy sources so that it can meet the future demands of the state’s energy requirements including solar panel installation in New Jersey. Natural resources are becoming scarce every passing day. This law change is an initiative to bring things in order.

Keeping the People’s Interest in Mind

The new law relating to solar power in New Jersey is the primary agenda of the state to ensure that residents don’t have to pay expensive energy bills at the end of the month. This change is actually for the benefit of the people first and then for the state. Murphy’s start to the administration was welcomed by thousands of people who showed their support by accepting this law change wholeheartedly.

Murphy believes that this is not only a step ahead to help residents with their energy bills but also a way to improve the economy of the state. Some of the crucial points in the state’s Renewable Energy Bill A-3723 includes the following:

Expanding the State’s Renewable Portfolio

This is the top of the priority list for Murphy and his team. It will involve a variety of the state’s solar programs to make sure that New Jersey can expand its renewable portfolio to at least 50% or more by the end of 2021. With only a couple of years in hand, the state plans to introduce several new solar programs that will help to reach their objective.

Supporting Energy Storage

Apart from meeting the day to day energy requirements of the residents, factories, and commercial buildings, the state also plans to support energy storage options. This will help to distribute electricity during emergencies, such as blackouts. The new law change states that the new government will try to reach at least 2000 megawatts of stored energy by the end of 2030. This is an initiative to boost the energy efficiency of the state and also offshore winds in New Jersey.

Support from the People

The Vice-President of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Sean Gallagher, praised this new solar panel law change and appreciated the decisions taken by the Governor. In one of his interviews, he publicly voiced his support for Murphy, saying that the new bill will make hundreds of businesses, communities, and residents happier. It is the best way to introduce them to solar energy. This is not only good news for the residents but also for the manufacturers of solar cells and panels.

In fact, the new law will also open new job vacancies for thousands of people in the Garden State. So, the new solar panels law is not something that the government is forcing on the residents. It comes with multiple benefits that will help not only the residents but also the companies manufacturing and selling solar power products, the state, and also people who are looking for jobs. Plus, New Jersey will also be on track to meet its clean energy objectives.

New Jersey already has approximately 7100 jobs related to the solar power industry. This includes working in the manufacturing unit, developing innovative gadgets that run on solar power, coming up with new devices, testing solar power appliances, quality check and assurance, and sales. According to Murphy and his team, the new law will increase the demand for solar power products. It will allow more manufacturers to enter this industry. This will automatically create new job opportunities for the residents. Many institutions are also starting educational courses on solar power energy to facilitate enthusiastic students to learn more about this industry.

With the entire world contributing in their own way to save the environment, New Jersey plans to become the leaders of solar power energy in the United States. Starting from climate change to pollution control, the government has already taken measures to sort different problems according to their merits. With the new change in the solar panel law, it has another feather in its cap when it comes to delivering clean energy.

There is no doubt that the new law changes will help New Jersey residents. They can save thousands every year on energy bills if they shift to solar power. But, everyone needs to cooperate at the same pace to ensure that the government can meet its energy goals by 2030.

Map image by Wikimedia Commons User: TUBS / CC-BY-SA-3.0